Poppie’s Cookies Cranberry White Chocolate, 8-Ounce Canisters

Poppie’s Cookies crispy delicious gourmet bite size cranberry white chocolate cookies.

Quick facts

  • Half pound of crispy delicious gourmet bite size Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies
  • Zero Trans fats
  • Six month shelf life
  • Sealed for freshness
  • Ready to eat

Top reviews

Not terrible, but way too sweet

I don’t want to say these are bad cookies, but I’m not impressed at all. I guess I should have checked the label more carefully to notice that they were more than a quarter sugar. It’s so crunchy that it feels like you’re just eating a sugar cube. It’s good with tea as a substitute for sugar.

I’ll stick to cookies at a local grocery store – cheaper and better.

JeroldFrancisco, IN


These have to be my favorite cookies of all time! I’ve gifted boxes to family and friends and every person that has tried them has wiped out the box within a day. The Milk Chocolate Lace is definitely the best, but you really can’t go amiss with any of Poppie’s other orders as well. Highly recommended.
EsperanzaMerkel, TX

Best Gourmet Cookies Ever

Wow, these cookies are amazing, I ate the whole bag right after I opened them and my friends ate the rest faster than I could blink. They are bite size, crispy, and delicious. YOU MUST TRY THESE!!!
ShavondaGosport, IN

best cookies ever

A friend suggested that I try Poppies Cookies and this is some of the best advice she has ever given me. Poppies Cookies are a staple in my pantry and any event that I host. The cookies never fail to impress, my favorite are the chocolate lace and cranberry white chocolate. Give these a try, other cookies don’t compare.
JosefineKalama, WA

Cookie Monster

These are great cookies – a treat when a treat is what is needed. Can’t eat just one. Unless it is the one bag of them. I don’t like crunchy cookies in general but these are the exception. The are not completely crunchy – they have a bit of a shortbread texture to them to soften that crunch a bit. Lovely chocolate – and that is very important to me. When I make homemade chocolate chip cookies (that my Dad says are the best of everyones) I use only the best chocolate chips (Ghirardelli or Scharffen Berger. These are a great substitute when I don’t feel like baking!!
LouisClearfield, UT

Chocolate Chunk Mania

This is the best Chocolate Chunk cookie ever. Tons of delicious chocolate and bite size crispy cookies. I ate the whole bag when I opened it, yummy!
GiuseppeRaymond, MN

Holy Thunderclusters!!!

This is seriously the best cookie I have every eaten. It is jam packed with all kinds of chocolates and Reese’s Pieces and M&Ms. Addictive!
ShawnnaTerlingua, TX

Mouth-watery cookies!

I bought these cookies as gifts. Once they are open, they don’t last very long at all. They are that good! They make great gifts and would definitely buy them again!
ShondraDamascus, AR


Normally, I like chewy cookies. These are the exception! They melt in your mouth and are wonderful. Love the fact they are a family company. My only criticism is that the container is hard to open…warning for long fingernails!!!! So you have to “work” to get them open — totally worth it!
DannieGarden City, MN

Fabulous cookies..poor packaging

All the reviews sounded so yummy…and they were right. I absolutely love these cookies
BUT….they’ve got to solve their packaging problem. I’ve opened two canisters so far and have a grand total of 2 unbroken cookies in one canister and 3 whole cookies and 2 more half cookies in the other. The rest is tiny, tiny crumbs. It should make good pressed pie crust. It really is so yummy and I do have two more canisters to open, but I’m so disappointed that they are too broken up to serve to guests. ADDENDUM…just opened another canister and these cookies are fine…and very delicious.
AngelenaPlains, GA

great cookies

Tried these on the recommendation from Popppie’s tall, pale, and handsome grandson. They are unbelievable!
MarcellusEagle River, WI


I don’t eat many sweets but I will have a chocolate chip cookie every now and then. Poppie’s cookies are incredible. Impossible to have only one though so watch out.
AlexanderNey, OH