Pinole Ground Corn, 5 Oz.

Ground corn or pinole to make a delicious Corn drink. Tray this recipe of “Pinole” or Mexican corn drink: In a glass, add 6 to 8 tablespoons of pinole. Add milk or water to make a glassful. Sweeten with brown or white sugar, mix well and drink cold or warm.

Quick facts

  • Made from toasted corn
  • Makes a delicious Corn drink
  • Can make and cold or warm drink

Top reviews

It’s full of sugar

The product description in Amazon is misleading. The description says “Pinole Ground Corn” and it even suggests adding brown or white sugar to it. But it is already full of sugar, which is exactly what I didn’t want.
CandanceCrosby, TX

Hardcore stuff

I don’t usually write reviews but I feel compelled to do so based on a misconception going around about this product. This is not another snake oil fix-it-all.
It contains grounded corn with herbs, not processed sugar. Yes it is full of carbohydrates and natural sugars, but it is not candy or a magical elixir. The Tarahumara Indians use it to fuel their ultra-runs, but that does not mean that you should gobble it up for a quick pick-me-up in the morning. You wouldn’t eat running gels, protein shakes or Michael Phelps’s lunch and then not do the work. If you want an alternative to GU or energy bars try this, if you are trying to get healthy by simply ingesting something; don’t.
LeilaNew Richland, MN

A great product!

This pinole is a great product! It tastes great and is properly advertised. My husband and I use the pinole with water, almond milk or soymilk before and/or during our long runs which helps provide a lot of much-needed energy. We’ve even tried it warm (drank it like tea) and my husband has added it to his morning, pre-run coffee with excellent results. This pinole really is a versatile product that I highly recommend. The shipping was a little pricey considering the cost of the product, but it is coming all the way from California so I guess that’s about right. We had no problems at all with the Seller.
NicolasBattle Ground, WA

A pleasant, hot, nourishing substitute for coffee

Pinole is a powdery blend of toasted ground corn, sugar and cinnamon. There is not too much sugar in the El Guapo mix as one reviewer claimed. The balance is just right, not too sweet. Pinole makes a pleasant, hot, nourishing substitute for coffee which often puts me on edge and stimulates an irresistible craving to snack on something. My packets arrived labeled as 5 oz instead of 6 oz as advertised but they are still worth the low cost and a little goes a long way.
SonyaReynoldsville, PA

A meal in a cup

Mexican pinole is a condensed food made from ground, roasted corn. This product goes further by adding sugar and cinnamon. This takes it from bland to sublime. A very delicious and filling drink can be made by stirring a few spoons full into hot water. Made just the way it should be, this pinole can even serve as a wonderful survival food. This is the real thing.
JocelynGrandy, NC

Too Sweet for Me – Tastes like Candy

Tastes good, but I had expected something unsweetened that might have been healthier. Note: The sweeterner may have been mentioned in the advertisement I might have missed it. Fast accurate shipping/delivery. All packages intact upon receipt.
SaulParadise Valley, AZ

Pinole for Runner’s

If you want to get right to the recipe then buy this product. Not having to toast the masa removes a huge time saver while using a high quality, ready to use product.
PeggieMount Gay, WV

Ole for Pinole

In a book called BORN TO RUN, it is written that the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s Copper Canyon consume pinole (corn meal) for energy during their 100 mile runs. That fact motivated me to try pinole, a food that I never heard of prior to reading that book. Pinole is easy to make and it is good nutrition. Pinole was delivered much quicker than I had anticipated from the Mexican Grocer. I am not only sold on the product, but also on their excellent service.
RositaNorman, NC