Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky, Teriyaki, 1 Ounce

Healthy. High energy. Low fat. Super protein. 0 g Trans fat. Vegan. All natural. No cholesterol. No preservatives. No artificial colors. No MSG.

Quick facts

  • Delicious meatless jerky
  • Perfect for anytime snacking
  • Vegan
  • Great to take on the go
  • Kosher

Top reviews

Not what it claims or a bit deceptive

We tried this product, a bunch of us. And we are all vegetarian. We also do not like onion or garlic; one of the friends esp. is sensitive to this. Well, even calling the company, they are not forthcoming, because we could taste garlic in it, and compared to “tasty eats” soy jerky, this does not even compare.

So first, the ingredient “vegetarian spices” includes granulated garlic powder, possibly onion. In ayurvedic terms, this is not Sathwic for one’s body.

We totally recommend the soy jerky by tasty eats. We ordered six cases of the ginger. They use no onion or garlic in any of their products. Most companies do list “spices” but they will almost always label garlic or onion powder separately. This company who makes the primal strips does not. After all the comparisons, we found tasty eats soy jerky to be the best taste, quality and texture.

In fact, they are out of Teriyaki, their best selling jerky, the original flavor, peppered and hot n’ spicy. But we will order cases of them when they become available. They provide a first class jerky that is healthy and proper for everyone; esp. vegans and vegetarians.

DonovanLeola, AR

Not as good as it could be (misleading ingredient label also)

A number of us earnestly tried this product but after trying another brand, found this to be wanting very much.

With that said, there is a company making soy jerky that has better flavor, texture and quality. They even make jerky that is unsweetened. Most importantly, this company tasty eats does not have any garlic or onion powder in any of their products.

This was the biggest, we felt, downfall of this product. Except this company, every jerky company; except tasty eats which uses no garlic or onion powder in any of their product line, all would list garlic or onion if an ingredient. The primal strips company has “vegetarian spices” so one is not clear what this is. Even the company, after phoning them, are rather reticent about saying if their is granulated garlic or onion. But there is. In these primals strips, all are having some form of garlic, possibly onion.

We found tasty eats soy jerky to be Perfect. Really, in quality, texture and also the fact that they use no onion or garlic whatsoever.

JulienneHodgenville, KY

IF you like this, just try tasty east Soy Jerky

First, a bunch of us tried this product, but rate it poor after comparing it with another brand. And, we found out it has granulated garlic, possibly onion. It does not say it on the ingredient label like every other jerky company does; even in addition to “spices”. Here it is part of the “vegetarian spices” ingredient.

The company does not seem very forthcoming. Anyway, we found a company tasty eats which sales ginger, teriyaki, original, peppered, hot n’spicy and even unsweetened jerky and none of it contains garlic or onion. We also found it to be the best in quality, texture and flavor. In fact, we ordered six cases of the ginger direct from the company. They are out of their bestselling teriyaki, original and many other flavors. But, we’ll order those when they are available.

Really try it, it is truly the best: tasty eats soy jerky. We have tried numerous jerkys for vegans and vegetarians; and many do not want garlic or onion powder in them. This tasty eats soy jerky is the best tasting and what more, no onion or garlic powder in any of their product line. They are rated 5 of 5. This primal strip does not compare.

CathernCooksville, IL

If you ever wondered what it must be like to be a cannibal…

… then these strips are for you. A friend of mine introduced me to them, and admittedly, they taste pretty good, but the seitan has a color and texture that will make you think you are eating human flesh. It’s horrifying, and yet afterwards you’ll be craving more, which is all the more horrifying.

So, 5 stars for taste, 1 star for cannibalism… 3 stars overall.

CaronPalm City, FL


Amazon doesn’t accept returns of food items, so I’m using this product as dog treats. Very expensive dog treats. Enough said. 🙁
TobyHickory Ridge, AR

Don’t Buy, Nothing like Teriyaki Jerky

I became a vegetarian about three years ago, and before that, Teriyaki was my favorite flavor of beef jerky. So when I saw this, I immediately bought it. However, this was NOTHING like jerky. It was squishy, and tasted like bread, and the supposed “Teriyaki” flavor was nothing like any Teriyaki flavor I’ve ever had. No one in my house will eat it, so I’m returning it. If you buy, I guarantee you’ll be sorry.
YangSebastian, FL

Good flavor, very bad texture!

