Pounce Cat Treats Moist Tuna Flavor

With Pounce Moist Tuna Cat Treat you can shake the can and watch your cats come running for these bite-sized, fish shaped treats made with real tuna. Packed in resealable container to keep them fresh.

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Top reviews

The cat’s love ’em

I use these to treat my cats whenever I have to take the dogs outside for a walk. When we get inside, everyone gets a treat and I use these and other flavors by Pounce to give the cats a little something to nibble upon. They have never refused them, they don’t get bored with them and they yowl at me if I’m slow in delivering them.
AudreaMountain Dale, NY

Cats favorite treats

I had been buying these at my grocery store and they stopped selling them. I looked everywhere because my cat loves them and I think they look alot tastier then most of the treats on the market.
JannieTenstrike, MN

Not the best cat treat in my opinion, but they are cat approved

The only good comment I can give on these treats is that my cat liked them when they were fresh, and they are really inexpensive! I can usually find these treats for under two dollars at the grocery or pet store, and even on occasion at the dollar store. As this treat proves, often with a low price, comes a cheap product. It would be nice if these pounce treats had healthier ingredients, maybe some vitamins or a dental cleanser, but no, its just junk food and a long list of filler ingredients. They smell really gross to me but my cat seemed to enjoy them. My biggest reason for not liking this treat, aside from the terrible ingredients and smell, is the fact that it is soft and chewy and not crunchy texture. Soft treats reek havoc on pet teeth as the sticky particles just sit on their teeth and gums and just rot there. Crunchy treats at least crunch off and don’t stick to their teeth- hopefully crunching off some tarter with it. For a really good dental product, I recommend Crunch N’ Clean brand with DentaShield. Greenies brand doesn’t have as many beneficial dental ingredients, but they are pretty good as well as they contain vitamins and a little bit of breath freshening ingredients in them, so they are much better than these. Any crunchy treat would be better than these. Even other Pounce varieties are MUCH better than these, such as the Tarter & Plaque control varieties. The Pounce Tarter & Plaque control are a bit more pricey, but still relatively inexpensive and they contain vitamins and are crunchy. Another strange thing about these treats is that the recommended daily allotment is 6-8 treats per day, which is just crazy to me. I only give my cats no more than 1-2 a day of these while I had them. I eventually threw them out as they got hard as rocks and my cats didn’t like them anymore anyhow.

Pros: cat approved taste while fresh; and very fair price
Cons: bad smell, lack of nutrition, terrible texture for teeth

ChristyCamp Sherman, OR