Pop-Tarts, Frosted S’mores, 16-Count Tarts

Kellogg’s® Pop-Tarts® Frosted Strawberry toaster pastries are Made For Fun!™ Fully baked and ready to eat right from the box, or you can warm them in the toaster. Some flavors are delicious even when frozen. Pop-Tarts® provide six essential vitamins and minerals. They contain zero grams of trans fat, and they’re available in a variety of fun flavors. Make today more fun with Kellogg’s® Pop-Tarts® Frosted Strawberry toaster pastries. For product information, fun ideas, promotions and more, visit poptarts.com.

Quick facts

  • Pack of eight, 16-count boxes (total of 128-ounces)
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Tasteless & Bland

If Amazon is still selling these for $27.oo for one box containing 8 poptarts —-don’t buy them. Don’t buy them at any price. Rice cakes have more taste than these! I bought one box at the local store for $3.97. They are tasteless. Maybe a hint of chocolate but all I really noticed was the bland cardboard covering called a cookie? I prefer to get my empty calories from things that taste good.
ErvinBuena Vista, PA

Wow, those are some expensive pop tarts! 😉

As the previous reviewer stated, I also received one measly box of 16 pop tarts for $27. Wow, those are some expensive pop tarts! 😉 When I called Amazon to rectify the situation it took a 45 minute call trying to explain to the CS rep that no one in their right mind would pay $1.69 PER pop tart. They finally assured me they would send me the correct order. So I waited….and whaddaya know….once again recieved one box. LOL I called again and had to go through the whole 45 minute convo again explaining how much a pop tart *should* cost. This CS told me he couldn’t resend, but would just refund my money. Thank heavens. My blood pressure couldn’t take another delivery!
MerrillJetersville, VA

What a disgrace

I would gladly review the item, if only I could get it. Thing is that the Einsteins working for Amazon figured that for 27 bucks they would send me one box of pop tarts containing 8 pairs, rather than 8 boxes containing 8 pairs and then to add insult to injury went on to argue with me that the (Pack of 8) in the description means 8 pairs of pop-tarts as opposed to 8 boxes of 16 pop tarts!!!
My advise to Amazon – dont quit your day jobs. Stay with the book business!!!
ErminiaMalden, MO

smore’s poptarts

These poptarts were stale and had a funny taste. A disappointment after all the waiting for the shipment.
BurtonWhippany, NJ

Best flavor

I grew up eating poptarts, and I can tell you, after trying every kind out there that the brown frosted sugar cinnamon, and these, are definitely the best.

These are so good, that they even taste good when they are cold.

SeemaGramling, SC


Now, this is a flavor of Pop-Tarts done RIGHT. The crust is graham-cracker, so it adds a nice kick to the whole treat that the regular crust doesn’t. The filling is half marshmallow and half chocolate, and when you toast the tarts long enough, the filling becomes all nice and gooey and you can lick it out of the edges. Frosting is also pretty good, but the real treat is the filling and the fact that the crust tastes better than most others.
VenettaCrawford, NE