Pillsbury Easy Frosted Chocolate Fudg – 8 Pack

Pillsbury Easy Frost No-Fuss Frosting has the same great taste of Pillsbury Tub Frosting, and our 5-star tip makes decorating easy. So now you can get as creative as you want without the mess!

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The only reason I bought this stuff was because it was 1.50 on clearance at my grocery store. I just tried it on some cupcakes and omg it was better than the canned frosting. I could not stop tasting it! It almost had a sweet fruity flavor to it but not really. Kind of hard to explain. I am definitely going to try the other flavors it comes in. The best part about it is is makes the cupcakes look like they came from a bakery! So happy I found this stuff.
GilbertoPlymouth, NE