Premier Busy Buddy Gnawhide Refill Ring Dog Treats for Bristle and Bouncy Bones

Gnawhide rings designed to fit medium Bouncy Bone and medium Bristle Bone

Quick facts

  • Designed to fit Bouncy Bones
  • They’re naturally irresistible!
  • Treats last 10 times longer with Bouncy Bone.

Top reviews

Great concept but doesn’t last too long

I like the concept of this toy w/these rawhide strips but they are very expensive and after much wear on the toy the rings do not stay on well so they do not last very long. Yes, my dogs are big agressive chewers but I was thinking the toy would last a little longer. The strips are kind of thin so they are finished with it in about 10 minutes.
KatriceCullen, VA

Babies love this!

I have two Chi’s and they LOVE the rough rawhide ones but they ignore the smooth ones.

I bought the two of the toys that these rings go with and they could care less about those. I just give them the ring and they toss it, chase it and chew it. I only wish they sold a pack of only the rough rawhide.

ShanikaEast China, MI

Picture that Amazon had online was not the product I got.

Amazon had an older picture of this product online. There were more in each package that was pictured and different types. What I ordered and what I got were different. What I got was overpriced for what it was.
TonieColony, KS

Best toy ever

We got our little Abby a month ago, she is a Jack Russell. We went crazy buying toys and such. I saw this toy on Amazon and got one for her, not thinking much about it, but it is her very favorite toy! We got two more for our other dogs, but they really don’t get to play with them, Abby swoops in and takes them before they hit the ground. I just ordered 5 more refills so I could get one free. You really can’t go wrong with this toy.
CarlotaLolo, MT

A Pricey, But Favorite Treat

My dog gets pesky and there’s nobody else to entertain him. When I went into the local pet store and asked for a busy box for my 100# lab mix, they sold me the Bouncy Bone. It took my dog less than 10 minutes to figure out that he could just grab the ring with his canines, while pinning the ball to the ground with his paws on the nylon bone on either side, and just using brute force to pull the ring until it snaps off. Gone in less than a minute. He’s not interested in chewing on the nylon ends, and he could care less about that large heavy ball. Can’t say I blame him.

I started cutting thick chews in half and drilling a hole through the center, larger than the core of the toy. Sandwiching the gnawhide ring between the pieces slowed him down considerably, since he had to chew through a substantial amount of rawhide to get to the gnawhide.

My next investment was the Bristle Bone (uses the same rings). If you haven’t completed your toy purchase, get this one. It cleans their teeth, massages their gums, and conceals everything but the edge of the ring. Within 5 minutes he had cracked the middle piece that houses the bristles with his powerful jaws. The toy is still usable, although it does lose bristles. However, it only slowed him down by a few minutes.

Now I cut 3/8″ off the outside of the rings, and cut that into smaller pieces to hide between the bristles on the other side, and use as special mini-treats. (I’m too cheap to use more than one ring at a time.) By doing this I am assured of at least 30 minutes to two hours. He’s also pretty worn out from all the licking and biting.

JohnnaPalo Alto, CA

Pet treats, baby food, supplements from China not SAFE!

China recently refused to let the FDA inspect pet treat manufacturing facilities. […]

There is no inspection, legal system, or quality control to make sure you do not give your pet toxic rawhide if the rawhide is made in China. There are other treats on Amazon that are American or European made–buy those.

I threw out the rawhide rounds and cut pieces of US-made, no toxic chemicals rawhide into rounds to slide on this. I put edible toothpaste (liver flavor–yum! yum!)on the bristles. It is keeping my dogs’ teeth much, much cleaner. Great product, but dangerous to give your dog rawhide from China. Over 6000 pets have died just from jerky treats alone.

ShanikaLeroy, AL


My puppy loves these. Too bad she devours them so fast but she enjoys doing it. Wish the holes were standardized. Some don’t fit the toy.
TerranceArmstrong Creek, WI

Made in China

I have been having good luck with these with my two lab mutts. I load a couple into a Busy Buddy for each of them and they love them. I think it helps to keep them busy and out of trouble while I’m away.

My only gripe is that they’re made in China, and I really have a hard time feeding my dogs something made in China (remember the pet food recall, lead paint in toys, milk debacle, etc..). Hopefully I can figure out a recipe to copy these things because they do work well.

MargaritoCoxs Creek, KY

Treats for Chewers!

Jack is a 3.5 year old papillon. He enjoys chewing. I found this product years ago and he still enjoys it today. It’s pet friendly and entertains him for the time he takes to chew. Recommended for any canine that enjoys exercising his jaws!
ElanorHorseheads, NY

Kiesha loves these!!

My dog loves this toy. She can go thru a few of these in a day if we let her. The only problem is that she figured out how to chew them off the toy in about 1 minute. So we tend to go thru a lot of them.
ClydeWood Dale, IL

My dog love this !!!

This is great to keep your puppy or older dog busy. We have 3 dogs ranging from 18 month, 8years and 12years. Our mistake was only buying 1 bone which we will soon rectify. They all love this. It will keep the puppy busy for at least 30-45 minutes. I would definitely recommend this product.
JerriSandisfield, MA

forget the smallest size!

I previously bought the medium size of this product. I don’t put it in it’s bristle boy, my chihuahua loves the rings just a they are. For such a tiny dog, she’s a powerful chewer. The picture of the smaller gnawhide rings looked like they were the same diameter just thicker. NOT–they are teeny-tiny. She’ll be eating them, but I’m pretty disappointed in their size. Personally, I’d love the medium rings to be thicker so they’ll last longer than 10 minutes!
TylerHinton, OK

These things rock

This was a big shocker. I got one a piece for my two dogs. They went absolutely nuts over these things, as if they were getting a hot dog. I used to buy them all the time until we left the toys behind on a vacation. The dogs loved the jerky rings but not so much the cornstarch rings. I would put the cornstarch rings on the outside and the jerky rings on the inside. Somehow they would eat the jerky completely without touching the cornstarch.

