Post Golden Crisp Cereal, 14.75-Ounce Boxes

Can’t get enough of that Post Golden Crisp taste. For over 50 years, kids and adults have enjoyed Sugar Bear sharing his sweet Golden Crisp cereal.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four Post Golden Crisp 14.75 ounce boxes
  • Wholesome, sweetened puffed wheat cereal
  • Provides 10 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Excellent source of six B vitamins
  • Excellent source of vitamin D

Top reviews

Suger Wonderland

It tastes awesome, but “awesome” packs 50% sugar by weight. one serving of this is like eating a whole glazed doughnut.
RondaHelena, MT

Whatever happened to Sugar Crisp?

Let’s face it changing names may be culturally correct but ruins good product recognition. I did not buy it to eat golden; that is the stuff they sprayed on Sacajawea tender disks.

The name is not the only thing that went downhill; the quality control could be better. A lot of the little crispy thingies or I guess puffed wheat are fractured or misfired which also leave dregs in the bottom of the box.

On the positive side this product makes for a quick and satisfying breakfast if you are in a hurry. Occasionally it makes a good late night snack. During the day without milk a handful of these crisps can give you that edge needed to keep going. It is lighter and simpler than granola.

I always keep a spare package as you cannot really gage when the box may empty. I have to confess that most of the time I use a different brand that does not come in a box and uses honey and sea salt.

PokDwight, NE

High in sugar

Still once in awhile you need to get that sugar craving fix and this will do it. It is sugar smacks anyway you look at it. Not good for daily consumption in my opinion..but hey, once in awhile you need a treat…
ElinOgdensburg, NY

Great mixed with bran flakes

I love this cereal — ate it all the time when I was a kid. But, I’m now supposed to be eating better stuff like bran flakes. Yes, it’s better for me, but it certainly does not taste as good as the sugary-goodness of Golden Crisp.

So, I mix three parts bran flakes with one part Golden Crisp. Still getting the benefits of fiber, but with a much nicer taste!

Usually buy this in the store, but Amazon had one of their huge price cut deals that made it worthwhile getting online. The 4 boxes were shipped wrapped together in plastic wrap, so they came through just fine.

WarnerBirmingham, OH


POST GOLDEN CRISP CEREAL was a family favorite for many years. Suddenly it disappeared from the stores in our hometown. We always called it “Sugar Bear” cereal. It had been enjoyed by several generations of our family. We looked everywhere for it. One day I decided to try looking on Amazon. To my great joy, I FOUND IT!!! I ordered four boxes to share with my children and grandchildren. They were delighted to once again have ” Sugar Bear” for breakfast. It also makes a great dry snack for school trips.
CleliaOlean, MO

Golden Crisp Cereal

Its a little pricey then if you were to buy it in the grocery store. The nice thing I liked was I had it shipped out of state to family who can not find their favorite cereal where they live. They were surprised to open the box and see a long lost familiar face on a box of cereal 🙂
ReneaOdin, MN

yummy yummy

this is an excellent deal for something that taste great. it’s very similar to Honey Smacks by Kellog so if you’re willing to ignore brand, this is a good switch.
JustinePointe Aux Pins, MI

Arrived on time in good clean packaging & product is yummy!

Satisfied with delivery, packaging, price & product! Couldn’t be better! Will continue with future shipments as this is easy for me! Thanks Amazon!
CristineSimpsonville, MD

The whole family appreciates my purchase

I couldn’t find this product in the grocery store, and lo and behold I find it at Amazon. Shared with my other family members and we are all happy about my purchase.
EmelyMableton, GA