Pirate’s Booty, Barbeque, 4-Ounce Bags

A pirate rule of thumb, BBQ’s are better left for dry land. In lieu of turning your ship into kindling, turn to these tasty morsels. They’re made from puffed rice and corn and baked to perfection with the smoky sweet flavor of honey-spiked barbeque.

Quick facts

  • Crafted from puffed rice and corn and baked to perfection with the smoke sweet flavor of barbeque
  • Pack of twelve 4-ounce bags
  • All natural, baked, kosher, and vegan–trans fat, gluten, and cholesterol free
  • 130 calories per serving, 50% less fat than regular puffs
  • A great tasting, healthy snack option for the whole family–turn to these zesty snacks and you will not be able to stop yourself
  • Buy Pirate brand products and get the whole snacking goodness without the guilt

Top reviews

Love the Booty

Pirates booty is the best. Others just dont pass the test. My children mob the box when it comes in the mail, and I know ita actually not that bad for them. Way to go!
ElkeAllendale, IL

barbeque is best!

Unfortunetly I cannot find this flavor anymore. I do not care for the white cheddar(too salty.) I can eat an entire bag of the bbq though. A little disappointed that when the box did arrive, the “best by” date was only just over a month away. Since I am the only one in the house that likes this product, there was no way I could eat a 12 pack in a month & a half. I ended up giving a lot away.
DawneMountainhome, PA

Excellent flavor

Very good. And a great price by the case compared to the $3.50 a bag at the store. Not to mention this flavor is hard to find in stores.
ElizabethLawai, HI

Great snack for food-allergic child (or adult)

These are great little snacks to have on the go. They are light, so you don’t have that heavy feeling as you might with regular barbeque chips. There are limited snacks my son can have due to his food allergies. So it is nice to give him options…that are tasty. My husband and I sneak some from time to time, too!
FrankieCerritos, CA