I was looking for alternative healthy protein snack with less fat than slim jims. Texas BBQ sounded like an awesome flavor—so I bought them. For those of you who have never tried them….pick up a rubber band, baste it in bbq sauce and then eat. That is what this soy protein jerky taste like…a bbq flavored rubber band. The only way I will ever eat these again is if the world no longer has any other protein choice available.
LeonardoHollansburg, OH


I eat meat and vegetarian foods , and prepare a wide variety of both….but just let me start out by saying , this stuff is flat out creepy!!! the texture is very slimy and not like jerky at all , and has like thick stringy veins in it….nothing like real meat jerky at all…very rubbery and hard to stomach…iam a big fan of stonewalls jerquee and will stick with that!!! i just dont get trying to be all disgusting with the drippy sinewy veins that they are trying to win you over with??? even real meat jerky has a more palatable consistency.
LillyCarmine, TX

Stay away from these…..

Bought the teriyaki flavor …..TOTALLY GROSS,

Do not waste your money on this slimy stuff…. Could barely finish my first bite….

I gave it one star because Amazon doesn’t allow 0 star ratings…

BrettMalibu, CA


We found this product to be a very slimy version of jerky. Almost like a canned catfood. We couldn’t eat it. The purchasing and delivery etc from the company was good.
LeotaOlin, NC

Slimy and disgusting

Bought this REALLY hoping to like it, as Stonewall’s Jerquee is so expensive, but this stuff is repulsive. For one thing, isn’t jerky, by definition, supposed to be dry? This stuff comes covered in a greasy, slimy coating. After trying hard to get passed that, on to the actual jerky…it’s not chewy, like jerky is supposed to be, it is too easy to bite off a piece. And the flavor is beyond description, in a bad way. I’ve tried almost all of the flavors now, and would never buy ANY of them again. They have a weird perfumey taste. So, they’re slimy and taste awful. That about sums it up.
EnochLeroy, AL

made in Taiwan?

I bought this without realizing that it is a product of Taiwan. Considering all the health risks from eating foods made in China, I don’t think I can trust the ingredients used in this product. As I understand, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, all import many food ingredients from China, and they have found many harmful chemicals in them (I am not even including those that are unsanitary, i.e. made from sewer water). So what guarantee is there that this product do not contain carcinogens or other harmful chemicals? FDA do not, and cannot, test every single foreign product coming into U.S.

Eat at your own risk.

TerryWestwego, LA

Doesn’t feel like food

This is a good idea in theory, especially for those like me that prefer healthy salty snacks. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to like these, they didn’t taste like food – hard to describe, but the ‘primal’ branding doesn’t help as I did feel like I was eating something I wasn’t supposed to.

While the first one I tried was novel, I easily tired of them and then plain got grossed out by them. I won’t be getting these again.

RonnieHanksville, UT


This Mesquite Lime flavor is so horrible! Please spare yourself from the disgusting mouth experience. The other flavors are pretty good. This is like some nasty fake lime flavor that is super overwhelming. Am I eating Lemon Pledge or something? Couldn’t finish one bite. Hope I don’t chuck.
LoryWiden, WV

misses the mark

This is a seitan (wheat protien) product with a strong anise (licorice) flavor that dominates the thai peanut taste. If you like black licorice, you may like this. Count me out.
ReneeDeerfield, KS

Awful Taste

I’ve eaten a few of these, and while they tasted interesting at first, I can’t bite into one now without gagging. I’m not a vegetarian, but I was looking for some high-protein snacks so I picked these up. A vegetarian friend of mine tried one and instantly hated them, calling the taste “disgusting” and the texture “too much like meat.” The taste is not something that grows on you and I can not recommend these to anyone, especially at this price.
JeremyTallulah, LA

Tasty but with a big drawback

Having tried just about every other vegan jerky item on the market I was excited to find one that is completely gluten-based, offering a very reasonable protein-to-calories ratio (~10%), a reasonable price-per-ounce, plus great reviews to boot. Got the product and discovered to my great chagrin that it requires refrigeration after opening!! Not only does that fly in the face of what jerky is supposed to be, it is not disclosed anywhere in the Amazon product description. Ouch! So much for taking these 4oz packages on the trail, or anywhere else for that matter.

Also, be aware that the product — unlike several competitive vegan jerky products — is made in Taiwan which could mean it uses Chinese gluten. That’s a source I personally try to avoid because of significant food safety issues in the past. However, I contacted the manufacturer and was told that their gluten is “imported from either Australia, Western Europe or the USA……most all our ingredients are from these sources. We manufacture in Taiwan because they have ways of cooking with soy and wheat gluten that are not found in the west.”

All that said, taste is pretty good and the “wet” packaging gives it a softer texture than competitive products (which I personally still prefer).

JennineGerry, NY

Disgusting! Horrible! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

I took one bite of one of these things and had to throw all the rest of them away. The taste is indescribably yucky, sort of sweet yet caustic. The worst part is the TEXTURE! It was like trying to bite through soggy cardboard. Utterly disgusting. I guess if you were trapped in a collapsed coal mine and awaiting rescue and there was NOTHING else to eat, you might choose this over a coal-mine rat, but it would be a hard choice.
NathalieBoyne Falls, MI

Not that great

I am a a vegetarian, and this is my least favorite “jerky”. The texture is sort of slimey and after a couple bites, I had had enough.
StarlaGrottoes, VA

I died and went to heaven

I tried the hot n spicey flavor . .. wasnt top on my list… and then i got this, and omg. I love LOVE LOVEEEEE it. Thats all im going to say:P
ZackComstock, NE

Really terrible! Try another flavor. Don’t waste your money!

