Premium Gold Whole Flax seed, 26 Ounce Jars

Premium Gold Flax, Inc. is the originator of the True Cold Milled process of natural shelf stable flaxseed, bringing flaxseed to new frontiers, not only as a stand-alone product but as an ingredient. Our products have a naturally extended shelf life of 18

Quick facts

  • Kosher certified
  • Gluten free
  • 100% natural
  • FDA certified, inspected, and certified by the State of North Dakota
  • No preservatives, no additives, not genetically modified

Top reviews

Great Deal

I bought this on sale and it was a fantastic deal. I’ve been trying to work more flax seed into our diet, mostly it’s been the brown flax seed. I liked this because it doesn’t make the food darker looking. Usually the brown seeds are cheaper, but with the sale these seeds were a bargain. I understand there isn’t a difference with the health benefits. We bought a cheap coffee grinder and will grind seeds to then add to oatmeal, bread products, and even cookies. When I make pancakes with Bisquick I toss in a little ground flax. Really, if it has flour in it we add ground flax. I know some people leave the seeds whole, but I read that your body gets more nutrients from the seed when they’re ground, and freshly ground is the best.
ColbyDorris, CA

Great Product! Great Value!

I have used gold flax for years and love the health benefits. Do some study for yourself on the anti-oxidant, anti-cancer benefits. I also love the taste of gold flax which is slightly higher in Omega 3 than brown flax. I eat it in a health shake, granola bars, banana nut muffins, sprinkled on cereal, in brownies and cookies.T his pack of 4-26oz. is =6.5 pounds and a great value.
ClaytonOrange, CT

Fresh and it’s a great price!

This is a great choice of flax. It comes in plastic jars for easy storage. It is also 100% soy free. I found that some flax seed companies manufacture their flax seed in facilities where soy is also packaged.
LynellBridgewater, VT

cannot beat this value

i absolutely love this set i ordered it and have been taking 2 tbsp everyday and im not even halfway through my first jar almost 2 months later!!! great value
DionneLemont Furnace, PA

What happened to Chia seeds?

I started using flax seeds for all it’s benefits already listed here in the reviews. I’m on the borderline of hypertension, and the flax seeds had helped me get my blood pressure down! What a great price too. Later on I learned of the benefits of Chia seeds. Chia basically beats the flax seed in pretty much all categories, so I ordered myself a 5lb bag of chia for $30. I wasn’t sure what 5lbs was going to look like in chia seeds, but it was HUGE. I was really excited to start using the chia seeds, but I was still stuck with so many jars of these flax seeds. I gave some away and finished what I had left over.
Let me say that chia seeds are awesome. They are supposedly superior to flax seeds in every way, and I find them easier to clean out of my dishes than ground flax.
So here I am on Amazon looking for more chia seeds when to my surprise the prices for chia shoot out of the roof!!!! My same 5lb bag that I bought in February 2012 for $30, are now (September 2012) $120!!!!!! All types of packages in all weights, the prices have gone way up. I also notice that many sellers are “out of stock”. What a bust…..
So now i’m going back to flax seeds. Flax seeds are what begun my health changes and I truly believe that they are just as good as chia. However given the choice I would definitely buy the chia. Just not at those insane prices….. I will be checking every couple of weeks to see what happens with the price of chia.

Flax seed vs. Chia seed. My unprofessional comparison

Flax pros
– extremely healthy
– extremely affordable
– whole seeds NEED to be ground for full benefits
– i found the ground flax needs just a little scrubbing to be cleaned off dishes

Chia pros
– supposedly superior to flax seeds in all categories
– don’t need to be gound
– cleans up is easy, just rinse
– went from extremely affordable to extremely expensive!! (compared to flax)

In conclusion Flax and Chia seeds are both amazing. Seed vs. seed though I would choose Chia.

CharisSabine Pass, TX


the flaxseed was exactly what I was looking for. Your info on the type of seed expressed that it was not ground. Which was the type I needed.
JudeFlora, IN

GREAT value on flax seed

As a regular user of flax seed, I was happy to find this bargain here on Amazon. It’s fresh and delicious, and the price is perfect. Yummmmm!
MichealHarrisburg, OR

Premium Gold Whole Flax Seed

I have been buying brown flax seed for several years but because this was a very good price I thought I would try it.
The taste is not as nutty as the brown but still good. It does grind a lot finer then the brown which is so much better because all the seeds get ground.I will buy this again.
ChanelleHawthorne, NJ

Outstanding Product

Flax seeds are an excelient source of fiber. I use it in bread I bake and it blends well with hot breakfast cereal and cool salads. It add a nutty crunch to everything.
BetsyVersailles, IL

Lots of flax!!

Didn’t realize I was ordering 4 large containers of flaxseed…prob better for business orders I guess. I just gave some away. I love flax and it’s health benefits. Careful though dieters…there are some calories in these.
BlairEmden, MO