Prima Taste Rendang Curry Sauce Kit, 12.7-Ounce Boxes

This delicious curry dish is a blend of fresh spices and herbs skillfully prepared to create an authentic taste of Singapore. Rendand features a thick, rich coconut gravy that gives meat a delighful flavor and texture. This aromatic bend of spices is guaranteed to tantalize your tastebuds. This kit contains the Rendang Paste and a Premium Coconut premix. Just add beef.

Quick facts

  • All Natural and Authentic
  • Ready-toCook Sauce Kit
  • Mild Flavor
  • Product of Singapore

Top reviews


I had high hopes for this product. Having spent a fair bit of time in Singapore & Malaysia I have come to love the regional cuisine. Especially Beef Redang which if you have never had it is a very tasty (muslim) dry style curry. It is a process to make at home – lots of ingredients and slow cooking to yield a savory curry of tender beef. When prepared correctly it is a knockout dish. When I saw this product and the great reviews I thought it might be a good way to make a quicker version when the mood strikes. Having said that I cannot recommend this to anyone who has had this great dish nor anyone who would like to try it for the first time. The kit is easy enough – stir fry beef and then add spice paste, coconut milk powder and water. Simmer until tender and then voila beef redang. If only – the mix gave off a faintly chemical odor which i found disturbing and off putting. Beef Redang usually (like many dishes of the region) has a funky (good) smell from the use of fermented shrimp paste or belachan. its strong but pleasant – this in no way smelled of that. putting aside the off smell I tried the curry and found it to be not just mild but flavorless. Maybe this was an issue with this batch but I could no way recommend this product to anyone.
RobenaGreat Falls, SC

Curry Sauce Kit

I’ve never cooked with curry, although I have eaten various items with curry at restaurants. This kit made it very easy to make the sauce. Add water and cook the Rendang Paste and Prima Coconut until it comes to a boil. The taste is a little spicy, but too sweet for my likening. The packets that the sauce mixtures come in did nothing to make me confident about trying the sauce. They reminded me of the packets you get when you buy wet cat food. It was very unappealing to squeeze out the Rendang Paste. Once everything was mixed together it didn’t seem too bad, but the overall taste and appearance (before cooking) were poor.
RonaGrays Knob, KY

Too sweet for a curry

I used this product with chicken, Bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and zucchini squash. Sauté the mixture and to this add the sauce and coconut milk which comes in two separate pouches. First mix them together and heat it to gentle boil and then add to the cooked chicken and veggies. Serve with rice or pita bread. You could also use this with just vegetables, if you are vegetarian. I found this stuff to be too sweet for a curry. Generally I prefer Indian curries but I recommend this product if you like mild curries.

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HilarioNew Munster, WI

Very delicious, surprisingly less-than-healthy

This Redang Curry sauce tastes really good. Either Missus 1rude or I would have been pleased with a restaurant dish that delivered the flavor this box did.

We were amazed at the high sugar, fat and sodium content of just the contents of the package. We prepared a veggie version that worked really well to try and mitigate that (try it with tofu instead of beef, the Missus sauteed it with onions, cabbage and carrots – yum!), but that and cost would be the reasons why we wouldn’t make this a regular pantry item.

ArielElim, AK

Restaurant quality taste….(updated)

I am a curry FIEND, if it’s curry I almost always like it. My fridge has just about every Mae Ploy I could find at our local store. When I saw the Prima Rendang, I was anxious to try it, as I’ve made this before from recipes I found online.

If I found a restaurant that served this, I would buy it, weekly. It’s SO tasty, a nice fresh bright clean tasting curry, flavorful without tasting like it has too much salt or sugary sweetness. It tastes like I ground the spices and made the paste myself, it’s THAT fresh. I have never made a curry this good at home before.

*Easy to make (see tips below) with a payout that is restaurant-quality. You could serve this to guests and they would want to marry you!

*The sauce is generous enough that you could easily feed 4 people or a little more if you put in some extra veggies. I sliced up some green onions and I think peas would be good in it, or some grated radish or even a little potato if that’s your thing.

