Plasmon Vitamin Biscotti, 12.7 Ounce

Plasmon biscuits are prepared from top quality ingredients. Enriched with vitamins, they are highly digestible and nutritionally well balanced. They can be enjoyed with milk, tea, coffee, fruit juices or simply enjoyed as a snack by older children and adults.

Quick facts

  • Enriched with vitamins
  • Highly digestible and nutritionally well balanced
  • Prepared from top quality ingredients

Top reviews

I wish they also sell Plasmon Primi mesi! 🙂

Finally the first reseller in UNITED STATES.
My son keep eating it!

Only one thing that I noticed is the missing expiration date on the package which should be VISIBLE and READABLE.

EleonoreNewcomb, NM

Amazing Product

Easy to chew, easy to mix, low on calories, high on vitamins and tastes great!
ThomasBlakeslee, PA

Wonderful snack!

My 11 month old daughter loves these! We give them to her at the end of every meal for a delicious and nutritious dessert. They’re a great alternative to Gerber’s Biter Biscuits.
ShauntaHosford, FL

Growing up with Plasmon

When you are a grown up, you want your kids to experience the good things that you had in your childhood. This is one of them: Biscotti Plasmon! At 43 I still remember the commercials… Now that i’m a father myself and living in the USA I searched and searched to find them for my daughter. She, now 13 months old, will not drink her milk without at least one biscotto Plasmon in it. I love it.

Excellent product,
Andrea Paesano

NeelyWaxahachie, TX

great product

I have been purchasing this product for years. From 2 months to 90 years old, everyone can benefit from these cookies. For all of my children (I have 3) I have put one cookie in at least 2 of their bottles a day. They love them.
WillodeanNuremberg, PA

great for babies

I buy these for my baby (17months). you can melt them in a bottle of milk. good product.
AngelenaChesterfield, IL