Pistachio Butter

Tantalize your senses with the taste of rich, creamy Pistachio Butter by EdenNuts that is naturally sweet. Our pistachio butter is made from only the highest quality, sustainably grown pistachios that are ground completely raw using our exclusive cold press grinding process. This process retains the original nutritional properties and delectable flavor of raw pistachios. Pistachio Butter by EdenNuts is produced without using any sugar or additives, and is manufactured in a facility that is 100% peanut-free. A one-ounce serving of pistachio nuts contains: More dietary fiber than a half cup serving of spinach or broccoli; As much thiamin as a half cup serving of cooked rice; As much B6 as a three-ounce serving of chicken; As much potassium as half of a large banana. No returns after product has been open.

Quick facts

  • Made with the finest sustainably grown Pistachios
  • 100% pure, without any additives or sugar
  • Totally Raw and Unpasteurized
  • Made in Peanut-free environment

Top reviews


Very smooth and I really didnt need to stir it but i did with a plastic spoon and it did not break if that gives you an idea for the texture. no salt, sugar, oils or anything like that just raw pistacios. I like it best on bread with a little honey instead of jelly. Its a product of Israel and its kosher if anybody was wondering about that. i have not tried other brands so i cant compare it to them but its good, smooth, organic with no additives, and I didnt have any shell fragments like i read in some other reviews. Only thing that sucks is the price.
OssieBurneyville, OK