*Prep time is very fast

*Everything you need for the sauce is in the box

*All the spices and chilies are so perfectly balanced, you get a total experience of the curry and not just a few spices standing out more than others. It was honestly hard for me to pick out separate flavors, such was the harmonious balance. If I had to guess what spices were in it, that would be hard to do. Wonderful blend. They are listed on the box as: Chili, galangal, onion, shallot, pandan leaf, garlic, candlenut, ginger, lemon grass, fennel, coriander, cumin, kaffir lime leaf, cloves, turmeric, white pepper, cinnamon. I think they forgot to add “crack” into their list, I’m already jonesing for another bowl of this.

*The bits of leaves in the sauce kept interfering with my enjoyment of the dish. I know they are important to impart that fresh bright taste, but I felt like I was chewing my cud. It was like having bits of lawn clippings in my food and was annoying. I think this could be offset by using more veggies than I did.

*The coconut powder can be lumpy and grainy, see tips below


*The sauce thickens quickly and wants to stick to bottom of pan, I’d cook the meat to ALMOST done and then combine with the sauce.

*Mix the coconut powder and water together, and then whisk in the paste. My coconut powder was lumpy as heck and left a grainy texture and bits in my gravy. Or, save the coconut powder for another use and just sub in a can of your favorite coconut milk. Eliminate or drastically reduce the water if you do this, try the can of coconut milk first and if you need more moisture add in a little water.

*Use coconut oil to cook the meat in, it adds a nice flavor to the sauce.

*this makes a LOT of food. Especially if you add more than just meat, you could easily feed over 4 people with it. I froze an extra serving to see how it stood up to the process, and it didn’t separate. Package your leftovers into lunches or future dinners

NUTRITION INFO: Typically I see coconut powder with sugar of some kind added, but this only lists maltodextrin. The Rendang Paste does have palm sugar and sugar listed in the first few ingredients. Just the box ingredients have 75 grams of carbohydrate, with 45 grams of that coming from sugar. That’s a lot of sugar bang for the buck. The entire box also has 1650 calories, 135 g. of fat, with 105 of that being non-animal saturated fat from the coconut. The entire box also has 3450 mg of sodium. Let’s face it though folks, no one is going to sit and eat the entire box. (I know, I tried!)

If the sauce weren’t grainy from the bits of coconut powder, I would give this a 5-star rating. I would love to see this sold as a paste packet or jar, so that I could use my own coconut milk brand. This curry paste is SO amazing, I would love to be able to buy it by the jar and use it on ribs, burgers, chicken, etc.

UPDATE: Using the tips to preblend the coconut powder, my second batch was smooth. This also does work with a can of coconut milk, omit the water. This product is available on Subscribe and Save, and it was so good that I signed up to get regular shipments of it. When I have bad bad food cravings and am tempted to go drive out to get something, now I always have this on hand and it is so satisfying! It’s good with chicken, beef, and pork. I haven’t tried any other meats. But d*mn, you gotta try this.

CelsaBessemer, MI

Restauraunt Quality Beef Rendang – Easy to make

I lived in Asia for 3 years and one of my favorite cuisines was Indonesian/Malaysian. Both countries serve-up slightly different versions of Beef Rendang, which is one of my all-time favorites. When I first moved back to Chicago I didn’t know of any restaurants that served this dish (I’ve since found two) so I attempted to make my own sauce, from scratch, following a recipe I’d found on-line. I don’t know what I did wrong, but what came out didn’t very closely resemble true Beef Rendang. A little later on I purchased a sauce packet in an asian grocery. No… it didn’t quite have the same flavor either. Well, it’s been 6 or 7 years since those failed attempts and low and behold, I stumbled upon the Prima Rendang Curry. De-licious! I followed the simple instructions and … I have to say. It’s pretty darn good!
BrainHagarville, AR

Tasty but not exciting

As packaged curries go, this one isn’t bad. And in fact if I was rating it against most curry mixes, it’d rate pretty high. (As it is, I’d probably give it 3.5 stars, but Amazon doesn’t let us do that.) It has a nice amount of heat, a reasonable amount of flavor and it’s easy to make. It does, however, have a couple of problems, at least as far as my tastes run.

