Planters Nut-rition Energy Mix Peanut Butter, 12 oz.


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Absolutely delicious!

I received a free sample of Planters NUT-rition Cinnamon Raisin Granola Nut peanut butter by mail. This is by far the best peanut butter that I have ever tasted! I’ve been eating it right out of the jar and enjoying all of the flavors and textures from the add-ins. I never thought to mix cinnamon with peanut butter, but it’s delicious. If I can find this at a decent price, I will be buying more of it for myself. Sorry, Amazon, but $35 for four 12-ounce jars is NOT a decent price, not even with free Prime shipping. Not even close! I would consider paying around $3.50 per jar, but I won’t ever pay $8.75.
CordeliaIdlewild, TN

Not impressed at ALL

This product was not HORRIBLE, but I feel cheated. It looked so good, and the price of $4.99 for a small jar suggested there were some great add-ins. NOT.

The berry nut flavor is basically average-tasting crunchy peanut butter with some tough, dried cranberries thrown in. I was hoping the “nut” was a walnut, pecan, or almond (or all of the above!), but it’s merely an unimpressive sliver of regular old peanut. After I got done picking the hard cranberries out of my teeth, I decided I would never by this flavor of overpriced, disappointing peanut-butter again.

LeonParker, ID

I really like it!

I received a free sample of the Planters NUT-rition Cinnamon Raisin Granola Nut peanut butter flavor, so I can only speak for that flavor, but I really like it! It tastes great on a slice of toast, on top of a banana or with apples slices. It does have chunks in it, so if you don’t like having that type of texture it might not be for you. I saw my local Walmart has it discontinued for less that $3 a jar, so I’m wondering if they won’t be making this much longer.
JeneeVinton, VA