Pirouline Rolled Wafers, Chocolate Hazelnut, 100 Calorie Pack

Pirouline Wafer Chocolate Hazelnut (Pack of 6) (Note: This Product Description Is Informational Only. Always Check The Actual Product Label In Your Possession For The Most Accurate Ingredient Information Before Use. For Any Health Or Dietary Related Matter Always Consult Your Doctor Before Use.) 042456050529

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  • Pirouline Wafer Chocolate Hazelnut (Pack of 6)

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Completely toxic to the body

Taste delicious but loaded with hydrogenated oil.Hydrogenated oil is synthetically made trans fats that has been molecularly altered through the process of hydrogenation. The body does not recognize the new molecular structure of the oil and cannot break it down.
LanitaParkersburg, IA

Arrived broken into little pieces

Although these are great, as far as taste and lightness are concerned, I will never order them through Amazon again. I placed an order for several cans because they are not available in the area where I recently moved. Upon opening the first can I was thoroughly disappointed to find the contents to be broken into little pieces. Not one of the cans had any piece more than 1 1/2 inch long. Most of the pieces were under 1 inch. Unless you intend to use them as a crumb topping for ice cream or something similar, don’t order them thru Amazon.
DaciaBelmont, WA

Good Product if the product is Fresh

Before you buy ask the expiration date.
These are usually very good wafers but the expire date
must not be past or within a few weeks.

Only buy if fresh.

GraceCrawford, WV

Not as fresh as I had hoped

I was surprised when I opened the first box of these Piroulines. They were not that CRISP CRUNCHY cookie I had anticipated. They are all wrapped up very well and sealed shut but still act as though they are stale. Sorry.The ones I bought at the grocery store were PERFECT!! so, I don’t know what happened. I’ll try again when they have more.
LucillaRoper, NC


I had only previously tried the hazelnut ones in the Pirouline wafers, but since I adore dark chocolate, I thought I would purchase these dark chocolate filled ones for a new taste treat. They arrived today and I’m just so very pleased with them! Since I’ve gotten many tins in the store that contained a lot of broken pieces, I worried that these would be likewise crumbled and broken, especially after going through the mail. However, all of the tins were in perfect undented condition ( purchased directly from Amazon.com ) in a “Ready-To-Ship” box, tucked inside another box with plastic bubbles padding it, and the tin I opened to try held absolutely no broken cookie wafers whatever..not a one!

The taste is just wonderful, too, and the familiar flakey crisp of the wafer roll is simply perfect, but I was particularly pleased with the really rich semi-solid ( but still soft ) deep dark chocolate filling! They are to die for, just eaten alone, or dunked in your coffee. Since I have 6 tins now, I can easily share one with my sons or a friend, if I can bring myself to part with a tin, that is!

CarmelitaWellsville, KS


These wafers are incredibly delicious! Amazon sells them by the case, and I order them to have for gifts. Everyone who has tasted them raves about them–even if they say they don’t like dark chocolate.
MacyMerrill, IA

Perfect for chocalate & ice cream lovers!

For years I was able to buy this product at major local grocery stores, then they were gone…off the shelf just like that. What was I to do, as I could not eat my mint chocolate chip ice cream without Pirhoulines. I just can’t do it. Finally found them on Amazon.com and ordered a box of 6 cans right away. I ate the “other brand” during my time going without, and they just don’t compare. Pirhoulines rule!Pirouline Rolled Wafers, Dark Chocolate, 14-Ounce Tins (Pack of 6)
JonnieMilford, CA

Great Taste. Poor condition

Review of Pirouline Wafers. I’ve received two orders. I love the texture and taste.

My last order was for a party. In each can at least half the wafers were in small pieces.
Inedible, let alone a treat for a party.

With regret I cancel my subscription.

EsmeraldaLee City, KY


These are so good. purchased for my girlfriend coz she is a fan but i liked them too 🙂
MarciSullivan, IN

very satisfied

I receivedthe product well in advance….the product was well wrapped…I will buy from this seller in the future…I was confused though…I thought it was 30 chocolate sticks..I was suprised to find 30 packs of sticks…my wife will be eating these for a month…no problem, it’s a delicious product-well worth the price
MarnaRoyal Center, IN

Pirouline Rolled Wafers Dark Chocolate

I have bought several brands of Piroulines and thease are the best Dark Chocolate wafers I’ve ever had.
YulandaFleming, PA

Dark chocolate is the BEST! 🙂

The dark chocolate ones surpass all other flavors we’ve tried. They’re decadently delicious. You may want to keep some tins on hand for unexpected guests — these elegant cookies look wonderful on a tea tray and make an excellent presentation with coffee or ice cream. Amazon offers them at a very reasonable price, given that shipping is free with Prime membership. What a great deal!
MarleneCedar Grove, WI

soooo delightful

These wafers are soooo good. They are crisp and filled with chocolate. They make a dessert by themselves and are especially good with a cup of flavored coffee.
CristinBriar, MO