Pork Chomps® 10″-11″ Bacon Knotz, 4ct

Pork Chomps® are tasty, chewy treats with the great taste of real pork skin in a traditional rawhide bone. Softer to chew and easier to digest than traditional rawhide, Pork Chomps® are made with 100% all-natural baked pork skin and come in flavors your dog will love! Preferred by dogs 9-to-1 over rawhide alone, Pork Chomps® are the healthy alternative to beef rawhides. The softer pork texture makes Pork Chomps® easier to chew while the great pork flavor keeps your dog coming for more. The 100% all-natural pork skin is easier to chew & digest than beef rawhides making Pork Chomps® a great choice for dogs with sensitive systems. Pork Chomps® will satisfy your dog’s instinctive need to chew while helping to clean their teeth and reducing those scary instances where your dog might tear off and swallow a large chuck of a stiffer rawhide. The flavor runs through the chew but won’t stain your carpet or furniture like many rawhide chews. Available in baked or roasted pork flavors, or with added bacon, peanut butter or pepperoni flavor as a special treat. Pork Chomps® may be the World’s Most Perfect Chew!

Quick facts

  • The great taste of real pork in a traditional rawhide bone.
  • Much easier to chew & digest than traditional rawhides.
  • Preferred by dogs 9-to-1 over plain rawhide.
  • Won’t stain your furniture or carpets.
  • Helps clean teeth while satisfying your dog’s natural instinct to chew.

Top reviews

Great for beef-sensitive dogs

My rottweiler is allergic to beef, and so I’ve had to stop giving her marrow bones and regular rawhide. I was thrilled to find these pork chews. She loves them, my shoes are safe, and they’re sold on Amazon for a better price than at Petsmart, especially considering the free shipping with the Prime membership.
JeannaPorter, TX

Pork Chomp=Happy Doggy

While these bones are pretty large, my 20 lbs dog is still able to thoroughly enjoy them.
Sometimes I jam other (softer) treats into the folds of the roll as an extra incentive for him to chew.
One bones lasts quite a while.
A little pricey, but worth it (especially since one bone lasts my little dog so long.)
ShakiraSharpsburg, OH