First, the coconut mix is a kind of coconut flour affair, which blends easily but tastes a little chalky, so there’s always a bit of a dry, dusty quality to each bite. Second, one of the ingredients is a leaf or piece of grass that simply doesn’t soften up very well. Getting a bit of hard, fibrous plant material in a bite of curry isn’t high on my list of tasty treats. Still, these are fairly minor problems, and working on different methods of preparation might help alleviate them. I honestly think the company would be better off selling this in a jar, straining out the leafy bits and using whole coconut and coconut oil instead of that coconut flour packet.

The recipe calls for beef tenderloin which is odd because the box explains that Rendang curry was originally developed to disguise tough cuts of meat. I chose to use ground beef, which has more flavor, and I sauteed it in coconut oil instead of something neutral like canola. Both choices upped the flavor ante. The box does say that it’s also good for lamb or chicken, and it’s good enough that I might try it again with chicken, or even use it as the base for a vegetable curry.

I think if you’re going to make curry at home and not make it from scratch, this is a good option.

LashaunArlington, OH

Conflicting ingredient label

See that disclaimer on the product page that says the actual ingredients may differ from what’s listed? Apparently, the manufacturer thinks it’s OK to switch to using the “Big 8” allergens; there’s no milk listed in the published ingredients, but there it is on the side of the box.

Two differences that will seem trivial to anyone who doesn’t care about milk products: the ingredients list online says, “coconut milk solids,” and the list on the box reads, “coconut, milk solids.” The allergen statement on the box clearly indicates it contains milk products.

Since I am allergic to milk, I couldn’t try the actual product; I have no opinion of its quality.

🙁 And I love curry!!

LisePenns Grove, NJ

Awesome, but expensive.

This curry was awesome. It made a big batch, easily enough for four adults. It was tasty, spicy enough, and not too sweet. We added beef and some veggies and it made a great dinner. Rich flavor, utterly delicious. This isn’t a curry I’ve had before but it’s similar to a penang. At any rate, we all loved it and it was super easy.

The thing is, it’s like $9 per meal, not including meat or veggies. For nine bucks, I can get a jar of curry paste and three cans of coconut milk and make 3 meals of curry once I add meat and veggies. And, using the paste isn’t really any harder. Is this more delicious than curry paste? It’s better than most that I’ve used, but no better than some. To me it isn’t a good value unless you were traveling and needed self contained meals.

YeeSalamonia, IN

flavor explosion in your mouth!

Its incredible how Thai seasonings can make food taste…. this is restaurant quality seasoning that is simple to prepare, comes in two separate packs…I follows simple directions, and it was fabulous…. several different flavors, I will try them all…
ChelseaRooseveltown, NY

Currying Favor?

This is the fourth attempt to post this review, I can only assume I mentioned a country or person or something, so I’ll keep it simple.
I like curry, any curry (no countries or ethnic groups mentioned)

This curry is: –

The exact recipe calls for Beef, if you prefer chicken go for it.
Cook the meat (whichever you choose) shallow fry, or wok flash fry until cooked through, rare is OK for beef, but obviously not for pork or chicken, cook these thoroughly.
Second stage is mix paste and spices with fluid, cook on their own until simmered.
Finally add meat, and simmer to taste? That could mean 20 minutes, or 6 hours – I know when I make curry I prefer slow cooked soft meat that has had plenty of time to absorb all he spices, so longer is better. But if you’re in a hurry that’s fine, it just won’t be as fully flavored.

So taste?
Well that’s subjective and personal but I found it hot (spicy) in a white pepper way, and top heavy on the cumin flavor, but this is not uncommon for that part of the World.
I guess I was disappointed, I used one mix on three pounds of meat (not the 1-2 pound as suggested) and it was still pretty fiery.

MorrisWest Newbury, VT

Delicious! Fool your friends!

Great product.

I’m a lousy cook.
So this product saved my diner. It’s easy to prepare and delicious.
I followed the instructions and used some prime beef.
Everybody loved it! The coconut NUT and the coconut flavor seemed very fresh and rich. I do not like peanuts… but I could hardly feel it.

