Premium Edge Dry Food for Adult Dog

Especially For Adult Dogs With Sensitive Skin

Quick facts

  • Added taurine for heart health
  • Fortified with Vitamins & Minerals
  • We are committed to producing a superior quality, pure, wholesome pet food using only the finest, freshest ingredients available.

Top reviews

Not so great..Expiration date soon..

I decided to try this dry food on my two dogs, because of all the great reviews.

However….Neither dog will eat it. One dog took a couple bites, and refuses to eat it..The other dog wont even take a bite.
I tried mixing it with their favorite can food, but this only made matters worse. They would not even touch it.

I was confused about this, since one of my dogs will eat just about anything, while the other will eat dry food mixed with cannned.
The reviews were all good, so…

I checked the package…And, I think I may have found the answer…There is a last sale date of April 11, 2012….That’s only about 6 weeks away.
I would never purchase a food that was going to expire so soon, even on sale in a store.

I now have a huge bag of dog food in the kitchen..I have tried daily to give each dog a little, but no go. They will not eat eat it!
The pieces are all the same size and color…Not appealing, and there is not even a smell that says “eat me, I am food”. Could be cardboard, judging by
the dog’s reaction.

Kind of hard to return, since it is opened and is 18 pounds of dog food.
I have a feeling it is either because the food is so old, or it is tainted. Dogs can sense when there is a problem with food!

Sorry about the bad review…But, This was money that will just end up getting poured into the rubbish.
Maybe I was only the unlucky one…Check the last sale dates on your package if any of your dogs wont eat it!

I will stick to Pedigree and Mighty Dog..less expensive, not as healthy, but both my dogs love it.
I cannot recommend this brand..I have two large dogs, mixed breed and are not usually choosy about what they eat.
Except for the Premium Edge, which they give a paws down to!

ArceliaJay, FL

Maybe just not for my dog?

I bought this food for my dog (who has very sensitive skin), and, maybe either a) it is not for him, or, b), I didn’t introduce it gradually enough, but, he did develop some vomiting and loose stools when eating (fed him only for about 3 days). It sounds like fabulous food, with quality ingredients, but, I am afraid to give him any more, since I don’t know if he can handle/tolerate it. I still have about 32 lbs. of this food left at my house 🙂
DonnettaOakhurst, NJ

Smells better than others?

What can I say….it’s dog food and my dog loves it. I am pretty sure any dog would love this product too…its food!
LareePaincourtville, LA

Excellent dog food!

I have a 10 yr old & a 7 yr old dog. The 10 yr old will eat anything, the 7 yr old is extremely picky & has a delicate stomach. We were using brands of dog food you find in the grocery store until a trainer opened our eyes to the difference in qualities of dog food & the effect it can have on behavior as well as overall health. There are 2 websites we checked before we chose Premium Edge Healthy Weight II, one was the Whole Dog Journal 2010 Approved Food List ([…]),the other was Dog Food Analysis ([…]). On both websites this food is recommended. Both dogs absolutely LOVE this food & I feel so much better knowing that they are getting quality food.
WilfredOchelata, OK

Good quality, affordable food.

It’s really important to me to feed my pets quality food. My first dog had severe allergies to food, and all of the vets we took her to caught that. She had terrible skin rashes, raw hot spots, and constant ear infections–all of which are indications that she had food allergies. I wish I had had the Internet back then so I could have saved her life. She eventually ended up getting stomach cancer and dying at the very young age of five. I truly believe that if we had switched her to a quality food, she could have lived a longer, happier life. It was an important lesson for me to learn, and I will never feed any of my animals sub-par food ever again.

I have had my current dog on Natural Balance Ultra Premium as well as Solid Gold Hund n Flocken. Both of those foods are of good quality, but are also very pricey. If you would like to do your own research on different food options and brands, […]and […]are great sites.

Natural Balance, Solid Gold, and Premium Edge have all received 4-star ratings at dog food analysis. The biggest issue with Premium Edge (and all of Diamond foods–including NB and SG) was the fact that there weren’t any written guarantees that they did not use Ethoxyuin as a preservative. I emailed Diamond foods, and received an email stating that they and their suppliers no longer use Ethoxyquin as a preservative.

I’m really impressed with Premium Edge. It is a good quality food and it comes at a much better price for me (on top of being significantly cheaper, the bags are 35lbs as opposed to NB and SG’s 33lb. bags). The final selling point for me is that my dog really LOVES her food now. With both previous brands, she would eat half of her food and then walk away and eat the rest of it later when she got hungry enough. With Premium Edge Skin and Coat, she scarfs everything down right away. She even BEGS me to feed her in the morning and evening now.

