Praeventia Dark Chocolate Chip 70% Cocoa Cookies- 7 Pouches Per Box

Dark chocolate chip cookies made of choice ingredients with recognized properties: red wine extracts, known for their polyphenols content, dietary fiber, whole grains, and more. Due to their prebiotic dietary fiber content derived from inulin, these cookies can have a positive impact on your digestive health. Like most Leclerc products, Praeventia cookies are trans fat free and are low in saturated fat. A delicious and healthy snack. 7 pouches per box. 1 pouch daily for 1 week!

Quick facts

  • Good Source of Fiber
  • Whole Grains
  • Delicious Healthy Daily Snack
  • Promotes Digestive Health
  • Trans Fat Free

Top reviews

Praeventia cookies

These cookies are really delicious (crunchy, not excessively sweet) — and the bonus is they are also extremely good for you! They are now the only cookies we eat in our household. We love the chocolate ones best, but the orange ones are also very good.
HyunBernard, IA

Delicious and Fits into My Newly Rediscovered Healthy Lifestyle

I picked these up because I was tired of having my insatiable sweet tooth destroy a full day of healthy eating. So far so good! They are quite crunchy but very chocolately and, although I prefer milk chocolate over dark, these really hit the spot.
I’m not sure about the prebiotic/probiotic thing yet, but as these claim to be prebiotic and the Leclerc website recommends eating them with probiotics (prebiotics are food for probiotics), I paired them with my DanActive. I’m not sure how much benefit I’ll see over time but the combination tasted great! I hope the probiotic thing does work because supposedly they are helpful to people with gastrointestinal issues (that roughage that is so important to a healthy diet wreaks havoc on my stomach). I haven’t had any bad reactions to the combo, and it actually seemed to calm my stomach on one occasion. So, all things considered, I’m very happy with my new dessert.
They sell these at my Costco here in Houston, but I haven’t seen them elsewhere.
DaphineMangilao, GU

Very tasty

I’m skeptical about the health claims of these cookies. That said, I eat them because they are crunchy and rich and delicious without being too high in calories. The chocolate ones are my favorite. These are really good.
MagnoliaWayzata, MN

Heart Your Heart

A friend turned me onto these cookies, which I cannot purchase locally. The first couple took a little getting used to, but now I love these cookies, which are made with dark chocolate and supposedly good for your heart. They come in convenient snack packs, which is the right size for portion control and still give me my chocolate fix. These are a crisp, crunchy, dark chocolate cookie – good for the heart, control my chocolate cravings and weight management. What’s not to love!
AlbertinaTowson, MD


These are absolutely one of my favorite snacks. I like the fact that they come in small bags otherwise I would eat WAY too many. One reviewer indicated that the first few took some getting used to. ?! I am unsure what that means because any time I have offered one to somebody they instantly ask for another. I was hooked after the first little bag. I went back to Costco and bought more right away. They are THAT good. Costco has now stopped selling them (much to my complete dismay) so I guess Amazon will be my “hook-up” for these. I will continuing buying them. Great to pack in a lunch sack.
LizabethMiddlesex, NJ

Yum. Cookies.

I love these crunchy cookies. They are my chocolate snack fix with portion control. I look for snacks with a health benefit as well as something that will satisfy my need for chocolate. These cookies are it.
LareeHampden, ND

Very tasty

I found these at BJ’s Wholesale Club and really liked the taste. They are very crunchy and chocolaty and the portion size is good.
MaymePoyntelle, PA

I can’t believe how delicious these are

I’ve tried a lot of health foods and healthy snacks. These are – hands down – the most delicious I’ve tasted. I’m so glad for the portion-control bags too. These are a wonderful product!
DorethaBeavercreek, OR

Who cares if they’re healthy?

