Pomegranate Seeds -2 X 5lb Tub Frozen – Avg 10 Lb Case

Only the seeds and juice are edible, offering a sweet-tart taste

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  • Use only what you need

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Great to be able to buy this out-of-season; happy with shipping

I buy fresh pomegranate seeds as often as I can. I have a Vita-mix blender and I make fruit and veggie smoothies every morning. I was almost out of pomegranate seeds that I had frozen in the fall and decided on a whim to search the internet to find where I could buy them. I was so happy to find that I could purchase them at Amazon. Even after I ordered them, I was still a little skeptical. My pomegranate seeds were shipped immediately FedEx and they arrived the next day packed in dry ice. There were two buckets of still-frozen seeds. They were not sticking together; it was like a bucket of frozen pebbles. I just had to scoop them out into small zip-lock bags and put them in the freezer. I am so happy to have enough seeds to last another 2-3 months.
BettyJacksonville, TX

Thrilled to discover!

I am addicted to pomegranate seeds. When they were in season, I bought lots just so I could enjoy and freeze half for when the season ended, but alas, I ate them all before Februrary. These are superb quality and come in 5 lb bins. They are actually cheaper than Whole Foods and I am just so pleased I can feed my addiction in the off-season. I eat them frozen and I actually prefer the large bins. The shipping is expensive but I still think it is worth it.
SusanWillow Island, NE

Pricy, not worth it

Shipping was next day and timely, but the pomegranate seed are nothing compared to original. Not worth it even for a pomegranate addict like me. Luckily I can still get some ready to eat Pomegranate seeds 150 gram packets at Trader’s Joe, they are pricey but at least satisfying.
FelicitasMinnesota City, MN