Pill Pockets for Dogs Large Pills 30ct


Quick facts

  • Pill Pockets for dogs and cats
  • Makes pill taking easy
  • Pill Pockets are designed to carry your dog’s or cat’s pill medication inside
  • No more forcing a pill down your pet’s throat
  • Veterinarian designed and recommended

Top reviews


This is hands down the best way to get a dog to take a pill! We had to give our dog a pill twice a day and she caught on quickly to the peanut butter trick, the tomato slice trick, the hide-it-in-the-strawberry trick, and anything else I came up with to hide her pill in. But with these wonderful pocket treats, I think she knows the pill is in there, but she doesn’t care! These have made my life so much easier. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

You can also just mold them like clay, so I buy the large pockets and use 1/3 of the pocket to mold the treat around her pill and they last quite a long time.

CaronDanbury, IA

Pill Pockets Really Work

Our German Shepherd was very ill, required many medications/supplements, but had little appetite. She would no longer take pills in the foods we had been using to give her those pills. These really helped; if she was willing to eat anything, she would eat these. Besides tasting good to her, they camoflaged the pills quite well, so she wouldn’t spit out the pill while eating the treat!
LeatriceLovejoy, GA

Pill Pockets for Dogs Med/Lg Pills 30ct

These are excellent! I had resorted to using cheese to get my dogs to take their pills but worried about the excess fat. All four of my dogs love the pill pockets even better than cheese, even the picky ones. They look forward to their pills now, thinking they are getting a good treat instead. The med/lg size can be torn apart to be used for small or medium pills too. So the med/lg is a good size for all my dogs (7lbs to 70lbs).
PabloPresque Isle, ME

A Pet ‘s Household Staple

We are a rescue family and are owned by six dachshunds. Four of them take medication every day and occasionally a couple of them take a med in a liquid form. Either way, pill pockets does it. With the consistency of very soft children’s modeling dough, I can quickly mold it around their pills and down they go. One of my doxies is a skeptic so he gets a bit more pocket around his! When I need to administer liquid I can use the pocket in it’s molded form. If a pocket edge has a crack a pinch of the soft dough will seal it. They don’t require refridgeration and they go a long way.
DelorasEupora, MS

A Real Timesaver

After struggling with chicken, cheese, peanut butter and yogurt to get pills down my dog, someone suggested these. They are the bomb! So far, the dog has not figured it out and is lining up in anticipation of his “special treat.” I’ve heard that with time, some dogs will figure it out but so far so good! Very easy to use and shove pills inside and close them up to mask the odor.
MyrtleRuthven, IA

Pill Pockets from Entirely Pets

Pill Pockets is a great product, making giving medications to dogs easy. Our dogs love them. Entirely Pets offers Pill Pockets at a great price and delivery is always timely and in good condition.
GastonCaspar, CA

For Nessie

These are great! Our dog needed to take medicine 2X/day for a month. Getting her to take the pills was hard until these pill pockets. We simply put the medicine in the pocket and she ate it right up! They are the best!
BrettSanborn, IA

A Fantastic Product!

One of our dogs takes multiple pills, twice a day. He’s reached the point where he can eat cheese and bread right around the pill you are trying to get him to swallow, and the “force him to swallow” method hasn’t worked with him for a while.

A family member recommended these as something she’d heard works, and it really does!

The small size works great for a single small pill (think benadryl tablet or capsule size). The Medium/Large size will hold two small pills, and would hold a single “medium” sized pill well. The treat itself is very soft, and easy to mash around a pill that is a little larger than the hole allows for (or oblong, like a capsule).

If your dog is on medication long-term, like mine, shop around and look for a good price, because there is quite a range out there.

TeodoraBentonville, VA