PowerBar Energy Gel Blast, Raspberry 12-85.5 g

PowerBar Energy Gel Blast, Raspberry 12-85.5 g (3 oz) Pouches 684 g (1.5 lb)

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Be aware that the shipping charge is per box and not per shipment. I purchased three boxes with standard shipping(sold by Target) and paid $27 shipping for standard shipping. The one star rating is for the transaction and not for the product.
MargueritaGray, PA

Love the Item DO NOT recommend this vendor!!!

I ordered this product in mid-August. It is now Sept 15 and I still have NOT recieved my shipment. Every few days I receive a notice stating the delivery date has been pushed by another week. I CANNOT cancel my order as it is always in the “shipping soon” mode. I love this product, but I highly recommend going through a different vendor.
ChantellReliance, WY

PowerBar Energy Blasts Gel-Filled Chews

I’ve used these in the past, and now have a subscription to receive them on a regular basis.
I like the taste and they work as advertised. I use these in conjunction with the associated gel packs while running.
30-45 minutes before I leave to go on a run, I consume a pack of the blasts, and while running I use the gel packs.
I used this stategy to successfully complete my first Chicago marathon last year(1st marathon ever, and i’m 52), and am doing the same this year.
LorineVan Buren, IN

Powerbar Energy Blasts Lemon

Ok, so I’ve had some of the other flavors from these PowerBars before. And I liked them. But then I tried this lemon flavor and blech. It just did not work for me.

The flavor actually was somewhat reminiscent of a lemon cleaner. It just didn’t taste like natural lemons at all and the gooey center was even worse. It was sickly sweet to go along with the fake lemon flavor and I just couldn’t enjoy them. I managed to eat them all in one quick succession, but I didn’t enjoy it. I guess one good point was that it was kind of lemon zesty, so if you like that type of lemon flavor this may work for you. But I like my lemons to be somewhat sour, with just a hint of sweet, kind of like a good lemonade.

The ingredients in these chews aren’t too bad. They’re designed to give energy, so there’s quite a bit of sugar and glucose in them. The flavoring and colorings are natural and even though I kept commenting on a fake lemon flavor, it is actually real. So who knows what happened there. There are 190 calories in this packet of gummies. Which is a lot. And the sugar content is 35 grams, which is also quite a bit. This is designed to go with a fitness regimen, and not for just snacking on like you would a fruit roll-up. Granted I haven’t been using it for it’s intended purpose, but I thought it might give me a little extra energy. Which at this time I’m on the fence about, because I’m still awake, but I certainly don’t feel like skipping around. So maybe it’s just enough energy to keep me going through the day.

Not my favorite flavor. I’d go back to another flavor of these, but certainly not this one.

Review by M. Reynard 2012

TonjaHustisford, WI

Good idea, but fall short

I do like the energy blasts. The coca-cola flavor is by far my favorite. But here is the catch! I was racing the Xterra Mountain Championship course last year and i tried popping one in my mouth and i nearly choked. These are great for right before you start a race when you aren’t winded. Once you start, they are almost impossible to chew and breathe at the same time. Great energy, but difficult to chew! Also, then the weather turns cold, they go rock hard.
GarlandCalhoun, IL

Quick and Tasty Energy

The PowerBar Energy Blasts chews really help out when riding a bicycle. It is very easy to burn calories fast during rides and the Energy Blasts chews help to fuel your body to get you through. I will eat 2 to 3 at a time about every 15 minutes. This helps keep my energy up, so that I can keep my pace at an intense level. They are easy to eat during the ride and are quite tasty. Just remember to chew them thoroughly, as it could be easy to accidentally choke on them.
HerbBliss, NY

Tasty Bursts

I really like these chews a lot – particularly the raspberry flavor. Good amount of chewiness, and the flavor center is not like a gusher or anything gross. Not sticky at all, which is a big complaint against Gu Chomps and Honey Stingers chews. My only complaint is that they do get super, super chewy when they get cold and they are kind of high in calories. Having 1.5 servings in a bag is not the easiest portion amount either, particularly if you only want to down half a serving. But this is a very technical complaint, and the flavor and product itself is good.
AngeleHillsboro, MS

Not that great but they get the job done

I tried these as an alternative to GU chomps for my long bike rides but the consistency is very different. These are more like gummy bears with a jelly center. They don’t taste as good but I do feel an energy boost about 15 minutes after taking a handful of these. The effects are about the same as the GU chomps but the GU taste better.
MaybelleDel Norte, CO

Receive as one melted blob!! Non-returnable!!

