Prince of Peace Red Ginseng Royal Jelly Description: 6 year-old Chinese Red Panax Ginseng With Royal Jelly. New Improved Dietary Supplement Non-Alcoholic Contains Less than 0.5% of Alcohol. Chinese Red Ginseng with Royal Jelly is one of the most popular herbal tonic combinations in the orient. Prince of Peace Ent., Inc., one of the world’s largest ginseng companies, prides itself on bringing to the consumer the highest quality ginseng products available anywhere. Now this ancient formula has been re-created to their exacting standards of quality and potency. Chinese Red Panax Ginseng has been safely taken by a significant portion of the world’s population for hundreds of years. Today the growing number of users includes people from all walks of life in almost every country in the world. Ginseng is treasured and claimed to be the “King of All Herbs”. Red Panax ginseng has been traditionally taken to boost and stimulate the body’s energy system. Royal Jelly is the unique substance that is fed to the queen bee by the worker bees and is what she relies on for nourishment in her unique role in the development of the new bees. Worker bees live only for a few weeks while the queen bee lives for many years and Royal Jelly is believed to make this difference. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Quick facts

  • Supports the general health of the body
  • Helps the body deal with the negative impact of stress
  • Helps maintain energy levels
  • Contains no salt, starch, yeast, soy, dairy, preservatives, artificial flavor, or color
  • Liquid extract goes down easy and helps for faster absorption

Top reviews

Wonderful Product – Lots of Energy

This is a great product, great value. I take bottles per day, it gives me a nice boost of energy, like to take it first thing in the morning and at 3PM or after lunch. Great taste.
BelleAbbyville, KS

Awesome Product

Again, this is a great product and company. Other brands of this type do not come up to my standards, and this actually tastes good.
VernettaDyer, NV

The real power booster

I have been using this brand of Ginseng/royal jelly for several months, both when I need an energy boost and in my morning smoothies.
It has a pleasant flavor, compared to pure Ginseng, and I love the way it perks me up without caffeine.
The price on Amazon is lower than anywhere I have found and I get it quickly.
TraceySearles, MN

Broken vials.

This is one of my favorite coffee additions. Starts the day off well. So I was very sad when I got the box, not properly packed in the outer box. Eight of 30 vials were broken and unusalble. The spill of sticky liquid was fortunately contained in the product plastic wrap. Just another week of not feelling as good as I’d like.
CoralArnold, MI

Pretty good

I got this for my husband. He has tried other ginseng products, and he doesn’t like the taste. He said this one with the royal jelly tasted much better, and he still felt the energy benefits.
YukikoJerome, AR

works for me

I have been enjoying product a lot so far. helps me to focus and makes more calm and relax. I did not observe any side effects so far.
ErickaGrasonville, MD