Plato Pet Treats

Smart dogs know the best chicken is 100-percent fresh, organic chicken. And that’s the only kind of chicken we put in our organic chicken strips. So when your smart dog is a good dog, give him a healthy, safe reward: Plato organic chicken strips.

Quick facts

  • Usda organic chicken
  • Over 90-percent meat
  • No artificial preservatives, no corn, wheat, soy
  • Great for training
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Top reviews


MaplePeck, MI

Sweet Potato Treats had mold on them

I have stocked our dogs’ treat pantry with Plato’s Farmers Market products for about a year. My dogs love their Salmon and Salmon with Vegetable treats. I recently purchased their Sweet Potato treats, which have a “Best by” date of 9-22-10. Shortly after opening the bag we saw that treats were covered in white & blue mold. Unacceptable & disgusting. The bag’s sticker has “X00133D6P” on it. I have bought Plato products many times previously and have been pleased, however, these are supposed to be safe and quality treats. I absolve the seller, The Whole Healthy Pet, of responsibility of this issue as they have taken swift steps to rectify the issue. However, I do firmly assert that Plato should have done a much better job of notifying customers of a bad batches of Sweet Potato treats.
MarloLanding, NJ

Natural Treats made in the USA

I will no longer buy anything made in China for my dogs. I searched for a treat for them and even the ones in places like Petco were made in China. I finally found a link to Plato’s Farmer’s Market and then to them being sold on Amazon. They are made here in the USA and all natural. My vet told me to feed my dogs sweet potatoes or pumpkin and these treats fit the bill. So I ordered them through Amazon. My dogs beg for these. I have now ordered them three times and will continue to do so.
BobbyeSunburst, MT

Family doesn’t like these

My 3 toy dogs like just about every treat put before them except these and the other Plato Organic Chicken treats.
KristeenGibbsboro, NJ

Healthy treats. Made in the USA with all organic chicken, and doggie loves them. Very happy repeat customer

I am the proud mom of a 16-year-old rescued Border Collie/Lab mix who just happens to be one of the sweetest beings that has ever lived. 🙂 Well, I want her to live a very long, healthy, and happy life, so I only feed her things that I believe will help achieve that end. These treats have all organic chicken, no meat bi-products, pro-biotics, and lots of other great ingredients.

I purchased our first bag of Plato Farmers Market Chicken & Vegetables Treats for Dogs over a year ago, and she absolutely loved them. Many bags later, she still wags happily for them.

I also give her the Plato Sweet Potato Treats. She loves to chew the sweet potatoes, and they are easier on her teeth than chewing bones. Plato, thank you for making such great products. You have two very grateful customers.

INGREDIENTS: Chicken, carrot, celery, beet, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach, green pea, sweet potato, tomato, parsley, salt, zinc propionate, vitamin E supplement, coated ascorbic acid (source of vitamin C), bacillus subtilis.

– Grain-free -no corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions or fillers
– Natural ingredients, fortified with antioxidant vitamins, zinc propionate
– Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms
– No artificial colors, flavors, synthetic preservatives, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), meat by-products or meals.
– Naturally preserved.

CurtisClifton, CO

Great Treats

Our two dogs love these treats. They are great to train a puppy because you can hold the treat and the dogs can have a nibble instead of giving them the whole treat. Both of our dogs love the treat and we feel that this is the healthiest product for our dogs. You can see some of the vegetables and blueberries that are in this treat. When I reach for the bag of treats both dogs go crazy.
XuanAfton, TN

Best Liked Treat

Farmers Chicken and Vegetable is a great healthy treat for your dogs. Best of all, it is grain free. We have two standard poodles, one that cannot eat grain, and a mini pincer this is their favorite treat. We have many visitors who bring their dogs and all of them love this treat. We order the treats from as they have the best price.
LaurieHillsboro, GA


All 3 of my dogs absolutely LOVE these treats!! I love that they are made in the USA. No weird bowel movements either, 2 of my pups have really sensitive stomachs.
BuddyMinot Afb, ND

Great treat!

It is difficult to find a grainfree treat for your dogs, but these treats we’re a great find! My dogs love them , they are the right consistency not too hard or too soft. My pups love them!
RenateStout, IA

Arrived moldy!

I buy treats for my dogs in bulk to have them on hand. I opened this package 2 months after purchase, which meant it is too late to return, and found the product to be moldy. This is even though the expiration date hasn’t been reached yet. Also, the sweet potatoes are soft, as if they are not fully dehydrated. I’ve bought this product at local stores and haven’t had a problem. This must be part of a bad batch. I won’t be buying this product or other dog treats from Amazon again, as now I am out of the money I paid.
GabrielleCompton, CA

My Dogs Love Them!

One of my dogs has inflammatory bowel disease. This is one of the few products I can give her for a treat that she can eat because it’s low in protein and in fat. It doesn’t upset her stomach. It’s also grown here in the USA which makes me feel safer after the recent scare we pet owners had not too long ago. All my dogs LOVE them!
PalmiraBasom, NY

Healthy and delicious!

