Plum Organics Baby Just Fruit, Mangos, 3.5 Ounce Pouches

All for yum, Plum for all. At Plum Organics, we have a passion for yummy food and so do our babies! We’ve created only the purest, culinary-inspired meals with unique flavors and colors for baby to explore. Let’s celebrate the goodness and giggles of great tasting food with real organic fruits and veggies in delightful combinations. Because when bib time beckons, Plum Organics is for babies and babies are for yum! A Plum Perfect Baby Food Pouch! Easy feeding; Resealable top; Grab and go convenience. JUST fruits (4+ months), a Stage 1 baby food line of 100% fruit blends that are perfect for introducing first foods to your budding eater with the purest flavors from real fruit. Using only organic fruit and nothing else, the gently cooked meals are naturally preserved in a convenient, resealable pouch that’s perfect for flexible portions.

Quick facts

  • 12/3.5-Ounce Baby Food Pouches
  • Certified organic, Non-GMO ingredients
  • No added sugar, salt, juice, colors or flavors
  • Convenient, resealable & portable baby food pouch for on the go feeding
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • 100% BPA-free packaging & child safe, recyclable cap

Top reviews

New version? Not better!

I bought this item before, when the lids were still green and the mango sauce tasted like mashed up mangoes. When I received this delivery (the pouches have orange lids now) I was very disappointed: the sauce tastes like it has been watered down and citric acid has been added. … a cheaper version of the old product, I wonder? (I still had a few of the ‘older’ version (with green lids) and sampled the two versions of mango sauce side by side).
NanceySeligman, MO

Tasty Mango Fruit Squeeze

We buy these for our kids who are a little bit older but need something to snack on in between school and long swim practices. The kids love them and they are healthy. I won’t confess to eating the kids snack, but if I were to have eaten them, I would say they taste like the real thing. Very few ingredients which is a good thing. We love to stick them in the freezer and by the time the kids drink it is still cold but not frozen.

As the pouches are not very large, possibly because they were intended for small children, Our kids go through them pretty quickly so the price adds up. Plus, nothing beats eating fresh fruit. Since both Mom and Dad work, this is a pretty healthy alternative to fresh fruit.

ElizabetBolton, MS

My daughter’s favorite

I only buy Plum Organics babyfood (I usually make my own at home) b/c it is exactly what it says: just fruit. The mango is absolutely my daughter’s favorite of them – she gets so excited to have it! It tastes great (we try everything we give her), the texture is very smooth and thin, and the packaging is very convenient. It’s the only pre-packaged baby food I don’t mind buying.
NormandEast Greenwich, RI