PodMerchant Decaf Espresso Pod Sampler

Sampler package containing 4 each of the following select DECAFFEINATED single-serving (7 gm) ESE espresso pods (4 x 12 = 48 pods total). These are all gourmet espresso pods from Italy’s finest roasters: Amigos Caffe Decaffeinated, Caffe Borbone Decaf, Caffe del Doge Decaffeinato, Compagnia dell’Arabica Decaffeinato, Covim Suave Decaf, Danesi Easy Espresso Decaf, Espressione Decaf, Izzo Decaffeinated, Lavazza Dek, Lucaffe Decaffeinated, Miscela d’Oro Espresso Single Decaf, PodMerchant House Decaf Espresso, and Segafredo Zanetti Deca Crem.

Quick facts

  • Not compatible with Nespresso or Lavazza Espresso Point machines
  • Package of 48 espresso pods (4 each of 12 different pods).
  • Sample and compare the rich flavor of all of PodMerchant’s decaf offerings.
  • For E.S.E. compatible espresso machines
  • Not compatible with Senseo or Melitta style single-serve coffee pod machines

Top reviews

Great Idea

This is a great way to taste different brands. I have such fun with it.
BarbaraEast Pharsalia, NY

Lots of Fun

I recently bought an espresso machine that had a basket for pods. I thought I would give some a try and Pod Merchant seems to carry them all (I lived in Italy for several years and Pod Merchant has some Italian coffee brands that even I’ve never heard of).

The sampler packs are a fun way to try different brands. Some are better than others, but trying them out will keep you from later ordering 100 of something you don’t like.

The order was processed quickly and they were delivered no problem via UPS. There were also a couple of “freebie” pods and a coupon as a thank you for the order which I thought was a nice touch.

UnAlpine, WY

Great selection, but be cautioned

I bought this sampler to use in a Breville Keurig Cup coffee maker (there is an insert you can buy in order to use coffee pods rather than K-cups.) After working out a brewing method, I put the pods to good use. The sampler gives you many different types of coffee to try and I discovered some new coffees that I liked quite well. But keep in mind that “decaf” is a somewhat fuzzy concept overseas, especially with manufacturers that do not sell a lot of coffee to the U.S. I noticed a buzz from a couple of these pods that I wasn’t expecting.
DongChurchville, VA

Great product

Just bought a new espresso machine and wanted to experiment with different brands of pods, so this was perfect for me. I didn’t find any that I did not like. Only problem is there are so many different brands that it is difficult to remember any given one that stands out to you.

Individually wrapped pods is the ONLY way to go–so much quicker and easier than grinding your own–especially if you are single or the only one that drinks espresso in your household (no waste).

ReinaldoDavin, WV