Pringles Paprika

Papirika Pringles 165g

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My husband and I found these in Rome and Malta on our honeymoon, and I feel in love with them. They are the best Pringles! I wish these were sold in the US!
ArvillaClyde, MO


Also found these while touring Europe. Love them! I always ask for a can when I hear someone is headed to Europe. They taste a little like bar-b-que, but so much more.
LeoNew Ross, IN

Just Crumbs

Ordered paprika pringle potato chips.What I received was 2 cans of potato crumbs. The cans were in a cardboard box with out any packing material. Before I opened the box that it would be crumbs.That would have been OK if they weren’t stale. These were as a surprise for my daughter. She had them when she was in Europe and raved about them. These she didn’t rave about. What a disappointment!”
NedStillwater, PA

Love the flavor, hate the packaging

These Pringles are my favorite, and I always buy them when I go to Europe. I was so excited to see that I could order them online and did so with happiness. Then they arrived – broken, sad little Pringles. I used the crumbs to coat chicken, but could not enjoy the chips as chips because they were merely bits. I have brought these home in my suitcase with more success.
AnnalisaMontgomery, LA

Best Chips Ever!

I also found these while living in France for 6 weeks. My favorite potato chips of all time!! I even contacted the company to see if they would distribute in teh U.S. They said it was all based on surveys and tests, etc. I think they are missing a great market for these here. LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE them!
MarceloWoodhull, NY