Pillsbury Nut Quick Bread, 15.4-Ounce Boxes

Pillsbury Quick Bread helps you serve home-baked goodness any time – for breakfast, lunch dinner or snacks.

Quick facts

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  • Bread Mix
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Top reviews

Ate this as a kid

I ate this as a kid and it still has the same great flavor. 12 boxes seems like a lot but they went quickly!
ChasityNorphlet, AR

Mrs Claus

The Quick Bread arrived promptly and in good condition. I can no longer find nut bread in the stores so it was nice to know that I can now order it on line. The nut bread is what I use to make my fruit cakes. I’m just sorry I had to order a whole case.
DelmerRush Springs, OK

Love the Nut Bread

I love having the Pillsbury Nut Quick Bread in my freezer. I always kept in on hand to make a quick bread when someone was coming. Then the stores stopped carrying the bread. It is so fast and easy to use my left over’s in it to make a great bread. In the summer I use zucchini, or make strawberry bread, or Orange Bread, Banana bread, blueberry bread, Raspberry, Applesauce etc. Whatever I have on hand at the time I want to make bread.


OssieLesage, WV


I love this nut bread mix. I wish that I could find it locally. I can find the
other Pillsbury mixes, but this one is difficult. I am so glad that I checked
Amazon.com. This mix is the base mix for a fruitcake that I make. I couldn’t
make them last year because I couldn’t find the mix in the stores. Thank goodness
that I now know where to look for now on. Thank you you Amazon.com Tee
GeraldMickleton, NJ