Unfortunately, we can no longer buy these in our local Target store, so we have to get them here. These cookies are a delicious, low(ish)-cal treat to calm my sweet tooth. They’re chocolatey and crunchy, and much better than any of the other low-cal cookies I’ve had. Highly recommended.
KatherinSummerton, SC

yumy and healthy

I had never purchased anything thru amazon, till I went on a search to find these cookies. The order process was easy. I was pleasantly surprised how quick it came. The cookies are fresh and just like I use to get from costco…why did costco stop selling something that sold so well.I ordered the bigger box the second time because its the same shipping cost either way, next I am going to try some of the other items,I am in agreement with the other posts about this product being tasty and healthy.
NevadaGordonville, TX

Pretty tasty – was glad to find them again

These cookies are a tasty snack with some redeeming health value I originally found at Costco last year. Costco dropped them so I was really glad to find them again here.
EdwardEdwards, CO

Fiber Cookies

These cookies are an exception value in terms of adding fiber with a low calorie/fat snack to your daily diet.
DewittSoldotna, AK

Superb taste without a lot of fat and sugar

These cookies offer superb taste – very chocolate-y. But the surprise is that the ingredients aren’t high fat and high sugar content. Number one ingredient is rolled oats. Few of the supposedly ‘healthy’ snacks taste anywhere near this good. I give these to my granddaughter – she doesn’t know they contain healthy ingredients. I used to buy these at my local Target store for $2.99 I am extremely disappointed to find that I would now have to buy them on amazon and pay $7.55 postage on 3 boxes.
TammieBarrett, MN

Great way to satisfy that Chocolate craving

I sampled these at Costco and thought that they were awesome! so much so that I bought a box of them. I went looking for a package of them, at my house, only to find that they had all been eaten! My daughter the ultimate chocoholic confessed that she had eaten them all. I couldn’t find them at Costo again, but Target does carry them. Each package contains 8 small heart shaped cookies the calorie count is 150, with 4G of fiber. I have had friends try them and they agree that they are a good chocolate fix.
BirdieInavale, NE

Healthy and Delicious!

I stumbled upon these cookies while shopping at Target and instantly fell in love with their amazing chocolate taste, not to mention their healthy ingredients. I was so disappointed to find that Amazon does not carry these and they have to be bought through another seller. If they were on Subscribe and Save I can promise you I’d be the first to set up a monthly order!! Come on Amazon-give these delicious cookies a chance!!
EmelinaPage, AZ

Taste Rather Good. Even My Little Boy Likes Them.

I enjoy a few snacks and deserts, but I try to keep such things healthy. That is, it has to taste good and be satisfying in that sense, but it also has to add essential ingredients to my total diet and not just empty calories. Of course, the problem with most snacks, candy and chips etc., is that they only add empty calories. They might taste good but they’re high on fat, sugar and salt and low on everything else, including fiber. The problem with healthy snacks is that they tend not to be any good. It’s tough. Well I found yet another item, and that is Leclerc Praeventia Dark Chocolate Cookies. They’re little somewhat dry, flat, heart-shaped cookies with a rich chocolate taste. They say the chocolate is 70% cocoa. Plus, they’re whole grain and contain a goodly source of fiber and no negative ingredients, such as trans-fats. Plus there’s a long list of other impressive ingredients. Well, they also taste pretty good. I even give a few to my little boy (3 1/2) and if he eats them that’s a good test. He does. If I had any complaint, it’s that they’re rather dry. Just counter that with having something to drink nearby.

Gary Peterson

AllenPartlow, VA

good cookies!

These are delicious, crunchy, dark chocolate cookies made with oats and they come in a portion control bag. They are a wonderful healthy treat – definitely worth every calorie. I am sad that Costcos quit stocking them, so I’m hoping for Amazon to come through for me!
HarrisonHamburg, IA


These are very good cookies and healthy for you as well. I used to buy them at Costco and they no longer sell them.
CarinaFreedom, WI

Yummy cookies keep my sweet tooth in check!

These cookies are so good that I’m super sad when the single serving package is empty. I allow myself only one pack a day though. I’d been buying them on Amazon when Target no longer carried them. Now I just recently noticed that our local Walmart has them–yea! The chocolate and the ginger ones too. These come highly recommended by moi!
InesFreeport, ME