Popchip – Potato Chips All Natural Barbeque – 0.8 oz. [Pack of 1]

We don’t fry it unhealthy. We don’t bake it undelicious. We start with wholesome potatoes, add a little heat and pressure, and pop It’s a chip. Then we season it with the finest all-natural ingredients for a snack so tasty and crispy, you won’t even notice it’s healthier. Food Type: Potato Chip Flavor: Barbeque Capacity Weight: 0.8 oz Packing Type: Bag.

Quick facts

  • Food_Type – Potato Chip
  • Flavor – Barbeque
  • Capacity_Weight – 0.8 oz
  • Packing_Type – Bag

Top reviews

Love Love Love

Popchips are so good. I have been following Weight Watchers and lost 50 pounds and am at my goal. These Popchips are my salty crunchy indulgence. They taste so good,
LaviniaOark, AR