Pretzel Dippers

Our Pretzel Dippers are perfectly baked and seasoned to give a crunchy, salty addition to your favorite dip. The oval flat shape is ideal for topping and serving at your next party!

Quick facts

  • Our Pretzel Dippers are perfectly baked and seasoned to give a crunchy, salty addition to your favorite dip.
  • These flat dippers can be spread with dips and spreads and served as appetizers.Crush and add to your favorite ice cream sundae for a sweet & salty treat.
  • All-Natural, Kosher

Top reviews

I WOULD USE Rold Gold or Tostitos Scoops Instead

LONG STORY SHORT: These cost too much, are not good for dipping, and suffer from the tiniest bit of humidity. Do not buy.


I was so excited when I saw these Rothchild Pretzel Dippers for sale. I was having a little get together with the swanky ladies down the block and I wanted to be certain that what I had to offer for our Book Club snack items were up to snuff. I ordered some Rothchild Red Pepper Dip Red Pepper Dipand got out my Mother’s antique China snack plates and was all set to go. I even had matching crystal pieces, one for the Pretzels and a smaller one for the Red Pepper Dip. As suits the snooty lady image, our book of the month was SOUL BY SOUL: Soul by Soul: Life Inside the Antebellum Slave Market.

Now, I am neither particularly swanky, snooty, nor snobby. I had moved into a new neighborhood and wanted to make a decent impression on the nice ladies that invited me to join their book club. I wore my Blue Jeans, a top with some “hip” sequins and my blue sandals. That’s it. It’s me, just me, and I will try to give you some good food, be polite, and see if we can all have a good time.

So, I had various snack type foods available, a bit of wine, some Iced Tea with Peaches, a little Perrier for looks and off we went. It is a good thing the other ladies were QUITE POLITE because the Pretzel Dippers were a flop. They looked and tasted pretty much like the square Snyder’s Pretzels that can be purchased at the local cut rate grocery store: a. The square snaps:Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Snaps, 10-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12) or b.Snyder’s of Hanover – Old Fashioned Dipping Stix Pretzels – 10-oz. Bag (Pack of 3). Actually, Snyder’s dipping pretzels are the stick kind while Rothchild’s resemble Snyder’s little square ones with square holes in them.

DRIPPERS INSTEAD OF DIPPERS: So, you can figure out right away, that Rothchild’s Dipping Pretzels with holes allow all but the sturdiest of dip to drip or squish through the holes. My Snyders Red Pepper Dip had enough substance to it that the peppers DID stay on the pretzel, but the liquid that was associated with the Pepper Dip dripped right through. Good we had Mom’s china to catch the drips. Paper plates would have inevitable become soggy. Thankfully, I had also made a Cream Cheese Based Dip and it DID stay on the Pretzels without any dripping. But, exactly what was the point? Making a sweet cream cheese dips that ends up being tried on Pretzels, instead of the intended bagel chips, was kind of a waste. So, I did not like these dippers because they would have been more appropriately labeled DRIPPERS.

TASTE: The Rothchild taste was very Plain. Snyder’s Pretzel taste, in my opinion, is much superior. I thought for the price that Rothschild might have thrown in a secret taste ingredient that made them worth the price. That was not so. Basically, they tasted like your usual prtzel with a little less salt.

SOGGINESS: DID THEY STAND THE TEST OF TIME: I live in Arizona where the humidity is almost nil. Snyders Pretzels, The regular Rold Golds, and even those tubs of pretzels that the boss buys and sets out in the office hold up and stay fresh for 2 or 3 months with no problem. Not Rothschid Dippers. By day 5 after the party, these Rothchild Pretzels were starting to give, bend, and show signs of initial sogginess.

MY SUGGESTION: Skip the Pricey Rothchild Pretzels. If it has to be Pretzels, you may as well go with the regular old Rold Golds. But, my real and truest suggestion, if dip is coming into play, Use Tostitos Scoops tortillia Chips. They are built for dipping and scooping and the nice ladies won’t think you wasted your money on some high priced doo dad that is mostly for looks. Instead, they will think you are a smart, frugal little gal who fits right in with the crowd. On the other hand, if you want it to look like you spent a bundle on a snack food with no redemptive taste, use as a dipper, or an item that makes it price worth the money, go ahead, buy the Rothchilds. I found them to be tasteless and a total waste of money. No recommendation from me!

CinderellaRoy, WA