Planters Original Peanut Bar

Planters Original Peanut Bar (24 count). Each box contains twenty-four 1.6 ounce peanut bars.

Quick facts

  • Delicious and fresh planter’s peanut bars.
  • Each box has twenty-four 1.6 ounce bars

Top reviews

Planters Peanut Candy Bar

Shipping was not revealed until after credit card information was completed and then the shipping fee was considerably higher than other offers for this product. Shipping fees should be mentioned on final invoice BEFORE payment information is given.
MaryettaEl Verano, CA

Planters peanut bars

I received my box of Planters peanut bars in a reasonable time. I haven’t opened them yet as it is a Christmas present for my husband. I’m sure they will taste just fine. My only complaint is $10.99 for shipping is a little steep. I wouldn’t have paid it if he didn’t like them so well and I can’t find them in my town.
ElfriedeLivingston, NJ

The Original Energy Bar

These peanut bars are the very best around. They are out of the 50’s but are a great energy booster. I used to eat a couple prior to a track meet. Be careful they are so delicious that they can become quite addictive and at I think 240 calories per bar you can get into trouble really quick.
RichelleLight, AR

my favorite

I can not find these in the stores anymore so when I saw that I could buy them online it was great. These are an old time favorite with a delicious taste of nuts and something like a honey molasses mix holding the bar together.
TempleWells, MN

Another hard to find product

Peanut Bar’s have been around for years but within the past year or so they’ve become increasing difficult to find. Thumbs up to Amazon for having everything I go looking for!
CarmineMount Solon, VA

Planters Peanut Bars

Package seal on one box was intact, but the seal was broken on the other box. All of the bars in both boxes were broken and some were completely pulverized. Obviously little care taken with warehousing and packing.
BruceSevier, UT

Planters Peanut Bars are so hard to find in stores today that it is a relief to get them on Amazon. I will continue to purchase

It is almost impossible to find these bars in stores anywhere, so it is a relief to get them thru Amazon. I will continue to purchase them this way instead of trying to find them elsewhere.
TereasaStockbridge, MA

broken bars

Every single bar was broken in many pieces. looks like it had been beaten with a hammer. will not purchase this product again.
ConcettaPalmersville, TN


These are the original bars I remember from when I was a kid and they are delicious! Lots of peanuts and a little to hold it together – good for travel.
VeronicaPenn Yan, NY

Broken but delicious

The good price was because all the bars are broken. Doesn’t detract from the quality, though. Planters has always made the best peanut planks.
ChristianeOld Bethpage, NY


Blast from the past. Just as good as I remember. Hard if not impossible to find in stores these days.
SydneyBoynton, OK

A kid again!

Haven’t seen these in stores since I can remember. Delighted to find them at Amazon. They’re an old 50’s favorite, and haven’t changed – kudos to Planters. Very nice mix of peanuts, sugar and salt in a very crunchy traditional bar.
AileneAngora, MN


Box was open – only 12 bars in the box, supposed to be 24. The 12 that did arrive were in pieces – got peanut brittle instead of bars. Amazon refunded my money.
ArletteFairfield, TX