I am a big fan of Primal Strips. In fact, I loved the first flavor so much (Texas BBQ) I decided to buy others and really enjoyed it all with the exception of Mesquite Lime. Luckily, this was the last flavor I purchased and I was displeasantly surprised. I had a rough time even swallowing my first bite! Yes, it was that bad. The “lime” in this was horridly instense, very vinegar like. It is really all you can taste. So… if you like biting into a meaty-textured product with an overbearing flavor of vinegar, you may probably enjoy this flavor. Otherwise, if you are like me, stick to the other enjoyable, tasty flavors this wonderful vegan product has to offer.
LynneGloster, LA

Primary Flavor is Sugar

I don’t want to say these are awful but I won’t ever get them again. The praise in other reviews, especially for the hickory strips, convinced me to try them. I now suspect the praise was “planted” by vested interests.

The weaknesses of the product are legion. First, it’s so hard to get the package open I had to get out the scissors; thinking you could get it open while hiking is delusional. You’ll have to stop along the trail and get out a tool. I recommend a hatchet.

Finally opened, the first realization is that slugs are less slimy. This in no way resembles a jerky if that’s what you were hoping for. It’s more like a piece of fruit leather that got left in the bathtub over night. Or just a mashed slug.

Then there’s the taste. It basically tastes like sugar. Very unhealthy treat for diabetics certainly; you’ll need an electron microscope to read the molecular fine print, but basically it provides a heavy load of cane sugar.

At best this is like slimy candy, not jerky at all, not even close. For a vegetarian jerky product that is both tasty and relatively healthy and won’t leave your fingers covered in pancake syrup, I recommend Stonewall’s Jerqee.

JohanaLancaster, SC

Love primal strips!

These are absolutely the best snacks around! Easy to carry, low-calorie, delicious, full of protein. I go through them so fast it’s unbelievable, and they’re vegan!
CharleenEvansville, WY

Spoiled Vegan

A sweet barbecue moist chewy jerky that makes it difficult to keep 24 strips around for very long. You’ll be spoiled.
MaragaretFoster, RI

Warning: These smell and taste like dog food 🙁

I am a vegetarian, and I wanted so badly to like this vegan jerky. As soon as I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was that the jerky is very moist, not like real beef jerky at all (which I understand to be dry and chewy). Also, it smelled like pure dog food. I decided to take a bite anyway, and found that it tastes exactly like it smells. All I could think about was that I was eating dog food. I gave it 2/5 stars because one of my friends actually liked it, and apparently so do a lot of Amazon users since it comes highly recommended. Hopefully you like it better than I did, but beware if you are easily put off by unpleasant smells!
CarieLos Ebanos, TX

Yum Yum

Upon receiving these, I was very surprised regarding such good packaging of the product, but upon eating it was amazed. This vegetarian product is one of the nicest I have had the pleasure to enjoy for quite a while. I cannot compare this to the real thing, since I have never tried the real thing, but if this is not acceptable to vegetarians, vegans and non vegetarians, I would be most surprised.
MallieBelton, MO

Packaging Impossible to Open

These are great tasting tofu jerky strips! Low in fat, high in protein, and pretty low in calories (99 calories in this flavor) across the board. This flavor can be a bit spicy, depending on the batch. My last batch was great, but the current one has some very small, but whole peppercorns throughout the jerky. It’s still good, but I’m on the fence as to which batch I prefer. The only real complaint I have is that the packaging is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to open without a pair of scissors. It’s not real great for on-the-go when you have to wrestle with the package with both hands and your teeth to get it open. I can’t understand why they made the packaging this way, what a bummer.
DenishaManteo, NC

Great Jerky

Great Stuff, I think it’s better than the real thing and a lot better for your body. My favorite is the hickory smoked because I like spicy foods, but all the other flavors are good to.
ChaeZwingle, IA

A decent vegan snack, tbut with some drawbacks.

The first thing I noticed is that it smells JUST like the canned cat food I give my cat. This was a big turn-off, but I have had good experiences with wheat gluten in the past, so I gave it a shot. The flavor is nice, and has a decent aftertaste. The texture is OK, but not what I would expect from a “jerky”.. I would have preferred something much chewier. I did eat them, but it’s not something I will purchase again.
AlyssaHelen, MD

Fantastic taste

This item is delicious and a great way to have more protein in my diet. So good that I have ordered more.
ZulmaHighfalls, NC