Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries Variety Pack, 48-Count Pastries

Pop-Tarts Frosted Strawberry – These babies are frosted and sprinkled, and have plenty of strawberry-flavored goodness, so each bite is loaded with all the tasty bells and whistles. Pop-Tarts Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon – The way tasty combo of brown sugar and cinnamon comes through in every single bite of frosting, filling and golden crust.

Quick facts

  • Good source of 7 vitamins and minerals
  • Baked with real fruit

Top reviews

too expensive

These poptarts are delicious, but these are way to expensive. After purchasing these, my daughter found the exact same thing at Food 4 Less for $8.00 a box!!!!! I could have had 3 boxes for $25.00! I am very disappointed with this price.
HomerArrowsmith, IL

Shipping takes it’s toll

I chanced having these shipped because it was a great deal. They arrived in good enough shape for the price I purchased them for but would never have the product shipped at it’s normal rate as some of the pop-tarts end up being crushed/crumbled from being bounced around in shipment. There is no way for Amazon to correct this either as the pop-tarts package just isn’t packed tight enough to stop the product from banging against each other.
CelindaFertile, MN

Contains GMOs! We say NO!

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts are a good source of GMOs! They hit a home run here with 4 out of the 5 biggest GMOs in these products. Kellogg’s just spent $632,500 on propaganda in California because they don’t want you to know that Pop Tarts (and their other products) contain ingredients which are patented by chemical companies that genetically engineered them in a lab and turned them into EPA registered pesticides. That’s right, folks… the corn and cottonseed oil in these Pop Tarts comes from GMOs that are registered with the EPA because every cell of the plant makes it’s own pesticide. When the insects bite into it, their stomachs rupture. We can only guess what happens when kids eat this stuff. The toxins have been linked to cell membrane death in humans… and have been found in the blood of 93% of pregnant women and 80% of their unborn babies in a recent study. Pop Tarts also contain GMO sugar and GMO soy. Both (AND the corn and cottonseed) have been engineered to withstand heavy doses of RoundUp. Glyphosate, the active chemical ingredient in RoundUp, has been linked to birth defects, organ damage, inflammatory bowel disorders, cancer and who knows what else. GMO soy caused sterility by the 3rd generation in two studies done on lab animals. I wouldn’t feed this stuff to my pets. It hasn’t been subjected to long term peer reviewed studies to prove that it’s safe. Kellogg is fighting against labeling of GMOs in California. It’s no wonder why! My family does not eat EPA registered pesticides. We are saying NO to Kellogg’s GMOs.
EllisEmmett, KS

Mixed box poptarts

These were great, my daughter is wild with the strawberry, they are a bit too sweet for me but i love eating them mixed in my icecream mmmmmm its good. I am satisfied all round.


GlenRichland, WA

Finally, PopTarts in Bulk!

Thanks to Amazon for offering this item! Been wanting to buy Pop Tarts in bulk in both strawberry and cinnamon flavors, especially since few stores in our country offer Pop Tarts for sale.
GiannaDubberly, LA

Poor packaging

I was excited to find a package of 48 Pop Tarts for so cheap, Until they showed up. When we received the brown box from the UPS man my mouth was watering. Then I opened the box to find the case of pop tarts just sitting inside the larger box with nothing to keep it from moving around. I grabbed the box of Tarts and lifted it only to have the bottom of the colorful box open up and 4 boxes of frosted goodness fell onto the table. Before opening the individual box I was a bit leary. Yep, not to my surprise the foil wrapper was full of crumbs. We now eat the pop tarts with a spoon. Oh well live and learn.
YukikoGermfask, MI


I was extremely disappointed in the pop tarts I received. First of all, the package arrived with the wrong zip code. So it had travelled all over the state before I received it.. (The other product I ordered at the same time arrived in a different box and much sooner than the pop tarts, and with the correct zip code. So I know Amazon has my correct zip code.) The pop tarts were so old that they were all broken up and they tasted extremely stale. I have ordered and received many other products from Amazon which were all excellent, so I know this was an anomaly.
BriceClarendon, NC


This particular box of Pop Tarts was stale and nasty. I used by the expiration date…so this shouldn’t have been an issue. I won’t buy this product again.
BreanaKingman, ME


I thought this box would be around for a while, but they just kept disappearing. A great morning snack when you’re on the run. Great pop-tart quality.
FlorColburn, ID

nice suprize in the mail

Kids eyes popped when we opened box. There are so many pop tarts! There is just something about getting a big box delivered right to your door!
KarissaRemsenburg, NY

48 turns into 96 during shipping

Variety pack of 48 Pop-Tarts for the price of two 8 packs? Awesome deal… until you find out what you have when they arrive!

