Pro-Training Treats 5oz, 1 Pack

Every Flavor Treats are soft moist treats in every flavor dogs love: chicken, liver, beef, and vanilla cookie. The treats are scored in the center to be easily broken in half to make them the perfect bite size for any dog. Perfect for training rewards or to fill the Everlasting Treat Ball or Everlasting Fun Ball. Comes in a 5oz. resealable package.

Quick facts

  • Pro-Training Treats. Dog Feeders
  • Manufacturer part number: TCEFT
  • Bite sized soft moist treats for dogs
  • Extreme palatability
  • Use for training or inside the Everlasting Treat Ball and Everlasting Fun Ball
  • 5-Ounce

Top reviews

great treats!

My dog loves these treats! I put them inside the Everlasting Treat Ball and he loves getting through the first cookie to get to the treats inside. The flavors are varied and he doesn’t get tired or bored with the tastes. You can also divide the treats in half to make them smaller and I use them that way both inside the treat ball and as training treats. This is a great product which comes packaged in a zip-lock foil bag so the treats stay fresh for a long period of time…if you can keep them away from your dog long enough! I will buy this again because my dog likes them and because I like to vary his treats.
NaidaNewfield, NY

mdiocre treats

I was very disappointed in the quality if the ingredients . Our dog was only mildly interested. Will definitely not order these again.
SherrieMeredith, NH

A Doggie Favorite!

All of our dogs love these treats. They are soft and easy to break in pieces to dole out during grooming and nail trims. They all line up for their turn as soon as they see the treat pouch come out!
MargeryEngland, AR

good price and she loves them!

Bought these for training purposes and it has worked well because she really loves these treats. She isn’t overly particular, I guess, but she does like them. I like also that they have a line inthem to break them in half so they can be stretched farther, especially when training and they are recieving alot of treats.
DeonnaGallatin, TX

My Dog Loves These Treats

I bought these treats as a filler item to get “free” $25 shipping on a purchase. Turns out my dog loves these treats. She’s nuts about them and when I open the package the cat comes running too! I will definately have to buy more.
YahairaSwansea, MA

Expensive, Unintersting

StarMark Every Flavor Treats / B0009YF43U

My puppy is in treat training, so we have plenty of different treats on hand. I slice them thinly for training, so that he doesn’t get too satiated in training and so that his weight won’t become unhealthy. I really didn’t need any new treats for training, and certainly not these treats that work out to almost a dollar an ounce! But we recently bought the Everlasting Fun Treat Ball and found out, after it arrived, that our regular treats would not fit in the new ball. These treats were recommended for filling the ball. I hate to throw good money after bad, but I thought maybe these would be a fun enough diversion that it would be a worthwhile treat for the puppy, so I went ahead and bought some.

The good news is that these treats do fit in the Everlasting Fun ball – almost as if the ball were made with these treats in mind! The treats slide in between the “teeth” of the ball opening easily, and the teeth don’t catch at the treat (and my fingers) as they had in previous attempts to fill the ball. The treats are also very pretty, the different colors and flavors are neat for us humans to look at. The bad news is that the colors and flavors seem lost on my puppy, who much prefers his Omega ball, with its puppy kibble and occasional freeze-dried liver piece. He’ll play with the Everlasting Fun treat ball and these treats if I give it directly to him, but when left to his own devices, he’ll go back to his liver-laced kibble. I was expecting these treats to be exciting enough to hold his interest, but he seems kind of bored with them, and he seems to eat the treats more because they are there and less because they entice him – definitely not like the four or five other types of treats we use.

This 5 oz. bag will fill our Everlasting Fun ball at least twice and maybe three times, but the ball is small enough that this isn’t terribly impressive. Since he doesn’t seem terribly interested in the treats, I’m thinking about slicing them up and adding them to his food, just to keep them from going to waste.

~ Ana Mardoll

ErvinMarquette, IA

Great for trainig

These are the best treats for training and rewarding since they are so small in size. I put some in my pocket and off we go for some sit, stay and heel lessons. I give them 4 stars since I truly do not know how great they taste. 🙂
NickieHagerman, NM

Effective and cost effective

My GoldenDoodle likes this treat for training and also for use with the everlasting treat ball. To make these cost effective I split them in two and also mix them with his regular kibble (only 1/5 treats) when stuffing them in the treat ball. I bought these for treat variety, to save money on the refill disks, which my dog loves but are expensive, and also to save time cutting up the Van Patten [Natural Balance Beef Formula Dog Food Roll, 4-Poundfood rolls. I am buying my second bag today.
CarolineKlawock, AK


my dog and even my cat loves these treats!!! they are moist and have a really strong scent! they even work awesome in my dogs iq treat ball!!
AntoneComanche, TX

Part of my training pack

I buy different types of treats for my dogs and keep them all in a large Rubbermaid container on top of the fridge. The dogs go nuts every time I reach for that box. I think they enjoy the variety because after I give them their treat they still look at me like “what else is she gonna give us” and sometimes I swear it’s more like “but mom, I don’t like that kind, I want the other one”.

I mix all kinds of mainly dental treats together in the box. Rawhide sticks (all colors and flavors, not just green ones), Greenies, Dingos, CET and also use some rawhide bones. These treats help scrape plaque from their teeth while chewing before tarter can form if given after meals or once a day. My dogs do not get soft food or treats unless we are training. Saving soft treats for training makes them want it all the more and the hard food is better for their teeth and digestion.

