Popcornopolis Best Of Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn, Variety Pack

The Best of popcornopolis variety pack contains six regular-sized cones of our most popular gourmet popcorn creations: 2 Cones of Zebra chocolate popcorn: A taste sensation that is so glorious it’s been featured on the food network. Our golden-brown caramel corn is transformed into a chocoholic’s dream with decadent stripes of rich dark chocolate and velvety white chocolate. 2 cones of caramel corn: Made from farm-fresh butter, sugar and all-natural ingredients, our legendary caramel is slowly simmered to a golden brown, and mixed with just-popped popcorn for a sweet, crispy coating that never sticks to your teeth. 1 cone of kettle corn: Lightly seasoned with just the right balance of salt and sugar, our highly addictive kettle corn is an irresistible mix of sweet and savory crunch, just like grandma made when you were a kid. 1 cone of cheddar cheese popcorn: cheese-heads unite. Seasoned with the real thing full-bodied Midwestern cheddar from the farm—this savory popcorn is a cheese-lover’s dream. Its smooth, extravagantly rich in flavor, and seriously cheesy! All flavors are MSG, gluten, and trans-fat free. Each flavor is packaged in our ingenious popcornopolis cone, made with the same material that keeps the astronauts’ food fresh and nutritious. Even after the cone is opened, just re-seal it with its twist-tie to keep your popcorn light and crunchy for months.

Quick facts

  • Contains two 11oz cones of Zebra, two 10oz cones of Caramel, one 4.5oz cone of Cheddar, one 4.5 cone of Kettle Popcorn
  • The Best of Popcornopolis Variety Pack makes a delicious snack or a memorable gift
  • Certified Gluten Free, GMO Free Corn, Coconut Oil, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, 0g Trans Fat
  • For maximum freshness, reseal unused portion tightly using supplied twist-tie
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Top reviews

Yum, but expensive.

Delicious popcorn assortment.
We bought our first batch from a cup scout and thought it was great. Had to have more. So ordered here and loved it but cheez, costly with shipping.
Sent some to my folks for xmas and they loved it too.
JadaGable, SC

Very Tasty but Holy Calories!

I had really mixed feelings about this product because the popcorn is so caloric, it might as well be a fat pill. So, it sat there for a couple of days. I had to plan my workout (I realize how lame this makes me sound, but it’s true) before I was even willing to go down this path because when you look at the cone, it doesn’t look like it has a whole lot of product and being a popcorn fiend and I fully expected that an entire bag would be devoured in 5 minutes….

Anyways, workout later, I sat down to eat my special treat and it was AMAZINGLY flavorful! Flavor alone, definitely 5 stars. Flavorful so much that you don’t feel the need to gobble the entire thing down in one sitting and I can normally eat one or two bags of popcorn in one sitting.

The packaging is excellent and it will keep the popcorn fresh due to its sealing. – 4 stars only because once you open it, it’s impossible to really seal again.

Calories – Dreadful… I have never seen a popcorn treat be over a thousand calories a bag… but it’s so wickedly yummy.

Would I buy again? Yes

EveliaMorrisdale, PA

mostly good

The zebra, caramel, and kettle were pretty darn good, addicting; the cheddar, however, was so stale and marshmallow soft it had to be tossed in the dumper. I’m guessing by the expiration date on these cones that they’ve been sitting on the shelf quite a while and it’s the sugar coating that’s protecting the other flavors.
AshtonConstantia, NY


Popcornopolis is wonderful! All the flavors are fantastic. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend. I received a great price and fast shipping.
HenriettaRanburne, AL

Great tasting!

I’ve looked at this stuff before but didn’t buy it because it seemed a little pricey. You do get quite a bit, and this stuff tastes great, fresh, and has a great texture. If you’re thinking about trying this for the 1st time, just do it. I tried the plain flavor, cheeze, caramel and Zebra. They were all great with the Zebra being a real treat. The cheese was too cheezy, and I wouldn’t get that one again.
DoriaGreenville, MI

Best popcorn ever!

This is absolutely the best gourmet popcorn you can buy. Always fresh, great quality and taste. With the variety pack you have something for everyone’s taste. Makes a nice gift for anyone on your special list. Popcornopolis is only available locally in our area during the Christmas season, so we were thrilled to find this variety pack on Amazon. Arrives at your doorstep quickly and is well packaged.
EmmanuelRussell, PA


Expensive for popcorn but wow what taste. We received a mixed batch for Christmas and now I am ordering my favorites here on Amazon. NOT good for you at all and very expensive but it is an explosion of taste in your mouth! Gotta love that! Order and ENJOY!
CheyenneWeston, ID


Am easy way to get a delicious treat! I love ordering online so I can avoid going all the way to Universal Citywalk to the store. I’m hoping Amazon gets more variety soon, but the Zebra flavor is the bomb! Stays pretty fresh too.
ClementineWevertown, NY

Delicious Delivery

The popcorn arrived well packaged and in a reasonable time. Unfortunately, with Phoenix weather, the chocolate in the zebra popcorn melted and refused, but that’s not the fault of the seller! The popcorn tasted fine and provided for multiple gift giving.
BlakeHanover, PA

The Best Popcorn Ever!

First saw this popcorn at Costco. I’ve been hooked from the beginning. The Zebra is good. The cheese though, OMG is beyond great. I got a bag of Utz cheese popcorn after this and it just didn’t begin to compare. The Utz (which I like) just tasted bland. I’ve tried the Nacho and the White Cheddar, but group consensus is that the Cheddar is the best.

Thankfully they don’t carry it in the stores where I live or I’d be in trouble. I generally order it for special occasions.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

EmmettRed Feather Lakes, CO


Of all the popcorn I have tried which is many this was by far the best. Realize that there are several flavors of which my favorite is the Cinnamon Bun. It just brings popcorn to a new level.
GarrettCypress, TX


No I have not yet tried the famous “Garrett’s popcorn” but I can’t imagine it being better than this stuff. I originally sampled it at my local Cost-Co and since then have NOT been able to get enough. It’s so good. I recently bought more from Amazon and the shipping (with the Prime membership) was so fast and everything arrived fresh and delicious. I would recommend this popcorn to anyone. The only suggestion I have is maybe a better variety in terms of how the different flavors are packaged together. I wish the cheddar cheese(their best flavor) could come in more packages than just the grouping of the kettle and caramel corn. I’ve actually haven;t had a chance to try any of the other flavors (other than those 3) because I HAVE to have my cheddar and it only seems to come with those flavors and buying it separately is just a little more than I want to spend on popcorn right now. But I WILL be gifting these to friends and family this Christmas. YUM!
LashaundaMarble City, OK


great product, nice selection! only thing I would suggest is a faster shipping since the chocolates on the zebra cones melted..
IselaNew Douglas, IL