Great if you want to have something different. So go for it!

Suggestion: I like a thicker sauce. So it all depends on how you prepare it. And I like onions, so I put some in it too. Loved it.

TeriRoseboom, NY

delicious! would like smaller packets

We tried this last night and it is really delicious. We love asian food and it was great to be able to “make” such a delicious curry at home, and so easily.

I would like to purchase this in SMALLER servings. We are a family of 3 (and our daughter won’t eat this anyway) and the calorie count in the provided mixes is QUITE high. I would have liked to only use part of the pouches but that wouldn’t work.

If I see smaller packets in the supermarket I will buy!

ChrisHayes Center, NE

Very delicious

This is very tasty and makes such a quick and easy meal. I’ve never had rendang so I can’t say if it’s authentic, but it did remind me of coconut curry with a bit of green curry taste. Very clean and fresh. I actually used pork tenderloin because it’s what I had and it worked out very well and the meal came together very quickly. I slightly browned the meat and then followed the directions, but added a bit more water than called for. It still thickened up very nicely.

There is plenty of sauce so adding veggies would work out well. It comes with two packs, the curry paste/seasoning and the dehydrated coconut powder. When I added the powder to the pot I figured it would clump up, but it mixed very smooth and perfectly. It is a bit sweet, but it’s also pretty spicy (at least for me). I think if you find it too sweet you could add less of the coconut powder.

I’m definitely going to buy this again. So tasty. My whole family just loved it.

GennieAmidon, ND

Not great. .. and a bit expensive

Though I doubt this item will be liked my most American palates, I think overall the product is okay. This is a product of Singapore. If you’re not all that fond of Thai curry, then you probably won’t care for this either. Personally, I LOVE Thai curry a lot more than this.

I do have a few “issues” with this product. First, there are “leaves” in the sauce, and they can be quite “tough”. You might want to strain them out. Next, the sauce is quite “oily”. The first ingredient in the sauce is vegetable oil.

One totally ridiculous thing is what they show as the serving size and servings per package. They show that the package serves 15 people and a serving size is two tablespoons. Totally outrageous. The reason they do this is so that it makes the calories look low (110 per serving). The directions show to add 28oz of beef tenderloin, which is also crazy. One would NEVER use such an expensive meat for a box mix such as this. Beef stew meat works just fine. But based upon what the box shows as a serving size, then you would have less than 2oz per-person.

I also think this item is quite expensive for what it is. Also, I don’t think I’d be interested in making this 4-times before the product expires.

BirgitWest Wardsboro, VT

An Okay Product

I’ve had curry before, perhaps a different type of curry, because this is not what I remember curry to taste like. This particular curry was thick as I remember it, and perhaps it was different because it its dry beef curry and not the chicken curry I am use to.

I found the taste to be very rich. It was alright. I didn’t care for the pieces of leaves, whatever it was, that was in the soft. I thought after a while, they would soften up like scallions, or something along those lines, but they didn’t. It was a bit of a pain having to stop and pick them out of my mouth.

Made it for hubby and he seemed to like it. However, he agrees that we won’t be in a hurry to run out and buy the product. I imagine you’d have to be an avid Curry fan to be excited for this product. For me, it was just okay.

LavernaPrudenville, MI

Delicious, quick and simple curry mix. I’m going to buy more.

I love curry and frequently cook Thai / Indian style meals and love those kinds of restaurants as well. Rendang curry is a sweeter (coconut milk) southeast Asian-style curry that I’ve never tried before, so this kit looked like an easy way to try it.

Bottom line — preparing a meal with this kit is EASY and the results are DELICIOUS.

The kit comes with two packets — curry spice mix paste and powdered coconut milk. All you have to do is…

a) cut up some chunks of your preferred meat (I used roughly 2 pounds of ribeye steak) and brown it in a pan with a little oil,

b) heat some water and mix in the coconut powder and curry paste,

c) put the browned meat from the pan into the pot with the curry sauce mix.