I should have read the other reviews before purchasing, as I too experienced the 48 Pop-Tarts turns into 96 Pop-Tarts effect that UPS shipping has on these. The problem is, there’s not even a way that Amazon can fix this. The Pop-Tarts sit loosely in their 12 pack boxes (inside the 48 count box), so even if Amazon were to pad the mess out of the master shipping box, the Pop-Tarts would still bounce around inside the smaller box as UPS drop-kicks your box from the side of a Boeing 747.

If you don’t mind Pop-Tarts that are pretty much all broken in half, go for this deal. I mean, they ARE still edible. I’m going to pass on ordering them again, though.

JorgeFortescue, NJ

Don’t Buy From Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s products are full of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) which are linked to many health problems including infertility, cancer, auto-immune disease etc… Please research GMOs before deciding to purchase any products from Kellogg’s. I would NEVER feed this to my family!
PollyHathaway Pines, CA

Not what I ordered at all!

I ordered this because I love the cinnamon and strawberry flavors… but what I got was a mix of blueberry, cherry, and strawberry instead. Excuse me? That isn’t what I wanted at all! I hate the blueberry, but regardless of that, it isn’t what I ordered! I had these delivered for THIS? Not again, I think!
TrishParagould, AR

Pop Tarts Contain an EPA Registered Pesticide – DON’T EAT THEM!

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts (and most other products from Kellogg’s) contain many GMO ingredients. Their corn based ingredients are genetically modified to create pesticides within the cell of the corn plant, so that it can’t be washed off. In fact, this corn, called BT corn, is an EPA registered pesticide! That’s right, the corn itself is an EPA registered pesticide. The French government is working to BAN BT corn because of health and environmental concerns. Pop tarts also contain many other genetically modified ingredients, including GMO soy and others. Plus, Kellogg’s has spent over $600,000 to prevent the labeling of GMOs in California by funding misleading ads about Prop 37, which is a simple bill that will label GMOs in California.

I would not eat this toxic product!

DallasCedar Falls, NC

Not what I orderd and NO customer service!!!

I orderd a box of brown sugar/cinnamon and strawberry pop tarts. I received a box with strawberry, blueberry, and cherry (over a week later, btw). This did not work for me considering my family doesn’t like blueberry or cherry, otherwise we probably would have just eaten them anyway. When I tried to return to item or even contact the seller, guess what? No can do! You cannot return this item and there is no contact info for seller. I, then, contacted Amazon directly and they refunded my money for me instead. Amazon is great, but this seller and product, I would not recommend to anyone.
LaverneBirmingham, MI

Too many crumbs

All of the packs of pop tarts were a crumbly mess! I’m not planning to reorder these, although a good price. Perhaps it was trouble shipping but the box was fully intact so I’m not sure shipping is to blame.
CarlyGlenwood, IA

Two great flavors – one low price! 🙂

Thank you for bundling two of our most favorite flavors together and selling it at a very affordable price! Unlike another reviewer, I did not have any issues with pop tarts damaged during shipping – everything arrived in perfect shape and in 2 days (with Prime). The expiration date is almost a year away, the pop-tarts are fresh and delicious. Could not be happier with my purchase.
OlgaEagle River, WI


JolieMurdock, KS

Tasty Pop Tarts

The poptarts were very tasty, the kids loved that they had several boxes. However, I think it would have been alittle better if we could chose something other than the brown sugar ones. Like maybe 2 flavored ones. Or a non-iced and iced flavored poptarts.
AshleighLovely, KY

Garbage food, in bulk!

