Pillsbury Specialty Mix Hot Roll, 16-Ounce Boxes

Pillsbury Specialty Mix Hot Roll comes in a 16 ounce pack. Easy steps to expert baking. We help you make favorites you thought you didn’t have the time to bake. It does not contain any cholesterol. It is a Kosher certified product. Pillsbury Baking offers a variety of products and flavors for whatever your taste may be. Pillsbury Baking also offers reduced sugar baking mixes and frostings for your special diet needs.

Quick facts

  • Scratch Baking Made Easy
  • Makes Great Pizza Crust!
  • Bake up some fun!

Top reviews

Makes the best rolls and cinnamon buns

This product is extreemly hard to find at our local grocery stores and I was so pleased to have found it here. I ordered this a few days before Christmas and it arrived in plenty of time. Thank you.
RobenaRochester, IL


I used this mix for pizza dough and was terribly disappointed. The dough was much too soft, wrong consistency for crust, and the taste was just “off” for pizza crust. I do not know about this mix for other baked goods as I only tried it for pizza.
JerrellBison, OK

Love it!! You can make lots of things from these!

I love these! I made the best pepperoni rolls ever
using this mix. They bake up perfect every time.
I was very surprised when I looked on here again
and Amazon didn’t have them. I do hope they will
carry them again.

I made some chorizo-pepperoni-cream cheese rolls
using this mix, it was really tasty! You can put
anything in the rolls, or you can serve them plain
they are good either way. Always perfect!

Amazon! Please bring back these rolls in your inventory!

OleneHalifax, NC

Glad to find it here

I have used this product all my life, not just for Hot Rolls. Glad I could find it on Amazon because no supermarket carries what they call “Specialty Mixes” anymore. My family will be happy to have Christmas Stollen and Fastnachts again.
EvelyneDacula, GA

Can’t be beat!!

This is a terrific roll mix. Easy to make, delicious to eat. Have used this for years. Great price on Amazon.
JacqualineRobersonville, NC

best box mix ever!

i live in a town that sometimes the stores carry what i want and need and sometimes they don’t. for the holidays i always baked these hot rolls, but this year could not find them. so naturally i went to amazon.com and sure enough, there they were! and they are absolutely fantastic! try them! 🙂
BretFarmington, KY