All in all, I’m really happy with my choice to switch to Premium Edge. It’s an affordable, good quality dog food, and my dog LOVES it! I highly recommend giving it a try. 🙂

LoreanSunburg, MN

Best in Quality and Price

I was introduced to this dog food over tens years ago. One of the local pet stores recommended it for our golden retriever because of the skin problems that he was experiencing. His skin and coat were back to normal once he had been on this dog food for two weeks. I’ve been feeding it to all my dogs ever since. I have four dogs now and so the price on Amazon is really appreciated…Along with the quick delivery. As an aside: My dogs love the taste so much that I have used the kibble as their behavioral treat as well (e.g., sit, stay, etc.) Can’t get a better taste review than that!
CristinaKanaranzi, MN

Great dog food

We did a LOT of research before settling on this brand. It is some of the best and highest quality dog food for the price. My wife was concerned that it would not be good for our small dogs (2 pugs), but the pieces are plenty small for them and they both chow down on it.
KhadijahBarnesville, MN

Made my dog’s coat shine

I have been impressed with this dog food, that I started using when I saw it at a local feed store. It was cheaper than the other foods with similar premium ingredients, so that was a plus. My senior dog’s coat had gone from black to a brownish color on Avoderm, indicating that something was off. Since I’ve been feeding Premium Edge, her coat has gone back to a very shiny black. I have to conclude that this food has had something to do with that. I checked it out on a dog food review site, and they give it 4 stars, which is pretty good, on their 6-star system. (Their 6-star foods are very expensive and I can’t afford them. I also don’t think my house pets need them) Their major qualm was that there was no statement about whether the fish in the food contained ethoxyquin, which is apparently a bad thing. I wrote the company and received a response saying their food was ethoxyquin-free, even though there was no statement to that effect on the sack. Good enough for me. Too bad Amazon appears not to plan to carry this brand any longer.
ElsieWheeler, TX

Best dog food I’ve found

I rescued a Pitbull from deplorable conditions when she was 5 months old and she was a mess! She had allergies and mange and her immume system was very compromised. I put her on this food and it cleared her skin up in less than a month! I’ve researched a lot of food online and at the Pet stores and this I believe is the best! It is a tad pricey but if you love your dog like I do then it’s worth it. I hope Amazon will continue to carry this for a very long time.
LiYates City, IL

Premium Edge Dry food for adult dogs, skin & coat Salmon

Decided to purchase the 35 pound bag for my 12 year old dog who have skin allergy base on the positive reviews I’ve read on line. Very happy with shipping & Packaging service from Amazon. But very dissapointed in Premium Edge. Not only did the food not help him, it seemed to made him worst the first couple of days! Also, the product says for adult dogs but on the package it also says from age 1 to 10 years of age???? My dog is 12. I don’t understand all the positive feed back for this product? and I so regret for buying such a large bag or the product for that matter.
BobbieBuena Vista, CO

Great value product that is full of protein

We recently started eating more healthy in our household. We switched to pasture raised chickens and eggs with no antibiotics, no corn feed, no hormones. We also switched to pasture raised beef and hogs. Once again, no hormones, no antibiotics, and no corn feed. What a difference in ease of weight control. Not to mention a lot healthier all the way around. So, it did not take us long to decide to provide a better dog food for our two blue ticked beagles. Since we can not insure that the beef or chickens used in dog food are of the same quality as what we eat, salmon and potatoes are a better choice. Our female has lost 5 pounds from a hefty 40 lbs to 35lbs and has leveled out beautifully. The male has lost 8 pounds and has also leveled out to the vets praise. She was impressed with their progress at 9 years old. My geriatric children love the taste and no longer hesitate around the food bowl. The internet is a wonderful thing and I am so glad we found Premium Edge. It is a high quality dry dog food that is reasonably priced. You can pay more, but you return on investment will be marginal. We have started topping it off with Dogswell canned dog food just to add an extra bit of flavor and our dogs have never been happier.
TalishaWilliamsburg, WV

Dogs Love it!

I own two akitas and have been trying to find a high quality food that they both like and do well on. Both of them can’t wait to eat this food and their stools are perfect. I would highly recommend this for your dog!
JanaDemopolis, AL

Very good food.

I’ve spent years reading labels on dog food bags, trying to establish a balance between good food and a reasonable price. Premium Edge is the answer to this quandary. I confess, I recently strayed to another brand in search of a food that I didn’t have to drive thirty miles out of my way to get. On the surface the other food seemed to fit the bill (no wheat or corn). But after a few weeks on the other food, my old hound began shaking his head a lot and two hot spots appeared. I learned the hard way that this particular dog is allergic to soy products.

So we’ve returned to our tried and true Premium Edge and, after two weeks, not only is hound better, but the other dogs’ are glowing again (and I didn’t even notice the loss of sheen). What a relief to find it on Amazon at a reasonable price and even more reasonable shipping charges.