My dogs love these sweet potato treats. I feed my dogs grain-free diets and other high-end supplements, so of course I wanted a treat that followed our feeding ethic. This is low in protein and fat, so it is gentle on the stomach of puppies and sick dogs alike. My dogs go crazy over these. They love the taste and since these are a little tough, it takes them a bit longer to finish them, which is great because dogs usually swallow treats whole. They are not extremely tough though. Puppies can eat them. Even though the bag does not have an indication to refrigerate after opening, please do so. They will last longer and remain fresher. Plus, you could prevent mold growth. Amazon sells these by far at the most affordable price. Specialty stores sell these treats up to twice as much as Amazon does, so I suggest you buy them from Amazon. If you want a healthy treat, this is the way to go. 🙂
TammyAvoca, WI

Different and good

My dog refuses all vegetables, but he likes these treats. Because the vegetables have been cooked and are dehydrated he should be able to get some nutrients out of them. Dogs lack the enzymes to break down plants cell walls normally. At first he hesitated to eat one, but I broke off a bit,and he decided they were good. I also crumble two into his food each meal. His fussy, meat-loving poodle pal also enjoys them–and no stomach upset. Nice product.
AikoNicholson, PA


My dog is allergic to almost every edible food, including treats. I was looking for something that could be a treat that wasn’t manufactured and it wouldn’t affect him, so I bought them. These sweet potatoes treats are all natural, he loves them and the best thing is that he is not allergic to them. This is a perfect solution for those owners who want a different kind of treat for their dogs or for those dogs that are allergic to manufactured treats. I will be buying more.
ColemanPlumville, PA

My Dogs Love Sweet Potatoes, But…..

they did not like these! I cut them in half thinking that they could smell that it was sweet potato but that did not help.
LizzieOak Brook, IL

Good product but a tad crumbly

My two dogs love these. I bought them along with the regular Plato chicken treats when I saw they were USA made. The only reason I gave these four stars instead of five is that they are somewhat crumbly when you get them out of the bag. I assume it’s due to the vegetable content so I’m not really complaining. It’s great to find products that are not only good tasting, but good for them as well.
DeeSouth Bay, FL

why would you put EGGS in sweet potatoes???

Just make plain Sweet potatoes. I can;t buy these because my dog is highly allergic to Chicken, eggs and everything dairy.
ValrieMontezuma, OH

All my dogs love them

Nice treats. Not messy, great for inside feeding. All my dogs enjoy them. Perfect size too…not too big or small for large breeds.
KellyWayne, OK

My Boston Loves These

My Boston Terrier Max loves the Plato Organic Chicken treats, his favorite actually. When I first gave him one of the Sweet Potato treats he wasn’t sure what to think. He was thrown off by the texture I think and was having trouble chewing it. After he finally ate the first one he was sniffing around the garbage where we had put one he had left on the floor. He was trying to get the treat that was in there. Now everytime we break them out that’s all he wants. Along with the Organic Chicken treats. He’s hooked.
SheritaDoss, TX

The Dogs Love Them

Our doggies love Plato’s Salmon treats the most, but the chicken ones come a close second. The treats are friable, so pretty easy to either split into 1/4s or crumble into their regular kibble. The resealable bags are also nice to have. The “and Vegetable” part does not seem to diminish their appetite for these treats!
TamraHowell, MI

Our Dogs Chew On Them, But Don’t Finish

I have two Doodles, a brother and a sister, and the male eats just about everything you put in front of him and many things you don’t! He seemed very interested in these and even the female took them into her jaws and scurried off. Alas, we found most of them later secreted in different parts of the living room.

Other Plato treats have been enthusiastically recieved, so I have a good opinion of the company. Worth a shot, but not to the beasties’ tastes!

JeroldMarine On Saint Croix, MN

My dogs LOVE them!

These treats are fantastic. Made in the USA, grain free, wonderful ingredients. My dogs absolutely adore these treats, and all Plato treats I’ve bought for them. They are worth the extra money to ensure I’m feeding my dogs healthy, SAFE, nutritious treats.
SherlyVida, OR

Doggies Like Them!

They’re different looking from the other’s I’ve seen. They’re smaller and darker in color then other Chicken Strips. They look more like beef Jerky.
Nonetheless, our doggies like them, and that’s what counts for us.
CharleyHigh Rolls Mountain Park, NM


There was white, hairy mold on the treats in the middle of the bag. Unfortunately, I’d already given my pups a couple of them before I found the mold, just an hour or so later. 🙁
FredaNewcastle, ME

Great treat

My dog loves this salmon treats, he is allergic to wheat and some protein products but since this treat is Made from salmon and veggies there is no allergic reaction at all. Great for training or I give it every time I’ll leave the house and my dog doesn’t even look for me!
ShaunteVance, SC

Not for dogs with food allergies

I have a dog with all kinds of allergies. She loves sweet potato treats and I love giving them to her because they’re so healthy (the more I read about all the dangers of processed treats found in pet stores, the more resolute I am in my decision to never, ever feed her that garbage).

The only problem I have with these treats is that they contain eggs and salt in addition to the natural sweet potato and probiotics. Eggs are a big no-no for any dog with food allergies, and salt is just something you shouldn’t really be feeding your dog anyway. At least not in excessive quantities. These treats are a thousand times better than regular dog treats, but they didn’t work for my dog.

I’ve decided to stick to Snook’s sweet potato treats. They’re 100% dried sweet potato and nothing else – also made in the USA and my dog absolutely loves them.

GoldenGermanton, NC

Dog Loves Them, We Love Them – Made in the USA

My dog loves sweet potato treats, but after discovering a lot of additives in her previous treats, as well as the fact that they were made in China, we started searching for a new treat. She loves them, they are pricier, but that’s basically what it comes down to if you want a low number of ingredients and products made in the USA.
LakeshaBerwick, LA

Super dog treats!

Excellent quality dog treat for training. Most dogs will view as a “high value” reward.
This is the best salmon treat I have tried! My dog loves both the Salmon Strips and
the Farmer’s Market Strips.
GregoryKeaton, KY

Healthy choice

I have two dogs….one picky and the other not. They both ate this and the picky one got tired of it after give it for the 4th / 5th time. I really like it because of it being a healthy treat option.
IssacHatfield, PA

Puppy Love

My dog loves them, loves them, loves them. The probiotics are a great addition, my big boy has a sensitive system and he can be a bit gassy. A couple of these treats a day and he has been less gassy.
AlfonzoAdena, OH