Polar Pumpkin 100% Pure, No Sugar Added 15 Oz/24 Pack

15 oz cans/ packs of 12

Quick facts

  • 15 oz cans in packs of 24
  • All natural
  • 100% pure pumpkin
  • Rich in vitamin A
  • Great source of fiber

Top reviews

Yea, for the packaging!!

I received my 12 cans of Polar pumpkin, 10 minutes ago. I haven’t tried it, needless to say, but I have to give three cheers, for Polar:).
12 perfect, unblemished cans of pumpkin. My last order was Libby’s brand, through Amazon, and every can was dented.
Thank you, Polar, for your commitment to excellence. I’m sure the pumpkin will be just fine:).
ETA: Please see the comments, below. The pumpkin did not live up to the packaging. 8-5-11-Amazingly, Polar has replaced my case of pumpkin! An accompanying letter
states that they have improved the product. What a wonderful thing to do! Thank you, Polar Foods:) That’s 5 big stars, for customer relations:). (Haven’t had time to
try the new pumpkin, as yet.)
PricillaGresham, OR

BEWARE polar pumpkin – overwhelming chemical smell / taste

1/2012 – I purchased a can of polar brand pumpkin off the shelf at our local store (not from an amazon seller), made a whole pie, and then went to wash the can for recycling. I was overcome by a terrible chemical smell; a tiny taste-test of the pie confirmed my suspicion that something was wrong with this pumpkin; had to throw away the whole pie. I’m wondering if the white lining inside the can could be to blame…

BEWARE!— lot # 3700/01069; sell by date 07/03/14.

DovieIndependence, IA


I took a chance and bought this, despite several bad reviews…and when the stuff arrived, I opened 2 cans. Both smelled strange and “chemical”…and then I took a small bite and spit it out, this stuff is bitter, toxic and all around NASTY. Fortunately, Amazon has great customer service and I got a full refund, then I tossed this toxic swill into the trash. DO NOT BUY IT, ITS POISON!!!
HyoMilford, IA


Maybe there’s no sugar, but that does that make it pure? I just opened a can of this stuff. I noticed a strange taste. It tasted sort of the way tires smell.
After a 2 spoonfuls I decided something was definitely not good. I checked the can, and SURPRISE! it is made in China. After the Chinese pet food additive scandal that caused the death of so many pets in the US, and of babies in China, I won’t eat food that I know is produced there. Is there a reason to trust their food controls? And who knows what caused the acrid taste in this product.
GaynellFrench Creek, WV

Thanks Polar!!!

As some of our feline admirers know, pumpkin is imperative (putting it mildly) for digestion and elimination. This can sometimes be a hassle. ‘Deacon’ however will now eat the pumpkin before I can mix it with his food. No sugar and the consistency are a big plus. Thanks Polar! You’ve done a great job. And BTW folks, the packing is fantastic, No dented cans!! Another plus…Polar stands behind it’s product~
AlbertDuquesne, PA

Nasty Pumpkin in a Can

I love making pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pudding during the autumn months. I never tried Polar Pumpkin until last week. I’ll never try it again. I chose Polar because it’s cheaper than Libby’s, but I got what I paid for. I noticed a strange chemical smell coming from the pumpkin as soon as I opened the can. I tasted just a little and gagged. Knowing what canned pumpkin should taste like, I threw out the cans of Polar Pumpkin. Nasty! I’ll stick with Libby’s – learned my lesson.
KatheleenBrewerton, NY