Porta Mangiare Calabrese Meatball Mix, Spicy, 5.4-Ounce Containers

Convenient Mix for making authentic Southern Italian meatballs. Specially selected herbs and spices compliment the freshly crumbed artisan breads for a perfectly light, slightly spicy and flavorful everyday gourmet treat. Add fresh ground beef and 2 eggs, and Romano cheese if you like, to make this convenient and quick ‘comfort food’ from the Old Country.

Quick facts

  • Our own blend of coarse crumbs from 3 artisan breads – Cibatta, French and Levain
  • Convenient and easy
  • Authentic Southern Italian recipe with a heritage dating from the late 1800’s

Top reviews

Best Meatballs!!

Hands Down, best meatballs I have ever had!! They are light and full of flavor, I have yet to find a product or restaurant that comes close in comparison, and so easy to make, my only suggestion is make sure you follow the instructions (it is important to let the mix sit and absorb the milk and eggs for the instructed time before mixing meat and cheese. The size of the meatballs can easily be adjusted as long as you adjust your cooking time with it (small tweaking)

I first discovered this product at a local market where a vendor was giving out samples and I bought a few of them. The 45min drive to this market forced me to see where I could purchase this online. Discovered I could get this cheaper here at Amazon, using their Save and Subscribe program (free shipping)than it was driving and buying it at the local market.

Looking forward to other products by this company!

BerniceBellflower, MO