Planters Original Peanut Bar

Pack of 24 counts Protein rich bar made with peanuts High quality great tasting bar

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  • Planters Original Peanut Bar (24 count)
  • Planters Original Peanut Bar (24 count).

Top reviews

not what I thought I was ordering

What I wanted was Lance peanut bars, and instead it showed planters peanut bars, and the wrapper looked so much alike, that I didn’t even notice the brand name wasn’t the same until I received it. Planters is not nearly as good a product as Lance. Guess, as with so many other things now days, if something is really good, then you can’t get it anymore.
What a shame…
BenjaminWest Rushville, OH

Too Expensive !

This is a classic candy bar. I love this candy and probably rate it among the best. There is only ONE problem, and that is if you bought it at the store it would be a little cheaper. I purchased a case of 25 bars and it came to a little over a dollar a bar. I can get it at most convenient store or even CVS for about 75 cents each. not a good internet bargain. Also let me add that if you put it next to another kind of bar like snickers or almond joy it seems very little for the money. Come on Planters get with the program!
WernerBunkie, LA

Every bar was broken into pieces and it was expensive

My husband was excited to receive this box of Planter’s Peanut Bars since they are hard to find around here. However, upon opening the box, we found that every single bar was broken into little pieces. The box itself was in great shape, I’m not sure how this even happened and it has me wondering if they are seconds or something. 🙁 It just felt like an extra kick since they are so expensive …

The crumbs tasted good, though.

RonnieRandalia, IA

hard to find

my wifes favorite treat. They are hard to find in this area, great service everything shipped great
AlfredaFarmersville, TX

Good Quality Product

I bought this for my young son who wanted to try peanut brittle. I looked at my local stores for peanut brittle, but could not find any. Then I looked online for peanut brittle. After looking at all the avaiable peanut brittle products, I found that most peanut brittle had poor reviews, due to lack of peanuts.

Anyway, these bars are solid peanuts with just enough candy to keep it together. I highly reccomend this product for flavor and value. I did recieve about five bars that were broken in the 24 count case, but I break them anyway before I eat one anyway, so not a real big deal. Another nice factor is that becouse there are so many peanuts and very little candy the bars are not break your teeth hard, they are just right.

ValrieUmpqua, OR

Planter’s Peanut Bars

Mostly peanuts. Good tasting bar without the huge amount of sweet stuff in most candy bars. Very crunchy, not at all greasy. Almost all bars come broken into several pieces, which is probably pretty much inevitable, I guess. However, eating smaller pieces is not a problem unless the bar is completely shattered, which doesn’t happen very often.
LeanaPierpont, SD

My favorite snack/pack food

This is the best tasting (and probably the most healthy) peanut brittle bar ever. (Lance makes one similar.) I never much liked country style peanut brittle; too chewy, and never as pea-nutty as these are! The sugary matrix barely fits with the nuts packed so tight, so you get a highly nutritious protein (with heart-healthy vegetable fats) and 21 gram carb boost with only 13 sugars which is a good number when your on the go.
KerryHoly Cross, IA