Pinnacle Dog Food – Duck & Potato – 12×13.2 oz

Since Breeder’s Choice began in 1947, we’ve been uncompromising in our pursuit of the healthiest nourishment for the pets we love. Our commitment means we use only high quality natural ingredients, with vitamins and minerals, carefully chosen and meticulously cooked for complete and wholesome nutrition. We balance our formulas to provide optimum nutrition for your pet’s health and protection. This is what we call the Pinnacle Holistic Difference.

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My shih tzu mix has extremely bad allergies to certain foods, fish, venison, and a prescription food he should be taking that has corn in it. This food has really worked well after trying so many different combinations, without grains, with grains, on and on. Even rabbit and buffalo. He’s also allergic to mother earth although fish is his worst. He loves the Duck and Potato Pinnacle food and I add some things to it for his prescription food alternative and it works fine. He is down to 1/4 pill 2x a day of Temeril-p. I’ve tried to take him off of T-p and tried benadryl, claritin, zyrtec, Hydroxizine and another newer pill I can’t remember but it costs a fortune and is really supposed to work great, did not work on Joey. The nice thing is that it doesn’t cost as much as many other foods we’ve tried.
FernandaChadds Ford, PA