I have a Miniature Pinscher and 2 Pomeranians that are prone to tooth loss so taking care of their teeth is very important to me. My oldest Pomeranian is 6 years old and just had his first professional cleaning and that was mainly because it is hard for me to get his back teeth because his mouth is so tiny.

They love when they see the bag of treats come out of the cupboard because they now it’s the soft stuff or the small one bite treats and they are more receptive to training and their sessions go much faster.

I would recommend these treats as part of a variety. Mix it up so your dog doesn’t get bored and use different shapes to get different angles on their teeth.

[…] Thanks!

DennisBeacon, IA

Best treats ever!

My 6 lb. Toy Poodle will do ANYTHING to get these treats. She always knows when I am opening the bag and comes running at full tilt to jump up on me. They must be DELICIOUS, although I’ve never tried them myself!
MarvaMacon, TN

Even the cats love these!

I wish they came in a larger bag, we go through so many of them. My 11 pound mixed breed will just gobble them up if I let her. They fit perfectly into the Starmark Bento Ball or to just give as a training treat (we have her in classes). But every time I get the treats out, all the cats want them, too. They are soft and segmented so they can be broken in half and last a little longer. Please make a larger and more economical bag for families with lots of pets!
VinitaTowson, MD

Cheaper than at local pet store

I bought these for the everlasting treat toys that I bought my dogs. They were cheaper than the only pet store that carries them around here. However, the dogs seem more attracted to the larger treat on the other side of the toy and these sometimes just sit in the toy until I remove them. I am trying other small treats to see if they work a little better in attracting their attention.
KristaBelden, CA

Top-notch treat

I put these into the Everlasting Treat Ball and give it to my dog when I leave. She loves them.
LoydNew Church, VA

Dog treats -okay

My dog liked these and they fit in her “play ball” well but the price was too high for what you get. The bag of treats is small.
FranciscaSan Antonio, FL

Great dog treats

My dog loved them so much that he tipped the bag over and tried to finish off the pack before I caught him. He never usually does that.
YingZillah, WA

Great Treats for Clicker Training

I tried these treats after the success I had with the Everlasting Treat Ball (made by the same company). My dog goes crazy for them is the only reason that I didn’t give them a Five Star Review. The treats are so attractive that the dog has trouble concentrating. They are a great size for Clicker Training and apparently pack a lot of “high value” punch in a small treat. Try and put these in a treat pouch or zip lock bag to contain the aroma so you can get some training in along with the treating.

I also thought they were a little expensive for the amount you get, but it is very good for motivating a dog.

AmyWest Louisville, KY

Perfect treats!

My dog just loves these treats. They are small so perfect for training. Also excellent stuffing for the Everlasting Fun Ball. They are marked in the middle and easy to breat in half for even smaller treats. I used to break them in half to load in the Everlasting toys. But my dog got really smart about extracting them from the little opennings, so I now need to put them whole inside or the challenge would be gone.
MaurineDola, OH

Great treats, but smell awful!

My dog Nova loves these treats, they are great for training. However, these and all the other “everlasting” products give me a very bad headache. They smell VERY strongly and I cannot get around it any way, even if we give them to her outside, she smells like if for hours. Perhaps it is just me, but if you are at all sensitive to smells, you might want to pass on these particular treats. I would reccomend “Wellness” treats, my dog loves them and they don’t have that horrid smell, and are also better for your dog, ingredient wise.
MaxwellChase Mills, NY

Puppy Loves Them

I got these puppy treats today and my puppy loved them,they are really small and soft that a young puppy can enjoy them too,they really smelled good too! But I do think the company needs to put more in the package!
ChesterCollege Corner, OH


My dog loved them. They didn’t last very long. Need more in a package. Expensive for what they are. They even smelled good enough to eat!
GiovanniHumboldt, IL

my dog is picky

these are probably good treats for the average dog, but my husky is the ultimate in pickiness and won’t eat them. they actually look good enough and tasty enough, he is just spoiled and likes people food so even though he doesn’t eat them, they are probably good treats.
IrisGrand Junction, IA

Too Small for the treat ball that they are sold with

I purchased these treats to put in a little treat ball made by the same company. The pieces were so small my dogs had no trobule getting them out and they lasted less than a minute in the ball. The dogs did not appear to like one of the flavors which they seemed to turn their nose up to. I use numerous treats in training and as day to day rewards. I know when my dogs like a treat as they will try and knock each other over when I am handing out treats. With the Every Flavor Treat they take them but dont get very excited.
RaymondeSummerville, GA

Dogs like them, but they are too expensive!

My dogs love these, but they can go through a bag in one training session. I wish they had bigger bags or bulk purchase options.
ElmiraReedsburg, WI

Perfect Soft Training Treats

I’ve been searching for some good, soft training treats for my Boxer and these really hit the mark. He LOVES these treats. Goes crazy just when he smells them. I’ve tried lots of other soft treats and some didn’t have a strong enough smell to keep him interested. Some became dried out and crumbly after a couple of weeks. No such problems with these treats. and they work great with the Tricky Treat Ball too.
ShantellChester, NJ

Well, the dogs like ’em!

Not sure how to review a dog treat. I can tell you my dogs love them. I can tell you that they don’t make them sick. And they are a perfect size for the quick positive reinforcement you may need to use.
RosamondBullhead City, AZ