Preserved Meyer Lemon in Olive Oil

A staple of kitchens from the South of France to North Africa, preserved Meyer lemon (an unusually sweet variety) brightens sauces, vinaigrettes, and even mashed potatoes with its subtle interplay of salt and citrus. When rubbed over fish before grilling or roasting, the lemony pulp imparts a fresh, light flavor.

Quick facts

  • Sweet Meyer lemons are preserved in brine and then combined with extra virgin olive oil
  • A seasonal product this is prepared only once a year with fresh, ripe Meyer lemons
  • Preserving the lemons in brine creates a subtle interplay of salty and citrus flavors
  • A versatile condiment that adds zesty flavor to vegetables and poultry
  • Toss with pasta, stir into soups and stews, or add to sauces and salad dressings

Top reviews

Flavor Enhancer

Great flavor.Preserved Meyer Lemon in Olive Oil Works especially well with Israeli couscous, served with fish.
AnyaGarrett, KY