CarmenGrand Coteau, LA

dog-gone good

okay, it’s true our dog was used to the few stale varieties of dog food available in our remote location, but I still think it’s the quality of this dog food she likes. At any rate, she eats it all immediately. She looks better, her hair is shinier, and she seems to feel better. So if she were voting I think she’d give it a paws-up.
RandyMc Alpin, FL

Pet food discount rates

I have been using this food for my 3 dogs for over a year. It is a product that they dont an allergic reaction to and is high in proteins and fish oils. The price has been increasing recently and through I was able to save some money over what the local stores charged.
JosefinaPettisville, OH

Pet food recall.

Actually until the recall I was very impressed w/this dog food, & I have used it for a long time.
So I ordered this dog food and I also ordered professional cat food, and just my luck as it usually is with these dog food recalls, I happen to have a bad bag. Actually, I’m not sure why but I guess I assumed that Amazon might have dropped me a line to let me know that there was a recall & that i may have received a bag (or two) of the bad pet food.
Now my question is, what do I do with it & how can I get reimbursed for it? Or can I?
GlendaHarford, NY

Great For Dog With Allergies

My German Wirehaired Pointer had bad doggy BO. It would return shortly after she was bathed. My vet thought that it might be due to a food allergy, and suggested we try a food containing ingredients she had not been exposed to previously. This Premium Edge food filled the bill, and it has reduced the doggy BO to normal levels. The Amazon price for the food was friendly, and UPS delivered the heavy sack right to my door. What’s not to like?
RoscoeElliott, SC

Seems to Be Good Food – Dogs Like It. Does have an Odor While Other Premium Foods Do Not.

We have been through 3 brands of dog food over the past 3 years because of price/availability on Amazon. This is the last (Amazon delivered) brand we tried because our regular brand became unavailable.

The Premium Edge Salmon seems to have a quality list of ingredients & seems comparable to the Costco Salmon brand (Costco is slightly cheaper but Costco requires an annual membership fee & Amazon delivers to your doorstep). The food does have an odor that we didn’t find in our other premium foods, and I do not know the source of the odor (we previously have feed our dogs Castor & Pollux Ultramix Large Breed Adult Canine Formula Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound Bag and Dogswell Happy Hips for Dogs, Chicken & Oats Dry Dog Food, 22.5-Pound Bag.

The dogs do not seem to mind the odor & happily chow down on this food (they are slightly picky and, when I was in a food pinch, turned their noses up at Iams). Their stools are firm & their coats are good & healthy.

Because we go through so much dog food (120lbs/month), and because of availability issues that I’ve had with Amazon in the past, we will be switching to the Costco/Kirkland food. However, if this is less of a concern for you & if you want your dog food delivered to your doorstep (a real plus), then this is a premium food that is worth trying. Both this brand & the Costco brand is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, a company that has had a lot of recalls in the past (in fact, both this food & the Costco food were subject to recall in early 2012).

CasimiraGrady, AR

Super Dooooo per

Makes my dog’s poo smell like roses! No just kidding, but in all seriousness, this is some quality good food! Rock on !
ZenaLebanon, CT

Looks like good stuff!

The ingredients+price almost seem too good to be true. That’s my main thing lol…

But basically I tried this food out because I am a vegetarian…because I do not like the way livestock is raised and what not. It may seem stupid but switching to a fish based dog food is much more appealing to me than random parts of abused lamb, chickens, etc…not that my dog cares.

When I opened the bag the biggest thing I noticed was the smell. Not overly appetizing for me but it smelled like…food! Burnt toast mostly…but it didn’t smell like greasy crap like most dog foods do. My dog also noticed this and was reluctant to eat it the first day. She has warmed up to it a bit. She still eats smaller portions but I believe that is because it is probably higher quality and she might feel full sooner.

MalikTurkey, TX


Our source for this dog food went out of business. It was highly recommended by our dog trainer and wasn’t out of line on cost. We couldn’t find it anywhere and I jokingly asked my wife to check at Amazon. To our shock, you had it, at the same price and you had it delivered right to our front door, all at the same price. Unreal.
AkikoKingmont, WV

Quite pleased with my purchase of this food.

High Quality ingredients. Excellent deal I got on the price.My dog seems to LOVE it, which is extremely important to me because I love my dog!!!I probably would have given it 5 stars but it is rather pricey on a normal basis but kind of understandable with the great ingredients just hard for those on a budget to afford sometimes!Overall great deal.
TangelaThoreau, NM

Dogs love the food – Premium Edge Skin & Coat Salmon, Pot & Veg

I have 2 large breeds; a Tibetan Mastiff 2 years old and a Newfie 8 years old. I used to buy the old Sam’s brand Lamb and Rice formula – which is a good food, but I always had to add something to it, like milk, broth, treats to make it palatable to the pups. This formula doesn’t require anything but the kibble, and so treats remain treats instead of part of the meal.