I have purchased these Energy Blasts before in my local bike shops, I like the product, but when I decided to order an entire box of them to try to save a little money, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED when I opened my first pack on a bike ride to find that they were all MELTED TOGETHER!!!! When I returned home I felt of the other packages and they all seem to be the same way!! I have ordered other products like the GU CHOMPS and they weren’t melted together, so I was very disappointed on my ride to have to eat all my energy blast in one massive blob!! I will not order these on line anymore.
MikelSeville, FL


We ride bikes and play golf and these are great for an energy boost.
It was an easy order and delivery.
ArnoldTremont, IL


A great energy/power bar! It also tastes great and I feel boosted right away. I don’t usually buy energy bars, but this is my second time buying this. Thanks!
LowellFederal Dam, MN

Great flavor – awesome for running

First tried PowerBar’s Strawberry Banana Gel-Filled Chews at the end of a major US race. These sugar blasts are incredible for distance training.

PowerBar has created this product with a diverse group of carbohydrates and they also include caffeine for an added boost.

These and Jelly Belly Sport Beans Assorted Flavors – 24 Packs are my goto race fuel. Highly recommend them both.

One warning: These do taste good. Be careful. They’re not meant for general consumption, as they have tons of calories. Save them for distance training.

CharlieIsle Of Palms, SC

Great product by powerbar

Been loving for energy bars/gels/snacks for road cycling for years. These taste great, easy to eat, not sticky at all.
ClemmieHereford, PA

Needs reengineering

I’ve been using gel a few years for running since they really are an important adjunct to the sport, but boy do they get old after awhile. One of my coaches aptly described them as both “essential” and “gross”. Kilowatt for kilowatt, these blasts are more expensive and bulkier and do take more time (if that’s a concern) to consume, but they don’t leave you second-guessing your lifestyle either as they are “yummier” and more palatable. A big downside is that they require way too much chewing, enough that it really interferes with my breathing trying to eat these while running.
FelisaParnell, MO

Good Tasting but hard to chew!

I recently took a pack of these chews and it worked pretty well. I went out on a 16 mile run and pulled out the chews early on in the run. I love the taste of the raspberry but the chewing is impossible! I tried to chew it enough to get the gel to come out but it was impossible. So I just ended up swallowing it whole after failed attempts at chewing. Other than the chewing, the taste is great! Training for the Marine Corps Marathon 2012!
VitaHardyville, KY

Remember power bars?

Remember Powerbars and how they only tasted amazing after your 5 mile run? Well, this product tastes great right out of the bag. I want to eat them like candy. Not too sugary or too dense or too gooey. They really are the perfect pre-exercise snack.
EllsworthTulare, CA

Energy Blasts

This is one of the easiest ways to carry fuel. They are easy to chew and they do not upset my stomach. You may want to experiment before a going on long ride or run. Over the past few months, I’ve started using the Energy Blasts over the gels. These just seem to pack a little more UMPH.
MarieRepublic, OH

power gels

I use them before and right after workout when I am drinking tons of water. They have a good, non-chemical taste.
DrewMurray, IA

Deligious little packets of flavor + nutrition

This is by far my favorite ‘workout food’ product out there. I take these gel blasts with me on my 3-4 hour bike rides and they taste SO delicious! I love them so much that sometimes I can’t help but pop a couple of them in my mouth after dinner for a light dessert. If you like gummy worms, bears or anything of the kind, you’ll love these.
KyongFelton, CA

Power Bar Strawberry Banana Energy Blasts

Ok, so I haven’t really been using these for their intended purpose, which is to have them during a workout or before a workout. But they’re working for me as a soda replacement in the morning. I need the energy quite frankly and weaning myself off the soda is hard to do. But these help a little.

