Plum Organics Mish Mash, Peach, 3.17-Ounce Pouches

MISH MASH ORGANIC FRUIT SNACK. Mish Mash are 100% fruit purees with no added sugars, flavors or colors, that are naturally high in Vitamin C. In a convenient portable pouch with a resealable cap, they are the perfect snack for tots on the go.

Quick facts

  • 100% organic fruit puree
  • No added sugar, juice, colors or flavors
  • Naturally high in vitamin C from acerola berries
  • Resealable, child safe cap
  • 100% BPA free poly pouch in recycled box

Top reviews

Glorified baby food

I know these are super trendy right now, and I totally wanted to love this product (or, to be more exact, I wanted my toddler to love this product). He took one taste, handed it back to me, and said, “Why you gave me baby food, mom?” I tasted it, and he is right. It tastes just like jarred baby food. Same consistency (not any thicker), too. If your kid likes the packaging, great. If your kid doesn’t, then it is just really, really expensive baby food. I’m going to give the rest to my baby, as the toddler is not the least bit interested.
UnBennett, IA

Great invention, tasty, healthy

We love these baby food things in a little pouch. Sooooo much easier to feed to a baby or toddler on the go. Our son loves sucking the fruit out and we are pleased that it is both organic and healthy with nothing added – just fruit. For smaller ones, not good to let them handle it themselves, because they love to squeeze it, which gets things everywhere. But older ones can feed to themselves. I like the 3.17 size rather than the bigger one that Plum Organics has for some of the other flavors. It assures that he will eat all or most of it in one sitting rather than having to save some for later. You can also take this size on airplanes without having to have it tested for explosives – not the case with the bigger pouches. I also like that it is BPA free. If your little one likes them, ordering in bulk and with subscribe and save makes them much cheaper than at the store.
NonaValley Bend, WV

Not impressed

I really wanted my kids to love it: these are very convenient on the go and should be delicious… or so it seemed. Unfortunately, none of the kids cared for it — it tastes like stage 1 baby food (very bland) and is very runny too, so it can get quite messy if you squeeze a little too hard or if the child drops it.
PatPrinsburg, MN

Tasty and convenient!

I discovered these when my daughter was about 15 months old. I wish I had found them earlier. They are organic, taste great, are easy for toddlers to handle and very convenient! I always keep some in my purse and in the car when we’re out and about. They are not messy, unless of course they decide to squeeze the pouch, which only happens for us when she’s not hungry.

The Plum Organics line also includes some varieties with fruits and vegetables mixed together. They taste surprisingly good and are one way to get my picky eater to eat some veggies. You can find some varieties at reasonable prices on Amazon, others are more expensive for some reason. Babies R Us has had a sale every other month or so where you can get them for $1 each if you buy them in sets of 8. That is usually when I stock up for the next two months. 🙂

CherilynMoravian Falls, NC

Great idea! Yummy product!

My daughter will start school this fall and i was concerned about lunches and fruit-to-go choices. We’ve bought several different fruit pouches at a local organic store and she and I loved these the most. It it not overly sweet (and a strawberry variation as well), tastes really good. She can easily eat 2 of these every day.
I really like the fact that it has no sugar and color added + it is organic. Just fruit puree.

I, personally, don’t like banana variation, but it’s just because of my own personal preferences (i like fresh bananas more than cooked), other than that, my daughter approved all of flavors to 10 stars.

KittyJefferson, MD

Plum is the best!

Plum products are such a wonderful and yummy idea for the toddler, heck even the adult from time to time. I keep a full stock of every flavor fruit pouch Plum makes for toddlers. They make a great snack to throw in the diaper bag or back pack, whether you are packing a for a trip to the store, school lunches or going to Disneyland! These pouches have saved the day many many times. I have even grabbed one or two to add to my lunch when no other fruit was available for me, and it was really good! I have and will always recommend Plum to every parent I know!
DinaFalconer, NY

Love it

I love Plum organic pouch. Got this one on sale. My baby and toddler LOVE this so much. My 3 years old always ask me for more.
CharleneOak Island, NC

Great for traveling or throwing in your diaper bag

My son loves these and they are great to throw in your diaper bag or take with on trips. A lot of time I can’t find fresh fruit while we are out and about that my son (he is 1) can eat. These are great because it is actual fruit and he can eat it straight from the pouch. Just make sure you help them the first couple of times or else you might have a bit of a mess.
MargueritaSalisbury Mills, NY

Would buy again

Have had other brands like this before, and have always enjoyed them. These were a really good bargain on sale.
SparkleZebulon, GA

Yum-Yum MishMash

My 8 month old loves this & has no problem holding it & sucking the food out. This is great for on the go!
MaxwellEudora, AR

what an awesome idea!

this makes feeding on the go so easy! my one-year-old will suck down a pouch in 5 minutes and she loves them!
JenellCherokee, IA

YUMMY and my son loves them!

I bought this for my 15 month old son who has become a very picky eater as of late. I wanted a fun and easy way to make sure he gets his fruit and veggie servings each day. This does the trick! He loves them and he can feed himself. What more can I say? (Oh, I actually tried one, and they really are good!)
XeniaEnning, SD

Great for adults, too!

I tried this product because it was a “Friday Special” and it caught my eye it being 100% fruit and 100% organic. I don’t have any children, but this looked interesting to try because I’ve been trying to eat healthier and sometimes it’s hard to get my recommended amount of fruit servings a day. I buy fruit but it always seems to go bad before I can eat it all. I bought the banana mish mash also, and really like it, too. I like to add it to my oatmeal, or spread it on top of my peanut butter toast, or just by itself! To clarify the ingredients- it has 3 different fruits, not just peach and not just banana. Obviously, I’m ok with this…just wanted to throw that out there. There are multiple things I love about this product. Here goes.. and not in any particular order…
1) Easy to open, convenient, resealable pouch
2) It tastes great!
3) All natural, 100% fruit…no nasty preservatives or chemicals
4) 100% organic
5) Great for everyone, not just babies.
6) The price is good compared with other similar products, and I love the free shipping!
TonieRoderfield, WV

Great tasting Plum Tot

Not as tasty as the strawberry but still very nice. Great to throw in a diaper bag or purse. Spendy but definitely a good deal when it’s on sale.
MarieSan Ramon, CA

My 7 month old daughter and 18month old twin niece and nephew love these

These are awesome and if you know where to find the discount codes they can be super inexpensive. I love the all natural ingrediants and I actually find them to taste great. I actually put a little in my older kids oatmeal and they love it too. I make 90% of my daughters baby food but this great for on the go or as a supplement.

My twin niece and nephew who are 18 months old love these as a snack and my sister says they are so great for car rides or trips to the museum. I highly recommend these over any other baby food product.

JamiOld Fields, WV

great product/brilliant packaging!

this is perfect for babies and toddlers on the go! we started using the baby version when my daughter was an infant–it is so easy to throw a pouch and a baby spoon into the diaper bag. now that my daughter is older, she is able to feed herself with the pouch. just give your toddler the pouch and they will squeeze/suck the fruit out of it. not only is the packaging great, but the fruit tastes good as well (and yes, I have tasted everything that I feed my daughter). my daughter loves this–her whole face lights up when I hand her a pouch.
GrazynaElbow Lake, MN