The results are amazing — extremely flavorful, and not too spicy for the novice curry lover (I prefer a little more spice in mine so I added some pepper flakes and powdered cayenne). All you need to go along with this is some white rice, or noodles, or vegetables… really, whatever you prefer. I used white rice with mine.

The one tip I have is to add the coconut powder first, and do it slowly, whisking it in the whole time. If you dump it in too fast, it can clump up and require more mixing than it would if you add it slowly.

All in all, this mix is a relatively cheap, easy, and quick way to whip up a delicious Asian-style curry (the description says it’s a Singapore-style curry). I’m going to be getting more of this, and other flavor mixes as well!

RodneyHardinsburg, IN

Would I buy it again?

I probably would not buy this if I had the chance to. It was an odd, odd, flavor. I really didn’t have any steak or meat to add to it so I just made the sauce and ladled it over rice. It wasn’t half bad but rather sweet for a meal for me.

I do have some issues with this product. The first thing is that is is made in Singapore. Why are we importing food products from another country and does our country check to see if it meets our standards? Secondly, some of the measurements are not in our form as in 4/5 cup of water. What is 4/5th’s??? I know, a little less than a cup, I think. But, since I don’t have a 1/5th cup, it was a problem.

The serving size is 2 tablespoons. How can I have a meal with two tablespoons of liquid and meat? Its a mini size.

All in all the stuff wasn’t that bad but I wouldn’t want it again.

BennieNilwood, IL

Easy and Tasty, but not healthy

The Rendang Curry from Prima Taste is an easy to make and tasty dish. Unfortunately, it is not the healthiest. But I don’t mind eating a little fat sometimes, and we did enjoy the taste. Additionally, it was easy to make witch makes it very convenient.

We added beef as the directions say, but also some onion, bell peppers, and garlic. The addition of the vegetables not only adds some nutrition, but also adds to taste and makes the product go farther. We ate it over rice. Please note, as I stated above, the paste is primarily fat with some sugar and spices. It is not healthy at all. The meat, added vegetables and rice provide more nutrition and allow you to eat less of the paste/sauce, thus reducing the percentage of fat calories compared to the total calories consumed. (80 of the 110 calories per two tablespoons come from fat)

The price is a bit high, considering you have to add other things to it, but it is not outrageous. I just think those that are budget minded may choose alternate curry pastes that are less expensive.

Over all, I give it four stars because we really did like the taste and it was very easy to make. I took one star off because it is not very healthy and the price is a bit high. For an Asian (Singapore) treat once in a while when you also want a quick dinner, it is a tasty meal.

AprylCarey, ID

Great mix – quick dinner!

This was a fabulous curry sauce kit!

Spice packet was good and tasty. We made ours w/beef filet tail.

Initial concerns over dehydrated coconut sauce mix were totally unfounded. This had a tasty flavor, smooth texture, and was a great mid-week meal.

I would highly recommend these for busy people who enjoy good food, but don’t have a whole lot of time.

KristiAtwater, MN

Very tasty.

This is my first experience with this particular brand of curry. My wife is the usual cook in the household, but she sprained her ankle pretty badly so I was given dinner duties last night. Turned out to be the perfect time to try this out.
I have to say it is extremely flavorful and bursting with curry goodness. I was impressed, as was my wife. The kids even ate it, and they aren’t huge fans of curry. The only reason I can’t give this 5 stars is because I can find similar very good curry at my local supermarket and save a few bucks in the process. It’s certainly better or as good as most, but not so much better that I can justify the extra cost. When you have a family of four to feed on a limited budget, this is a luxury item. Good as a treat every now and then, but not as a regular purchase.
LinseyJonesville, SC

Makes a Great Meal

I’d never had beef rendang, but I’ve love most curries so I gave it a shot. The instructions on the package say to buy 28oz of filet mignon. However, a little web searching revealed that beef rendang normally uses slow-cooked cheaper cuts of meat and the Prima Taste website has instructions for how to prepare the curry that way – basically just use half of the sauce and seasoning initially and add the rest near the end, plus use more water.

Anyway the end result – using chopped up beef round, and pouring the curry on top of bhutanese red rice – was spectacular.

