Post Shredded Wheat Original Cereal, Spoon Size, 23.6-Ounce Boxes

Post Shredded Wheat Spoon Size Original cereal has a wholesome taste and crunch. It is made from 100% natural whole-grain wheat and provides an excellent source of fiber.

Quick facts

  • Pack of five Post Shredded Wheat Spoon Size Original cereal 23.6 ounce boxes
  • 49g of whole grain per serving *Nutritionists recommend eating 3 or more servings of whole grain foods per day (about 16g whole grain per serving or at least 48g per day)
  • Excellent source of fiber, 6g per serving
  • Low in fat, 0g Trans Fat, and Cholesterol free
  • Sodium free and 0g sugar

Top reviews

if you like a good value….

then this is your deal. I use shredded wheat for many other uses than just cereal with milk. I use it as a cracker substitute with sliced cheeses, crutons for soup, and dog treats! The value on the size of these boxes is great…compare the prices in your grocery.
ShirleyHenderson, CO

Thank goodness for Amazon

I have loved shredded wheat since I was a kid – it’s such a good crunchy backdrop for fresh summer berries or peaches, or bananas or dried fruit in the winter. Yesterday I was at my local grocery looking for just plain shredded wheat – not a SINGLE box was not frosted with some kind of sugary coating. It is no wonder there is an obesity epidemic in this country 🙁 Decided I’d check online to see if I could obtain it that way as opposed to in the market – and was delighted to discover that Amazon not only carried it, but it’s a Prime item! I am widowed so 5 boxes will last me awhile, but especially in summer when wonderful fruit is in season, I will be having this for breakfast most days. Thanks, Amazon!
SharlaBethpage, NY