Provident Pantry® MyChoiceTM Instant Nonfat Fortified Milk 10oz.

Adding nutrition to your food storage just got easier with new Instant Nonfat Dry Fortified Milk. This dry milk powder mixes smoothly and tastes creamy and delicious. For extra nutrition, this fortified powdered milk is specially fortified with 10% Vitamin A and 25% Vitamin D per serving. Each #10 can makes 11 one-cup servings.

Quick facts

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Top reviews

It ain’t your Grandpa’s powdered milk!!

This stuff is delicious and it’s not the best tasting product they have. I bought it by accident, I was going for the non-fortified version. (Sick of things being added to my food and drinks)

It was really good, though.

RhiannonRochester, MA