And we wonder why there is an obesity epidemic in this country? Because manufacturers “Super Size” junk and garbage food! One review here says their “Family has been annoying them for a week!”. Really? They obviously have been drinking the Kool Aid and have been lead to believe this garbage if ‘food.’ It’s not, and anyone who feeds their family, especially kids, this crap should be arrested for cruelty and child endangerment. High fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring and flavoring. And you think this is food? No wonder America is the most obese country in the world.
DelbertMuskego, WI

they’re fine

I haven’t had too many problems with the shipping as others have. A little crumbling is expected, but it’s not enough to ruin the experience. They taste fine, and it’s a good deal.
AlexisHobbs, IN

Did not receive what I ordered

I have received Poptarts and they seem to be in good condition. However, I ordered what I thought would be half Brown Sugar and half Strawberry, but instead I got 1/3 Strawberry, 1/3 Cherry, and 1/3 Blueberry. So… I’m pleased with the condition of the Poptarts, I just wish I had gotten the right ones.
ChaseRose Hill, IA

A Really Great Value

I’ve read a lot of reviews that say their poptarts came ‘crumbled’ because the package jostled. But I live in a remote part of Alaska where our mail is literally dropped off of a plane. But these poptarts came in perfect shape. Our store is so expensive and these were just too good of a deal to pass up. Inside the box where four smaller normal-sized poptart boxes, which made for really convenient storing. I love poptarts. My kiddies aren’t a huge fan of the brown sugar ones, but I like them. My family is more of a strawberry, blueberry, raspberry eating kind. I wish I could find a variety pack of those. I would definitaly purchase them- as this box was a really great value in my opinion.

My Personal Tips:
My kids love to take these camping. They’re good cold, but if you set them on top of a campfire and let the sugar carmelize they are sooo good.
We like to dip them in canned milk. Kind of like oreo cookies- except fruity.
To keep them from getting smashed when you travel put them in a tupperware sandwich container. It’s just the right size and keeps them from crumbling apart.

CelineEl Dorado Hills, CA

NOT as advertised

I’m not fond of the fruit flavored Pop Tarts. But, since it showed on the box that roughly half would be Brown Sugar Cinnamon I decided to purchase.

When I opened it, it was Cherry, Blueberry, and 2 of Strawberry. NO B.S.C. as advertised. (no where else in the product description does it indicate “only fruit” or “no Brown Sugar Cinnamon”) Now I’m stuck with almost 100 Pop Tarts I really don’t care for.

NorbertWainwright, OK

Great Poptarts- Give it a try.

Quality/Looks of product: —
Operation of product: 4/5
Overall: 5/5

These are great for breakfast in the morning and it’s a really good deal for the money. They’re tasty as well. The only issue is that some came broken. I’m not sure if that was the result of shipping or if they were already broken.

TrinaMarlette, MI

Cheap and Delicious!

Bought these on sale for $8. Best deal ever. They arrived safely and arrived fast too. Buy them on sale you will not regret it 😀
IrisGenesee, MI

Great price!

This was a great price as opposed to the Wal-Mart price for the same brand. My kids love to eat these as an after school snack and this price allows me to provide them with this.


FeltonPortland, OH

A fairly tasty cheap thrill

In the past, I have absolutely hated pop tarts. I just couldn’t imagine why someone would actually eat them. However, my girlfriend loves them, and things were running a bit tight on the grocery expenses front. I certainly wasn’t in a position to start buying Ben and Jerry’s. These took the place of such expensive gourmet treats. I figured that $8.53 for 48 of these thingys made it a cheap way to stretch our dollars for a week.

I think the Amazon description said assorted flavors. We received strawberry and brown cinnamon. Maybe different shipments have different flavors, but I wasn’t going to argue given heir low cost. We received four boxes. Each box has six foil packets. Each packet has two tarts.

OK, OK, I actually dug into these before my girlfriend. Properly toasted, they’re pretty decent. The pastry shell (I guess I can call it that) was not overally doughy or pasty. The filling tasted the way the box said. A single pack of two is reasonably filling as a dessert.

Kids and pop tart afionados would probably give these five stars. Given the fact hat I really had expected a one-star treat, I think the four I’m giving this is pretty good.

AntoninaRiverton, KS


Great deal on a big box of Pop-tarts! My family has been enjoying them for weeks! We paid on Amazon what we would normally pay with coupons at the store.
CierraTroy Mills, IA

perfect flavors

I recently purchased this item for a quick breakfast food when I am running late. The flavors are our favorite and the price for the box is the best I have found at any of our grocery stores or anywhere else online.
KandiceCharles City, IA