Its a good toy and treat to keep them busy and out of trouble. The treats a fairly cheap as well as the toy. These might be a bit big for small dogs but I strongly recommend them. Great treat/toy.

DaleBroadway, NC

Best Product for your Dogs

Our two 65 pound Dogs just love this treat on their bouncy bones. Wonderful when you have to leave them and they need something to keep them busy. They just love them and we have used them for over two years now. Our daughter is using the product for her new boxer mix.
MyongEl Indio, TX

Makes my dog fart like a skunk

My dog loves to chew on these, but dang, they give her the worst gas I’ve ever smelled in my life, and it goes on for hours. They probably don’t cause the same reaction in all dogs, but I won’t buy them anymore.
ShelbyBeaverton, OR

Fun, engaging toy

This toy keeps my 7 month old husky/german shepherd mix fully engaged for about 20 minutes. We have to prevent her from running, jumping and playing while she recovers from a soft-tissue injury. It’s very hard to keep this highly energetic and curious puppy from running around the living room out of frustration and boredom while she heals. The Busy Buddy Bouncy Ball really holds her attention and seems to burn up some of her excess mental and physical energy. She seems calmer afterwards. I can shower, get the laundry and do other chores out of her sight as long as she has her Buddy to play with. The rings are a little pricey, so I don’t know if we’ll continue to use it after she has healed. But for the next 3 weeks, we are devoted to this toy. I’m going to order a bunch of refill packs right now, so we don’t run out! (Caution: 4 rings in 1 night seem to cause loose stools.)
AlbertaSangerfield, NY

My dog LOVES this!!!

My Scottie loves this toy!!!! It keeps him busy for about a half hour and by then he has both of the rawhide thingies off of it…he goes nuts when you give this to him…it’s like doggie catnip!!!
TomiBig Bay, MI

Doggie Chew Rings

My dog Brooklyn loves this doggie chew. He’s now master it, and it would take him about 10 minutes to take it apart.

As a CAUTION, these rings must be used with the Busy Buddy Toy. Dogs can swallow this ring as a whole and it can lodge into the esophagus or intestine.

DierdrePompeys Pillar, MT

Best Dog Toy EVER

This is my dog’s favorite toy. The rings are edible and not the least bit “bad” for him. The Busy Buddy was actually recommended to us by his trainer since he’s a “strong chewer”, and she was right! It’s durable and keeps him occupied for at least 30-45 minutes when he has his fresh rings. We’ll be continuing to buy these as long as he can chew. 🙂
TildaHubertus, WI

My dogs love these things!!!

Our vet friend gave Busy Buddies to my dogs for Christmas. What a life saver. These things keep them busy for hours. They love chewing on them and they drag them out in the yard to chew on them some more.
When I need to be busy and can’t keep my eye on the dogs, I give them their Busy Buddies and it keeps them out of trouble while I do what I have to do.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful product.
IrisHope, ND

high interest

This product makes a chew treat last longer when it is used withPremier Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone, Medium. The combination keeps my dogs active for an extended length of time without the need to treat often.
RyanCalexico, CA

Premier Busy Buddy

My pet is extremely satisfied with this product and I have ordered again and will order in the future.
ElaneMission Hill, SD

something to keep your Jack Russell busy for a while

The Gnawhide Rings are an excellent distraction for your Jack Russell; also works as a healthy (relatively) snack.
ShenikaMountlake Terrace, WA

Premier Busy Buddy Gnawhide Rings

Excellent product. My dog loves these rings and devotes his full attention to his Busy Budy Bone when I put the rings on it.
WalterKennedy, MN

My Dog’s Favorite Treat

We picked up the first Busy Buddy Bone at a Greyhound meet’n-greet in Philadelphia, although our boy is a Beardie. It became his favorite immediately. By itself, it’s just a good little chew toy, but the edible “Gnawhide” rings make it “new” each time. Beardies need a lot of grooming; daily in fact. This is his reward for enduring his nightly torture.
MelindaRobertsdale, AL

Yummy for my doggie.

My one year old pup absolutely loves these things with or without the Busy Buddy Bone. Of course, he spends much more time with it when they’re on the Busy Buddy Bone.
LauretteAlexandria, OH

Goes quick

My dog loves these rings, he’ll work and work to chew them off until their gone usually with in ten minutes.
WarrenGunlock, KY

Get some puppy peace

These are great to distract/redirect chewing puppies but they like the “rough” type one way better than the smoothe one
ArvillaDelta, OH

Best Chew Toy I’ve found

I don’t write reviews very often — only if I’m either very thrilled with a product or very disappointed. In this case, I’m thrilled! 🙂 We just got two German Shepherd puppies — and have tried numerous chewtoys, Kongs, etc — but the Busy Buddy is the favorite! I found that the pups like the rough rawhide rings better than the smooth ones… but they just chew the rough ones first & then go for the smooth. This bone keeps them occupied for quite a while — and they’ll keep gnawing at it to get the last little bit of the ring off. I found it lasts longer if you screw the toy together tightly — that makes it more challenging for them to get the rawhide off. Great toy!
MayeCardwell, MO

Fun for Dogs!

When used with the Premier Busy Buddy Bone, these rings are great for keeping the dog busy! The bone can also be used alone, but adding these rawhide rings provides a lot more fun. My dog loves them! And Amazon is a great store to find them for low price and free shipping over $25.
ShaniPendleton, KY