Pup-Peroni Bacon Flavor Dog Snack, 2.8-Ounce Pouches

Pup-Peroni was introduced in August 1986 as a hickory-smoked treat that tastes great and is fun to eat. It has the one-of-a-kind meaty taste dogs flip for. Pup-Peroni comes in a variety of flavors to provide the variety dogs and owners demand. Pup-Peroni NawSomes!, launched in May 2001, are great-tasting, chewy twists specially made to give dogs long-lasting chewing enjoyment. Pup-Peroni is part of the Del Monte family of brands. About Del Monte San Francisco-based Del Monte Foods Corporation, in business since the 1880s, is home to several of America’s most well-known and popular brands, including Starkist and Nine Lives. Del Monte is the nation’s largest producer and distributor of processed fruits, vegetables, and tomato products–the company’s product line is so popular that you can find Del Monte products in every store you shop in and in eight out of ten American households. Today, the company’s annual sales top $3 billion. Del Monte operates 17 production facilities and 18 distribution centers in North America, as well as state-of-the-art food and pet food research facilities in Walnut Creek and Terminal Island, California. Additionally, Del Monte has operating facilities and distribution centers in American Samoa, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Every facility remains committed to the company’s core values: vision, initiative, determination, and hard work.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 2.8-ounce packages (33.6 total ounces)
  • Made from real beef, bacon, and liver
  • Loaded with at least 19% crude protein
  • Beefy bacon taste your dog will love
  • A bacon treat your dog will love

Top reviews

I can’t give them to my dog anymore

My dog used to really like these, but I can’t give them to her anymore because I’m afraid they’re poisoned by the Chinese. The Chinese poison dog food you know. Anyway, I used to feed them to her all the time, until the Chinese started poisoning the food. Then I was afraid. I decided that I would have to test all the food before I gave it to my dog. I tried one of these and it made me really sick. I didn’t feel well at all so I knew it was poisoned. Now I don’t feed them to her anymore. Now all I feed her are Pillsbury Croissants. She really seems to like them a lot. Of course, I still test them before giving them to her. They all seem OK, I would recommend feeding them to your pet. The only peoblem is that she seems to be gaining quite a bit of weight.
EdenMorven, NC

this is SO BAD for dogs!

How can anyone love their pet and feed stuff like this? Read the ingredients! BAD NEWS!!!! Go research what you are doing to your pets giving them this stuff! People just don’t know!
SamathaTrimont, MN

Where is it made ?

I’ve fed these treats for years. BUT, my friend’s dog just died after eating a treat from Wal-Mart from the Wagon Wheel line that is made in China.
I looked at my label on my Pup-Peroni and it is Distributed By: Del Monte Pet Products, San Francisco Ca. WHERE IS IT MADE? I will not buy another bag of this until you tell me.
JacquesForest Lake, MN

Where are these made

I wish they would indicate where these treats are made. DO you really want to give your dog anything made in China. If its not fit for human consumption how can it be good for your dog. Of course my dog loves these treats, But I wont buy again until and unless they indicate they are made in the USA
CarrieFloweree, MT


This product contains propylene glycol and BHA which is poisonous to dogs. Look it up. We threw away a $20.00 bag of pup peroni tonight. Our dog began having seizures after we started a training class with her where they recommended using pup peroni. We used the pup peroni as a training treat as recommend. Not realizing that was the culprit for the seizures, she was placed on seizure medication. We completed the class, we stopped with the pup peronis. We just purchased another pup, and began training with him. Because he was getting the pup peronis, so was the 2 year old dog and she began having seizures again. In researching this, we found there is a link between pup peroni (propylene glycol) and seizures. Poisoning….Buyer beware.
IvonneSerafina, NM

My dogs love them!

My dogs love pupperoni lean, and I love being able to spoil them with it as well. The puperoni sticks are moist and meaty. They are stored in a zip top bag, so they stay freher longer. Its a great product and my dogs are glad I found them on Amazon.
EduardoFranklin, VA

Yummy treats

My dogs love the pupperoni treat. It is so meaty. My
dogs know it by name, they get so excited, and they
love it. I keep a supply in the house for them, and
they have one or more a day. Great doggie treat!
OlindaBabb, MT

Pupperoni for all Dogs

I have two 1-year old pups and they love their Puppersoni’s!! I offer them other treats but they turn their noses up to them and hold out for their pupperoni treat.
JoellenDelaware, OH

Pup-Peroni 1.2 oz

Our dog loves Pup-Peroni. Ever since he was a small puppy, he has opened the packages himself. He now has it down to a science. Hold the pack with one paw, rip a small hole in the top and pull the pup-peroni out one at a time. There is no mess, just an empty package when done. Only problem is finding the 1.2 oz packages. We like to order by the case but can’t seem to find anyone who has available stock.
CordeliaWillow Springs, IL

My girls like this

I like this because of the low fat and it’s the only one that my girls will eat consistantly.
LindseyNewport Center, VT

The Ultimate Doggie Snacks

My dogs love eating Pup-Peroni as their daily treats. Each individual pouches are great size if you plan to take doggie snacks when you are out at an event or taking them to a dog park or somewhere outside their home. It was great to have small portions packed in these pouches therefore keeping the snacks fresh.
JacintaPittsford, NY

Another Favorite Doggie Snack…

Our dogs loves this brand name of snacks so much… They can’t get enough of these snacks.
JohnsieBrilliant, OH

Small Portion

My dogs love these! I can’t find this bacon flavor in any of my local stores. However, the pouch size (and number of sticks) is really small – only 2.8 oz. Would be great if Amazon would carry a larger size or bulk option. It would reduce the cost and excess packaging.
KirstenMarshes Siding, KY

Our Dog Tina’s Favorite Snack!

We order lean Pupperoni by the case her on amazon. Our Shih-Tzu, Tina, loves it. Not only do we give it to her as a treat, we break one up in her food in the morning to make it more palatable to her. We put medicine in her food which deters her from eating it, but the Pupperoni always fixes that.

Tina is very finiky and will eat very few types of treats. Pupperoni is her favorite. We’ve even modified songs in our family to honor the Pupperoni … “I can’t smile without Pupperoni” (Manilow) is a favorite!

PabloCooper Landing, AK

The Dogs are pleased

Both Grand-dogs love this product and the price was very good. The packages keep fresh until the dogs are here and I am ready to share.
YunMule Creek, NM

Treats for dogs

My dogs love Pupperoni Lean treats. I feel that I can treat them and not have to worry about overfeeding them.
NancyUcon, ID