So why 4 stars instead of 5? I couldn’t find any good options – even on the Prima Taste website – for adding veggies. The meal is the beef equivalent of a death by chocolate dessert.

But if you’re looking for a delicious and different curry, this stuff gets it done.

TennieSmyrna, NC

Great flavor, a crowd pleaser!

My wife and I tried this the other night. She made stir-fried veggies and meat. I took care of preparing the sauce.

Oh, you need to look carefully on the back of the box for an important part of the directions. In VERY small print it says to add 4/5 cup of water to a pan, then add the contents of both enclosed pouches (curry and cocoanut milk) and heat to a boil.

Anyway, once the sauce was ready we added the meat and veggies to the it and let it all simmer for a while. When we just couldn’t wait any longer we scooped the sauce/veggies/meat onto rice and enjoyed.

One box makes enough easily for 4 generous helpings.

I knew it was a hit as soon as my wife was asking, “Where can we get more of this?” My response? “Amazon.” 🙂

I also knew it had scored major points when my wife was texting her sister with her latest yummy discovery.

All in all, the ease of preparation is quite easy. The result is great. We will be buying more! (We have to, I finished the last of it today in my lunch at work.)

As for spiciness…it’s not too spicy. I don’t enjoy or do “spicy” very well…taste and otherwise. But this went down well and I enjoyed every bite.

5 stars all the way.

CiaraNorwich, CT

A tasty dish for curry lovers, but on the pricey side.

The Prima Taste Rendang Curry sauce kit makes a more than serviceable Rendang Curry, containing everything you’ll need sans the beef, but at this price point, you might be left scratching your head as to why it’s so expensive. It makes a delicious and easy-to-prepare (brown the beef, then mix, heat and eat, basically) Indonesian curry. You’ll be waiting for your rice cooker to finish well before your Rendang curry is ready to put over it. It’s a rather mild, sweet curry, so if that’s not your cup of tea, then steer clear, but it was a nice change from the mostly Indian curries that I generally have and while I did end up using a healthy dose of Sriracha with it, the flavor was good without it (I’m just generally used to something more spicy and that’s what I had my heart set on).

There are only a couple of negatives with this one. The finished product is a bit on the oily side and there are leaves throughout the mixture (I see some are referring to these as the Keffir lime leaves, but they seemed more like lemongrass to me, hard and husk-like) that are probably meant to be removed from the end product. I ate a few, just to see what they were, and it wasn’t altogether pleasant. You’ll want to watch for those.

Aside from that, the only real downside to the Prima Taste Rendang Curry Sauce Kit is the price. At nearly $7 a kit, it’s a bit expensive for what you’re getting, although I’m sure that if you bought all of the necessary ingredients separately (if you can get them locally), it would cost more (albeit with some leftover ingredients) and take a whole lot more time and effort. From a convenience point of view, if you love Rendang Curry, it’s probably more than worth that price. If on the other hand, you’ve never had it and are just looking to try something new, paying for a 4-pack might be a bit more investment than you’re willing to make.

MalissaChillicothe, OH

Yummy and Easy to Make

Prima Taste Rendang Curry is mighty tasty. I’m no expert on Singaporean food, but I have traveled and lived in Asia so like various types of curry. The box contains powdered coconut milk and the curry paste in separate bags. Additionally, the recipe calls for 28 oz. of beef, 2.5 t. vegetable oil, and 4/5 c water. Serve with rice or mashed potatoes. The package says there is no added MSG, artificial coloring, or added preservatives. The package also says it contains the following common allergens: soybeans, wheat, tree nuts, and milk products. It is a product of Singapore. I didn’t have enough beef thawed so I also used some chicken. It is easy to prepare.

Both my husband and I liked it. I don’t mind the bits of leaf in it. Sadly, it is quite high in fat and contains a bit of sugar. Serving size is only 2 tablespoons of the mix and that has 9 grams of fat and 5 grams of carbs. I realistic serving is probably 3 times that plus the meat and rice or whatever you serve it with. I may buy this as a treat, but I can’t have it all the time. Maybe, it would be ok if I broke it down to very small servings…which is what I did with the leftovers.

