Providence Pantry Freshly Canned Boneless Beef

Fully cooked, ready-to-eat premium boneless beef.

Quick facts

  • 100% Premium U.S.A. Raised & Packaged Boneless Beef
  • Superior canned meat; better quality, less fat & less water than competitors!
  • ONLY Beef and Salt. No chemicals or artificial ingredients!
  • Fully cooked; Long shelf-life for use during emergencies (10+ years)
  • Cannery-direct savings! Less expensive = better value!

Top reviews

VERY GOOD! Great taste and easy for a single guy!

I was surprised about how good this was my family and friends laughed when I told them I bought this. But out of the can ready mix with a little salt, pepper, spinach, and some cheese and it’s a great easy meal!
ThuNoti, OR