Plum Organics Baby Training Meals, Multigrain Super Greens, 4-Ounce Pouches

At Plum Organics, we believe the joy of eating starts with the very first spoonful. Introducing babies to real food with delightful tastes and pure ingredients as early as possible can create a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating. Our foods are cooked just the right amount compared to other processing methods to retain nutrients and our recipes are culinary-inspired to help parents nourish their little ones with yummy, nutritious foods. Our innovative shelf stable pouch retains the freshness, flavor and nutrients of the purees and offers easy feeding with a convenient, portable and resealable no mess solution for parents. Our products are certified organic, nutrient rich, free of high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and artificial ingredients and use BPA-free packaging.Building on the core value of “healthy eating for life,” Plum Organics has created Training Meals (8+ months), a line of protein rich blends that are perfect for training babys diet with nutritionally complete meals. Training Meals offer the third step in developing babys palate with homemade flavors and heartier, thicker textures. Using only organic ingredients, Training Meals are gently cooked and naturally preserved in a convenient pouch that’s perfect for flexible portions.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 4-ounce packages of Multi Grain Super Greens Training Meals from Plum Organics
  • Protein rich blend for babies from 8 months old and up with homemade flavors and heartier, thicker textures

Top reviews


Stick with the Sprout or Happy Baby meals. This flavor is just not appetizing. The Harvest Turkey is only slightly better. They taste a lot like mashed potatoes mixed with a bit of this and that– not yum mashed potatoes, kind of odd. Not inedible, but not something we would ever buy again.
ArvillaOrwigsburg, PA

Baby Likes It!

We’ve had better luck with Plum Organics training meals over the Happy Baby meals. Our 1 year old girl absolutely loves the multigrain super greens and she shrieks with impatience until we give her the next bite. No heating necessary. I feel so good that she’s getting extra greens and fiber, to balance out the other baby and adult food she snacks on. It’s also really easy to take to go, we just bring along an extra baby spoon or disposable plastic spoon. It may just be personal preference… I wouldn’t take a bite myself just because I really hate eating greens myself, but you gotta do good by your baby, right?
TawandaHialeah, FL

Love Plum!

My little guy loves all of the Plum meals. I have tried Happy Belly as well but the flavours didn’t go over well.

I add purred chicken to this alot and he finishes the whole pack easily! (he is 9 months old)

SammyBerkshire, MA

If you want them to eat their spinach…

Because my son really likes the beef stew training meal, I thought he would like this too. But, alas, he doesn’t seem to like the greens as much even though this is what I really want him to eat. I try to mix it in with other yummy stuff and that only works sometimes. But, this is a nice hearty alternative to other baby pureed vegetables because it has grains also.
LillianaSeneca, IL

I like it too

This is good stuff for quick veggies and a little carbohydrate energy. Sadly it might be cheaper at your grocery store than here.
MickiVerona, PA

Mommy loves it, baby not

Found these at the grocery store for $0.31/pouch on clearance! Don’t expire till end of next year so I bought 3 dozen of these for $11!!

They are textured (so make sure your child likes that). They also have a very strong smell but is one that I LOVE in my foods can’t describe it).

Looks, smells, and tastes yummy in mommy’s tummy!!

Baby doesn’t like it but she is a very picky eater and is one of those rare babies who wants milk instead of foods.

At $0.31/pouch, I am still keeping them and hoping to use these when she grows out of her “I-prefer-milk-over-food” phase. If not, mommy will have many inexpensive and healthy baby snacks for herself 🙂

FranklynLincolnwood, IL

My son HATES this flavor…

My son HATES this flavor and would hardly eat it. It also gave him horrible gas, too… I had to mix it with anything and everything to use up the 12 pouches!
ShenaKalkaska, MI

Great organic option

I bought a single pack of this 1st to try and it was alot less ‘horrifying’ then some reviews lead you to believe. I just mixed with plums spinach peas and pear to loosen it up some as it’s a bit thick because of the grains and barley but after mixing it becomes a hearty nutritious organic option that my baby doesn’t mind..and she’s picky! Just mix with something your child likes and it’s a great healthy addition!
AlanaFackler, AL


I’m not sure why some of their food pouches are so watery that it won’t stay on the spoon and, like this one, so thick that my baby just gags on it and throws up whatever he already ate. There is no taste to it. I wouldn’t eat it, so it’s no wonder that my baby won’t either no matter how exciting I tried to make his mealtime. I ended up doctoring it up with some fruit, like applesauce, and/or adding some formula or breastmilk in order to thin it out. I tried the other food pouches as well, and the taste just wasn’t there.

I prefer and recommend the HappyBaby products (like “Chick Chick” or “Gobble Gobble”, because they surpass Plum in both taste and texture. I find that I can serve it straight out of the pouch without having to add anything like cereal to thicken or fruit/milk to thin.

SelmaClay Center, OH

Looks & smells disgusting and she likes it….

Found this at the dollar or 99 or 98 cent store (one of those) I checked the date and it was all good so I figured I’d give it a try… Never really thought my baby would go for this but she really liked it! I used to make all of her food, now I probably make about 50%, she has never had any sugary foods other than fruit either but greens have always been harder to get her to eat. The sodium is a little high, compared to happy baby products, but the only thing they have close to this is Ratatouille, which she has grown to love. Anyway, I may use this to switch thing up a bit now and then.
JudieRed Bud, IL

Smooth, nutritious, mom & baby love it!

I have tried nearly every Plum, Happy Baby, and Sprout meal out on my son. Even at 15 months, he still eats purees along with finger food, but doesn’t like chunky purees. This puree is smooth in the mouth, despite a chunky look, and my son loves it. He has always liked greens though, and eats a few other purees with nutty grains, so perhaps not all babies will like it (as mentioned in the 1 star reviews.) If you don’t like the strong taste/aroma of dark greens and grains, this might not be for you, but my picky baby scarfs it down, so give it a try. It’s a really nutritious combo, with great ingredients too, and one that wouldn’t be easy to make on your own and puree this smooth.
TyeshaPricedale, PA

Great way to get them their greens!

My son has been eating this meal since he was about 9 months old. He LOVES it. On certain days he’ll refuse to eat everything but he has yet to turn down this food. It a world full of heavily processed and unhealthy quick meal options this is a life saver.
BarbraDeer Harbor, WA


Neither myself or my baby would touch this – disgusting smell and taste. I like greens but there is something wrong with this recipe. I don’t know what I am going to do with all of it.
GlendaWest Blocton, AL

Baby really dislikes this

Thick and grainy… she makes an awful face. I’ve tried adding fruit, but to no avail.

Not a hit.

Will not be re-ordering.

SumikoRidley Park, PA


Smells gross out of the pouch and baby, who loves veggies in all forms, spit out every bite. We love the other Plum Organics training meals that we’ve tried but would never recommend this one to anyone.
CamiTerre Hill, PA

My son loves this

My son loves this food. He is 16 months now and I still use them. Not all the time, but often. The reason is that his molars are coming in very quickly and he is in a lot of pain. He won’t eat much when he’s in pain, but these are easy on his gums. They are organic and a quick meal. My son is strong and a very healthy weight. I make sure he gets as much organic, wholesome food as possible. Buying these subscribe and save is a great way to give him good food and still save money. He loves the whole line.
StephanUneeda, WV