Plato Chicken Strip Smart Dog Treats – 16oz. 4 Pack

Plato Chicken Strips Smart Dog Treats are some of the best all natural treats on the market today. The below features show just how great the Plato Chicken Treats are: Over 90% Organic Chicken Natural ingredients, fortified with antioxidant vitamins, proteinated zinc, and glucosamine. No artificial colors, flavors, synthetic preservatives, or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). Naturally preserved. Antioxidant vitamins E and C. No meat by-products or

Quick facts

  • 16-oz resealable pouch
  • 4-pack

Top reviews

My Pets love these

My Dogs love these! They have quality ingredients and I can feel confident that they’re safe, as they’re made in the U.S. Note: The price on Amazon is cheaper than ordering off the White Dog Bone Company website directly.
JohnathanGreenville, KY

Plato Organic Chicken Strips Dog treats

My friend who shares her life with a Newfoundland gave my Belgian Sheep Dog one of these treats. My dog loved the treats. The Newfie has allergies so she is limited to what she can have. My dog does not have that problem, but I am careful what I feed him.

You can break up the strips into smaller pieces to make them go further or for a quick treat. They don’t crumble in your pocket. However, do keep the treats in a baggie in your pocket as the treats had a smell to them. They are not greasy or messy to handle.

TeodoroClaysburg, PA

Item pictured is no longer made

Be aware that the item you will receive is not chicken strips as pictured. Plato no longer makes chicken strips, but rather formed pieces which are called Plato Organic chicken and sold for less on Amazon. The seller would take no responsibility for the wrong picture, nor would they refund to me the difference between what I thought I bought, and the other product, which they also sell, for less.
VikiMount Sterling, IL

are these made in the usa?

are these made in the usa? do not see it in the product description and am skeptical when I do not see country of origin or manufacture,
LangOntario, OH

My dogs love these

It’s great to find organic dog treats, and at a reasonable price. Both of my English Setters think these are delicious. I learned about them when Lola brought them with her from her foster home.
EvonElmo, MT

excellent dog treat

Plato Chicken treats are perfect for our dog. She has gastrointestinal problems and needs to have a treat that is primarily composed of chicken or turkey. Also, Plato products are made in the USA and not China and are subject to our more rigorous standards. I highly recommend these treats.
TeshaThetford, VT