They both eat it up without any issues; no digestive problems.

I originally found out about it through our dog trainer. She suggested it because my Newfie is a senior and is starting to have allergies – itchy skin. We live in the South and have 2 long haired large dogs who are prone to allergies. This has helped some, but I keep them on it because they do eat it and the ingredients are high quality.

I started giving them Omega 3,6,9s and Biotin again. I used to do this over a year ago and they both had beautiful hair and skin. My TM has some itching, but not bad – gorgeous coat. The Newfie is miserable and I hope putting her back on the Omega’s and Biotin will reverse the issues. Her hair and skin was great when she was on them before, I just wasn’t 100% sure it was the vitamins that helped. I will know soon enough and post my findings. Just put them back on them, so it may take me 2 months to update. I have also tried other holistic approaches to helping her with her skin as well as Benadryl – they help some, but not enough.

Won’t be disappointed and you can’t beat that delivery is free, no tax and it comes straight to your door – I enjoy that I do not have to lug the large bags around Sam’s. 🙂

CythiaFleischmanns, NY

premium edge dog food

I’ve got 2 dogs and they love this food. I also like when I order this dog food they ship it free to my house.
CourtneyDecatur, OH

My dogs eat it. Ingredients are better than anything at the grocery store.

I didn’t plan on writing a review for this product. I mean, it’s dog food. I don’t eat it! But I read a review or two that complained about dogs getting gas after eating this. I have three dogs: 11.0 pounds, 33 pounds and 96 pounds. I tried to mix like is always suggested, but my dogs just made a mess and picked out the new stuff like they always do. I held out and hoped they’d finish of the old brand, but they didn’t, which is par for course with my dogs. (I’m weak.) So I just threw out what little was left of the old stuff and didn’t bother mixing anymore. My two smaller dogs had no issues. My larger dog got some horrible gas, like she always does when we go through with food changes, and she seemed a bit bloated and crampy. That lasted about a day or two and she’s been fine ever since. Well, old Sadie still has gas from time to time, but that’s not uncommon for her size. At any rate, she’s always gotten a case of the gas from time to time, just like her daddy (me). My bottom line: My dogs like it, my wife is satisfied with the ingredients, and the price isn’t insane. I intend to buy it for awhile and see…
SummerStewartstown, PA

My dogs are doing great on this dog food!

Amazon has an excellent price on all the Premium Edge dog foods. I chose this brand after reviewing it on the dog food anaylsis websites. It has excellent quality ingredients, and best thing is my dogs LOVE it!!
KendalCisco, KY

Ms. B

My Hairy Kids, dogs :), love it. I have rescued dogs and cats all my life. Compared alot of brands and I’m happy with this one.
AnnetteWishek, ND

High quality dog food that treats dry skin.

This dog food is the only thing that helped our dog with his dry skin.
We tried topical creams, antihistamines, etc. With this dog food, he stopped itching and we dont have to apply any creams, give medicine or apply liquid omega oils on his food. Will never change up from this brand. Absolutely love it…so does our dog.
BriannaSandersville, MS

Excellent, no junk, dogs love, great price

I researched all the medium priced good quality foods made of lamb and rice and this was the only product that actually had real lamb as the first product followed by lamb meal, then has rice, carrots, peas, eggs, etc. Only nonfood items are the required minerals to balance diet and taurine and glucosmine. More natural than the natural products. Couldn’t ask for more. Plus comes in 35# bags not just small. Definitelt recommend.
AnnettaParrott, GA

Superb, top of the line dry dog food

I got this bag just today. It arrived promptly in a giant box. Opened the box & the bag had no tears, scuffs, or any damage. Perfect condition. I dumped the dry food into my storage box & liked the fact there’s no artificial colors. I also liked the small kibble size. It’s perfect for any size dog to eat. I mix canned food into the dry & it mixes so much easier with the smaller bites. I add canned tuna or salmon cat food to the dry food. The fish oils seem to be good & healthy for them. Also makes their fur soft & shiney. But, do that only on your own accord, I’m NOT a vet! My 3 big Labs went bonkers over this stuff. They scarfed it down like it was a hamburger. I got a kick out of them wagging their tails & chowing down on their food so happily. After dinner they drank their water, & went outside as usual. Came back in & were much obliged happy campers. There was no usual rolling around, itching, & scratching all over the place. They were calm, cool, and extremely satisfied & so am I. So I give this a positive 5 STARS!
I believe my dogs to have food allergies to the cheap dog foods out there, & will try to keep buying this fantastic food for them.
AmmiePort Kent, NY