Pop-Tarts Mini-Crisps Frosted Chocolate, 4.86-Ounce

Kellogg’s? Pop-Tarts Frosted Chocolate Mini Crisps?. New! 100 calorie pouches. 7 Vitamins & minerals. Tasty baked bites. Naturally & artificially flavored. With baked-in chocolate flavor. 6 pouches. 6-0.81 oz (23g) pouches.

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Very good

S&S price currently under ten so not sure how the other reviewer paid so much. For this price or close, it’s a great deal. Lots of bags, and small but decent amount in each. The strawberry ones were really good and so are the chocolate. It’s a pretty chocolaty taste, similar to a lot of the chocolate cereals but better. Everyone in house likes these a lot, from 5 year old to teens to grandma.
KimberGrubbs, AR

Great for a snack

As a snack, these are a great way to fill you up at 100 calories a bag. I figured there wouldn’t be much considering it’s 100 calories but there’s a lot for such a small bag! You can get about three-four small handfuls of mini crisps.

Unfortunately, the price has increased dramatically since I last purchased them. I purchased them when they were about $14 for a four pack; now it’s $25 + shipping. Not a good deal anymore.

BryannaFagus, MO


I found this product in Walmart and then they had a hard time getting them. The price is great here and they come quickly. The product itself is 100 calories and filling and delicious. What more could you ask for?!
EdmundValier, PA