DemetriceMonon, IN

Taste is okay, but half of it is pure fat and sugar

Preparation is easy. Just dump the contents of the two bags in the box into a pan with some water, mix it really, really good, and bring it to a boil. Doesn’t get any easier than that.
The taste is okay, with a little zing to it, but the coconut is a bit too dominant for me. Balancing this a bit more on the spicy side would be more to my liking.

So, that’s all for the positive aspects. Now on to the negatives.
One word: Fat.
Actually, there is another word: Calories. Lots of them. Galore. Through the roof.
One serving of this sauce is two table spoons, ca. 22 g. That is not much. Chances are, that you will eat way more than that during a normal meal.
Well, do it at your own peril, because those two spoons you are eating have 110 calories, 80 of those come from fat. Of the 22g on your two spoons, 9 g are pure fat, 7 of those are of the saturated kind. These two spoons will supply 14 percent of your daily fat intake (with a 2000 calories diet). 3 grams of sugar are also included in those two spoons.
I wonder how those people in Singapore can stay that skinny with such a hearty diet?!
On the other side, there are no vitamins, iron, calcium or other of those pesky healthy ingredients in the sauce. Makes me wonder how that can be, if they really used all those natural things they mention in the ingredients list. well, I guess most of those onions, chilies, leafs, garlic, and so on, are just in there in miniscule parts. Most of the contents in this sauce must be the vegetable oil (but those too usually have at least some vitamins in it, don’t they?), sugars, and so on.
So, it basically is a fatty, sugary, unhealthy, vaguely spicy and almost too sweet concoction.
And don’t even get me started on the price – are you kidding me? I can feed my whole family for that amount at one of our local Thai/Chinese/East Asian places …

LibradaVan Buren, ME

Kids loved this – a meal and a half for us~

I don’t do much curry cooking so I wasn’t sure how the family would react. Turned out to be a big hit. It’s basically two envelopes (a dry and wet mixture) that you add to your fried meat, and dinner is reading within minutes. I found it very easy to use. The family ate all the meat the first night, and we used the leftover sauce over rice on the next meal. I’d definitely recommend this for curry fans.
SonjaLa Crosse, VA

Delicious as a vegetarian dish!

Oh this dish was so very surprisingly delicious! Instead of beef, I used three packages of Gardein Beef Tips — the best-tasting vegetarian food ever. Inside the box you get two packages, one of the redang paste and the other is coconut milk powder. The directions could not be easier: brown the meat, mix packages together with water, boil, add the meat. As a Caribbean woman, I must have flavor in my food, something that I only find in Caribbean and southeast Asian cooking. The flavors were very bold, not spicy at all and a bit on the sweet side. There was a lot of gravy even though I tried to boil it down for almost 15 minutes, but that’s quite alright. I really hope that this is sold near me but even if it’s not, I’ll definitely be ordering this from Amazon. Highly recommended!
JennieCedar Grove, WI

Not spicy enough and too sweet

This was real easy to make with the supplied ingredients. I added fresh vegetables and beef and prepared it according to the directions.

I liked the flavor but it was a little sweet and not spicy enough compared to what I get in NYC.

If I make this again, I’m adding some chilies. I served mine over jasmine rice.

ValentineSunflower, MS

Better than I expected, makes a ton of food

Wow.. Testing this out for dinner right now.

Better than I expected.

Tasty curry (reminds me of panang thai curry), just add water! Was worried about all the fatty coconut oil (7 g saturated fat), but now realize that each one of these makes a *ton* of curry. And a little goes a long way, flavor-wise. Box is rated for 15 servings and I believe that is realistic.

Serving suggestion: with beef or tofu, over rice. side with veggies (great with Broccoli and Asparagus).

– Flavor. Spicy but not hot. Delicious. I personally add liberal Sriracha sauce.
– Value. Makes quite a bit, easily.
– Packs light. This would be a fantastic camping / backpacking treat for a large group.
– Shelf life. Lasts long for a quick meal backup plan.

– A little rich on the coconut side, but a little goes a long way. Plan on leftovers.

Overall exceeded expectations. Highly reccommended.

SlyviaBig Bear Lake, CA