Pringles Sour Cream and Onion Grab AND Go!, 1.41-Ounce Packages

Pringles isn’t just a snack. It’s a way of life. Kick convention to the curb, and embrace your playful spirit. Everything pops with Pringles. Make every moment pop with a taste of the unexpected.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 1.41-ounce (Total of 16.92-Ounce)
  • Fresh and delicious flavor
  • So creamy and cool, the zesty zing will refresh your appetite and your outlook

Top reviews


I bet this is the smallest package of chips that you can ever receive. Do NOT be deceived by the images that the seller shows you because the chips can is half the size of your hand! The chips taste OK, not too good.
RoryCedar Point, KS

Small size, Big flavor

great flavor and they were nice and fresh , no hint of staleness. They got banged up a bit in shipping but it potato chips some breakage must be expected.

Only wish the cans were a bit bigger .

ClairWilliamstown, KY

great and compact

perfect thing to take as a snack for work or to give out during halloween. something different from candy and other standard treats.
GlendoraWingdale, NY