Pop Secret Extra Butter Flavor, Microwaveable, 6-Count, 21-Ounce Box

Pop Secret Extra Butter Flavor, Microwaveable comes in a 21 ounce box. It contains whole grain popcorn, partially hydrogenated, soybean oil, butter, cream, milk, and natural flavor. It is a cholesterol free product. Pop Secret is made with real Land O Lakes butter and just a dash of salt. It is microwaveable in it’s own bag. The bag also provides for easy serving. Every kernal is a delicious burst of flavor.

Quick facts

  • Four 6-bag boxes of Pop Secret Extra Butter
  • Who wouldn’t want more of a good thing? This is popcorn with butter, butter and more creamy butter flavor.
  • Easy popping instructions located on the bag
  • Easy popping instructions
  • Convenient to serve

Top reviews

When “extra” doesn’t mean too much!

Nice easy four (4) minute snack. I was initially concerned that the “Extra” butter might leave a greasy taste both on the palette and hands. Not so. The balance was perfect.
EdytheWindsor, MA