I absolutely love the flavor of these strawberry banana chews. They really do taste like strawberries and bananas. You bite in through the sweeter outer layer and get to the gooey gel filled center which is where the strawberry flavor seems to come from. And they’re addicting. I can easily put away a whole pack in just a few minutes. My favorite part is the gooey gel center. I always love getting to that part.

The ingredients are actually really good for something that is essentially candy. Flavoring is natural, sugar is real sugar. There’s real fruit juices in there and the color is made from carrot and elderberry and a few other natural products. One pouch is 190 calories, which makes sense since it’s geared towards the workout and running crowd. Actually PowerBar is the official sponsor of IronMan, although not the Ironman superhero, but rather the intense grueling athletic event.

For the energy part, it doesn’t give me tons of energy. But it’s enough to keep me out of my lack of soda slump. And I’m sure for runners and other athletic events it provides a good amount of calories and sugar boosts that are needed during an intense workout. But let’s be honest, they taste good enough to eat as candy and if you need the extra calories, these will do the trick.

I’ll definitely buy these again, and hey, if I keep training for Warrior Dash, I’ll probably use them for their intended purpose eventually. A great product that gives a little bit of extra energy.

Review by M. Reynard 2012

JoettaGraton, CA

My son loves these

After having my son undergo a physiological performance evaluation, the doctor said that my son needed to have 50g of carbs before and in the middle of his work outs, especially when he swims. These energy blasts provide the necessary amount of carbs for my son when he complements them with another fruit or a gatorade. My son loves the flavor and we have them delivered once a month.
LaviniaCisco, KY

Perfect little pre-workout snack

I gobble up a bag of these 15 minutes before an intense workout, and they’re enough to help me through. They’re delicious and not too filling. I’ve also tried the 5-hour energy drink and that Gatorade stage-1-syrup-in-a-plastic-sleeve thing for a pre-workout boost. These little PowerBar gummy bits do the trick for me.
NathanielNeola, UT

Wonderful! Perfect!

I love these! They are perfect for long runs, and they taste sooooo good! I don’t know how to run a long run without them!
ToshikoWillsboro, NY

They work

Energy blasts are easier to deal with than gel pouches, work just as well as gels & taste (somewhat) like food. I use them on the bike, my son uses them on the tennis court and both of us find them palatable & useful.
VirgilMoon, VA

Great tool for runners

I really like these gels. They taste great, are easy to carry, and provide a good kick for long runs. Use as directed.
CarminaNew Plymouth, OH

Energy Source

I have a very hectic and busy job, these little gel bites get me through a day. Sometimes I go through a bag a day, sometimes less. They do help, and also taste good. I recommend them over 5 hour energy or other canned energy drinks.
CleoraWolcottville, IN

Delicious but are they just candy?

These little gels are indeed very tasty, but I’m not sure I’m convinced of their effectiveness as an energy source anymore than say some Good ‘n Plenties or the fruity kind of those are. The ingredients/nutritional gains are about the same. If you are looking for some good energy, I’d go for the gels or bars. However, these are really good so maybe there is some psychological pick-me-up in them at a minimum, and really, isn’t that the main thing we need anyways?
LuluNorth Pownal, VT

Sucking energy

I chose this product over the liquid goo as it easier to use whilst running. I do not know how to evaluate the benefits, but if I trust the ingredients do work, then I can say I am satisfied with the product and its delivery.
SalvatorePowhattan, KS

Best price shipped quick

This is the best price I could find for this product. It ships relatively quickly. Those of you training for an endurance event this summer these gels work great.
DesiraeMorristown, NJ

So far so good.

Tasty little bursts of energy. So much better than goo and other not so tasty products. Also, it’s easy to eat one piece at a time throughout my run. Each package comes with a little adhesive strip so that you can reseal them.

Can’t be 100% on how effective they are yet, but so far so good. I think when it comes to this sort of thing, you really should go to a store like REI and purchase a variety of brands and types to find what works for you. If several work for you including this one, I’d go with this one.

DimpleHemingway, SC