Progresso Chickarina Soup 19 oz – 6 Unit Pack

Using the finest ingredients and the most complimentary flavor combinations, Progresso Soups satisfy your need for quick, delicious meals that won’t weigh you down.

Quick facts

  • Comes from the kitchen of Grandma Taormina,
  • the founding member of the Progresso Soup family.
  • Look no further for delicious food that fits your lifestyle
  • 6/19 oz cans

Top reviews

Contains MSG

This soup contains MSG. The only canned soups made by Progresso that are free of MSG: Green Split Pea, Pasta E. Fagioli, Minestrone, Vegetable Italiano, Tomato Basil, Creamy Tomato, Tomato Rotini, Hearty Tomato, Black Bean, and Lentil.
FionaManvel, TX

Over $3.00 / can – you’ve got to be kidding, Progresso!

I LOVED this soup as a child. However, now my wife makes me “Italian Wedding Soup” which is better and MUCH cheaper!

Try making that for a *fraction* of the cost with the ingredients you choose. Easy to make – find a recipe on the Internet.

Progresso, be realistic about your prices and I might buy a few cans…

LucianaMinooka, IL

My favorite brand of canned soup – chickarina is my favorite kind!!

I love this kind of soup! Had it this afternoon for lunch. Progresso is an excellent brand and their soups are very good. The broth has alot of body and the flavor is very good, not mainly salty like so many canned soups.

This flavor has little chicken meatballs with little round macaroni shapes. The combo is delicious and its nice an chunky!

Try this! Its very filling and a great warming, lunch!

XavierEolia, MO